Inspired Chats, Yoga and Great Friends = Awesome Night Day 270: 365 Radical Self Love

Today I spent 5 hours at my yoga studio and loved every minute of it.

I kicked off my time with a delicious hot yoga class. I had a new instructor who was absolutely divine. It was my first experience of a mentally relaxing hot class. She was so fabulous.

Then I began my volunteer/karma shift. I show up for 4 hours a week to work in the studio in exchange for yoga. It’s pretty rad.


As the evening unfolded a bunch of friends appeared and I was blessed with having inspired and love filled chats with each of them. I feel so blessed and honestly a little tired from such a energy packed night, but over all deeply blessed that all of my friends are such beauties!

Keeping this post really simple and really short so I can go and rock some self love relaxation time after a super long and rad day!

Today was such a great reminder of how lovely it is to take the time to really connect heart to heart with friends and acknowledge them for who they truly are.

RSL weekly challenge:

For the next 5 days give a heart to heart acknowledgement to someone precious in your life. Let them know who they really are to you- it will make all the difference in their world and the ripple of love and goodness will be cast.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Making Time For Love and Dates- Day 268: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today has been all about Love and Dates.

Self love dates, friendship dates and relationship dates.

I woke up nice and early this morning to hit up a hot yoga class with 2 of my friends. It was such a wonderful way to start the day and a fabulous way to get some friend love and friendship dates in the mix.

Following yoga it was time for a self love date. I hopped into my fav coffee shop, grabbed a coffee and a chocolate croissant and set up shop. I had my book and some paper to journal. I spent time mapping out the next evolution of the business, wrote a 2 hour workshop on relationships and read.

radical self love kelsey grant

After 2.5 solid hours of me time and heart centred creation I met up with my partner.

We had a mini business meeting about his projects, did some creative masterminding and then headed out for our afternoon date.

radical self love kelsey grant

We adventured to a different part of the city, grabbed a coffee, went for a beautiful walk along the beach, had incredible chats about our relationship, how we can strengthen our bond, how we want to grow together, the next chapter of RSL and building this company and the next chapter of our love story. It was amazing.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grant







Then we went for late afternoon ice cream at this amazing independent shop that just opened recently. Seriously so yummy.

After all of that we made our way home to make an awesome pizza dinner and complete the night with a lil more work/study time then snuggles and movie!

radical self love kelsey grant

Pure purrrrfection.

We have so much time every day to make the most of our lives and fit in all the things that truly matter. The key is clearing the space. When we fill up our lives with shit we don’t really want to do or agree to things that drain our energy more than they contribute or we say yes to hanging with peeps when all we really want is some solo time- we find ourselves on the edge of burnout and breakdown.

You are the only one in the drivers seat of your life. You choose what you say yes to and what you say no to. While it may not always be possible to design each and every day this way- we all have responsibilities and such- it is possible to begin to create more time for ourselves doing what we love.

Start with one afternoon a week. A 2 hour window each week that is purely dedicated to YOU and doing exactly what you want. Then expand it from there! You are completely worth it!!!

If you really want to amp it up and learn how to effectively rock the self love train join us in the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program! It’s designed in such a way where we start to build the muscle of imputing time for ourselves little by little each day so we can really thrive in love and life. Sign up HERE

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Little Yin and A Lotta Love- Day 207: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I rocked my usual 8:15 Yin yoga class.

After completing 13.14 miles this week in the gym it was time to give my muscles a treat and surrender into a hot yin class.

The postures tonight were absolutely perfect for the muscles I had just worked out and to complete the class in a hot room allowed me to really relax and surrender into each posture.


A beautiful added bonus tonight.

The room was filled with some of my soul family tribe. Doing yoga is awesome, and there is something even more amazing about it when done with friends and family in a vibe of love.

After class we caught up, shared stories, laughed, took pictures and smothered eachother in hugs and love. The most perfect way to wrap up my night and complete yet another successful week toward my goal of 55 miles by Valentines!! So far I have completed 23.94 miles in 14 days! Yeaaaa budday!

I have a sense I may meet my target sooner than later if I keep up this level of progress!

Major gratitude to the studio, to my teacher and to my beautiful soul family who are always an incredible contribution to my experience. I love you all dearly ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Limo’s, Hoodies and Yoga Serendipity- Why Clearing Your “Stuff” Is A Magical Thing- Day 171: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I got picked up in a limo.

After a full day of solid, focused awesome work, I was about to make my way across downtown to meet up with some friends in town. Being the amazing beings they are they sent a car for me- what showed up was a beautiful white limo with two of my best buds inside.

The limo ride was full of laughter, hugs and sharing wins. Pure high vibes.


Upon arriving at the hotel where my friends are staying we were greeted by a welcoming committee of more friends, more celebrations and more happiness. I was literally surrounded by love.

I stayed and hung out with my friends in their beautiful suite and after sharing a really big business win one of my lovely friends gifted me with a beautiful new hoodie from his company which was designed by one of my other very talented artistic friends LJC.


I felt so loved.

Then after a short but very amazing visit I left to go to yoga.

My body had been really wanting a good stretch in a hot room and my higher self/ Angels conspired to get me there. I was only 4 blocks away and literally around the corner from the yoga studio with 6 minutes until class, I run right into a movie set where they have just yelled “Action”. Seeing my intention the guy in charge let me skamper around the corner as fast as I could while the shot was rolling to make my class in time.

I felt so loved and blessed.

I made it into class just in time and rocked an incredible hot class only to find midway through the class one of my besties and his date were literally right beside me. After class the three of us had tea, chatted, laughed and soaked in the high vibes from our class. Not too long after my buddy offered me a ride home so I didn’t have to brave the elements and walk home.

I felt so loved, so blessed and so very taken care of.

be-loved_blue.web_This entire flow was brought to me by my courage to face myself last night when I was called to clear something really big which had been weighing on me for almost a year. When I cleared, released, asked for what I needed and then actually RECEIVED the support I had requested, I felt the weight life. I felt my lightness return and I felt the flow of love enter in.

Magical things happen when we clear out what is in the way- and what is always in the way is just us. At the core we are the only ones in our own way. I encourage you tonight to get clear on something you are ready and willing to let go of, and then use your keen RSL muscles to do the work to release it. When we release the weight of the past we become lighter and more receptive to the ever present abundance, beauty and love that surrounds us all.

The work, it’s worth it- I mean if it brought to me the experience of limos, best friends, happiness, a beautiful new hoodie and an incredible serendipitous yoga class, just 12 hrs after the clearing- just imagine what it can bring in for you 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!