Celebrating 300 Blog Posts Introvert Style- Day 300: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies.

radicalselflove kelsey grantI am totally able and willing to rock out in my extroverted self every now and again- however as I go through my journey I am feeling less inclined to be out in public and am finding a lot of bliss in my introverted and solitude time.

My hunch is that this is just mighty prep time before life goes into another phase of busyness and lots of social activity and so I am savouring every ounce of the quietness and the bliss that comes along with it.

Today marks the 300th blog post I’ve written in 300 days. My mind is actually boggled by this. To think that I have already written 300 days of content is truly amazing. Every day I am on this self love journey I open a little bit more to acknowledging and really owning my wins.

This my friends is a massive win and I chose to celebrate in a more introverted way.

I woke up this morning really feeling the call to go inward. Some days are just like this. I was supposed to be speaking at a workshop tonight and my energy just wasn’t feeling high or all that aligned. I went about my morning as per usual, snuggles, gratitude, hydration, meditation and then I recieved word that in some weird turn of events there were only 4 people confirmed for tonight as everyone who wanted to come was heading out of town for the long weekend. Coincidence..probably not.

So I tagged in with my facilitation partner, reflected on why this was taking a different turn and surrendered. We could have fought upstream but that wouldn’t have felt good, and the point is to feel good. Instead we flowed with it, we found an alternative date that is much more aligned and gives ample space and time to promo and prep and rescheduled. That felt much better- and that is the point.

With the workshop resolved and set into it’s new dates I could go about my day in the quiet solitude my soul was craving. I’ve had the pleasure of doing reading, researching, reflecting, writing, catching up on all my admin work which I actually really love doing, rocked a coaching sesh with my amazing coach, made a litre of green juice and stayed cuddled on the couch all day rockin out my work vibe from under a cozy blanket.

So to celebrate this incredibly milestone I am going to take it easy on myself, let myself really feel into the goodness of this accomplishment and probably nerd out and do more reading and researching tonight. I seriously love my life and my very clear ability to step up, play big, maintain balance and really freaking enjoy it all.

What can you acknowledge yourself for tonight? You do so many amazing things and it is time you give yourself some mad credit for the amazingness you create in your own experience. Go ahead give yourself some encouragement you have completely earned it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Mega Milestone- 200 Days of Blogging Complete! Day 265: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow today marks a pretty significant milestone- I’ve been blogging for 200 days straight!!!

With 100 days left to go in this project I’m going to take tonights blog to reflect on the some top personal highlights of this journey so far.


1. Blogging every day for the past 200 days has taught me that I am far more capable of taking things on and ROCKING them that I ever thought possible.

2. I can overcome adversity- there were parts of this journey so far where I came up against challenges- technology, internet or just my own internal crap- that would get me stuck. The number one solution: Asking for help. By sharing openly the challenges I was facing peeps showed up with genius ideas and solutions to help me out.

3. I have learned on a new level just how committed, dedicated and consistent I actually am when I am driven by a capacity to serve and share a message of positivity, love and inspiration.

4. It’s made me realize what a friggin awesome writer I am and has given me loads and heaps of solid content to pull from going forward.

5. I’ve learned what a difference my journey is making for others. I receive feedback on the regular thanking me for my vulnerability, my openness and my daily presence of inspiration and love. Knowing that when I show up here to write each day other people are going to be positively impacted really makes my heart happy.

6. And best of all- it has helped me get super comfy being uncomfy. Sharing my vulnerabilities, my life and my journey so openly has helped me really get ok and relax into my role as teacher, coach and mentor. Every time I share on this platform I gain more and more confidence, awareness and clarity into who I truly am and how much the world is craving connection, vulnerability and real human rawness.

It has been a friggin delight and honour to have shared these past 200 days with you lovers and I’m looking forward to what the final 100 days have in store for us!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


6 Months of Daily Blogging Complete- Time For Some Self Acknowledgement Day 185: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy smokes!

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I totally missed a MASSIVE milestone.

Three days ago marked my half way point of the 365 Radical Self Love blogging project.

I am still kind of in shock in the hugeness of this accomplishment.

radical self love kelsey grantFor the past six months, I have sat down to write a blog post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This is a huge accomplishment for me. At one point in my life I was well known for starting things and rarely seeing them through. I really got that the impact of my behaviour extended not only onto me but also onto those around me. I began to understand my flakiness, lack of commitment and callous dis-regard for my integrity was creating a reputation that I couldn’t be counted on. I began to see the connection between my lack of commitment to my word and my personal happiness.

As I learned to keep my promises to myself I was more easily able to keep them with others. This provided me with a massive sense of motivation, momentum and positive energy.

My confidence grew with every commitment I honoured.

I knew taking on a massive goal of blogging every day for 365 days would stretch me. It would cause me to play bigger and to show up in a massive way for myself and for my community.

My achievements so far:

Already this amazing commitment has created the space for this community to grow and thrive, my relationship to open to new levels of connection, vulnerability and bliss, my company to grow and become internationally recognized, a beautiful new ushering of amazing clients and active participants in our local RSL scene, my first speaker summit booking, multiple interviews, performing at a conference in LA along side some incredible speakers, inspirational leaders and change agents, a beautiful new website, an incredible RSL Team, new friends, a road trip to California, business collaborations and soul connections, my first RSL E-book nearing completion, massive emotional clearing and healings, a 7 Week RSL Forgiveness Course written, facilitated and completed, releasing and healing weights from my past, writing new music, healing a back injury through the power of forgiveness, a 6 month young adult mentorship program, a brand new 30 Day Coaching Intensive Program, a brand new 30 Minute Coaching Reset and our 30 Day Virtual RSL Program.

I’m sure there are many more attractions, wins and accomplishments to take note of and these are the ones that are majorly standing out for me right meow.

When we start something we have no real idea the magic that is possible, through daily commitment and the intention to create something beautiful and love filled, the Universe truly opens up to usher in blessings beyond our wildest dreams.

If you want acknowledgement- acknowledge yourself

radical self love kelsey grantTonight I honour myself for the courage, commitment, strength, vulnerability and integrity I have chosen to beam into the world through this experience. I give myself credit and acknowledgement for the incredible achievement this has been so far and I am incredibly proud of the greatness I have allowed myself to step into through this process and I am proud to be a leader in this world of self love.

It is my greatest honour to be here with you- all of you. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!! I look forward with great excitement for the next six months to come!! YEAAAA Budday!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!