The Key To Dissolving Holiday Anxiety- Day 178: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holiday season is just plain busy.

christmas-shoppingWhether you celebrate the holiday season or not I’m pretty certain we can all agree that during this time of year, at least here in Canada there are higher levels of anxiety, impatience and over all busyness.

I’ve been feeling the impact of this holiday hustle and bustle over the past few days. Being out and about with my mom has exposed me to some cray cray vibes and it was starting to weigh on me. In all honesty I could feel my levels of anxiety at an all time high and my patience levels at an all time low. Not at my finest that’s for sure.

So instead of taking it out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with the icky vibes I’m feeling on the inside, I chose to fill up my tank, get those energies out and take care of me first.

The Key to Dissolving The Holiday Anxiety Vibes

It’s simple. Take time for you, and take that time right at the start of your day.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fast pace of the season and forget to do what makes you feel happy, and on the top of your game. To actually be present with people I need a certain amount of time in the morning to do my RSL am routine and attend to important company items. When I do this I feel centred, clear, and on top of all the things I have control over. When I take the time to “have things handled” first-even if it is just an hour to return all my emails, or set up my week ahead, I am much more productive in my day, way more present AND much more pleasant to get along with.


Today I rocked my morning routine, hit up the gym then carved out two solid hours of Kelsey solo work time. I was so incredibly happy. When you love the work you do it never occurs as an obligation or something you have to do. For me working on RSL is a passion project, it lights me up and as I have seen this week when I don’t have a couple hours invested into working on it I get antsy, I get anxious and I get irratible. The thing is I want to be pouring my heart and energy into this company each day, because it makes me come alive, it helps me to fill up my tank and it ripples massive amounts of positivity out into the hearts of people worldwide.

I also know how important face to face time and quality time is with the people I love. So my lesson this holiday season is this:

best uTo really show up as my best version, in the craziness of the season I have to invest into me first and foremost every day. No exceptions. Even if it is just a quick 30 mins to make sure all is well and running smooth, to take this time each morning puts my mind at ease and my energy in a stable positive vibe. When my vibes are high I am able to be in those more chaotic environments and not take on the energy of other people. I can observe it with loving detachment and maintain my peace of mind.

A pretty solid breakthrough to take me through this beautiful holiday season 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


It’s Feature Friday With Yoga-Rockstar Will Blunderfield!! Day 133: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Waaahoooo!!! It’s Feature Friday Love Puffs!!!

Picture 54I am so freaking excited to introduce Radical Self Lovemember Will Blunderfield!!!

Will is one of my all time favourite humans and I feel so blessed to get to share him and all his sparkly amazingness with you all today!

photo-48Will is an incredible musician and outstanding yoga teacher aka A Yoga Rockstar . He beams inspiration, self expression and acceptance where ever he goes. One of the most brilliant things about Will is his attitude. I freaking love it. The best way I can explain it is a no shit policy. He doesn’t accept things just because he “should” or because everyone else does. He is strongly connected to his inner compass, his hearts truth and refuses to compromise who he is or what he stands for. For this we absolutely adore him.

Right now we find ourselves in a place where more people than ever before are awakening. Awakening to their greatness, awakening to their truth and awakening to the illusions of fear. Will is one of the true leaders of this fundamental love movement. He is the catalyst for a lot of people to begin to challenge the status quo and all they have been told.

Why we LOVE him and why he’s our Featured Member today: Will lives by this principal: by living your truth and shining your light you give others the permission to do the same. He has designed his dream life and is living it.

radical self love kelsey grant

167373_752688484291_21002843_44905988_4842709_nI remember when we first met him saying he wanted to tour, share his music and get out into the world. And he has done it. It took dedication and passion and he did it. He wrote and released his first album, began touring locally then expanded into the international touring world. He is now beginning work for his next album. He’s truly living his yoga rockstar dream. He just returned from his second tour to Japan where he got to share his deliciously yummy perspectives on life, yoga and contribute his truly angelic voice into the hearts of the masses.

He is currently in the midst of fundraising for the new album and intends to donate 25% of the raised funds to Rain City Housing– which we are really impressed by. Will really does what it takes to really make a positive and significant impact on his community and we love that he has integrated a charitable initiative within his next album project!!!

Will has seamlessly fused together 3 of the things I love most, music, self expression and yoga. Attending his yoga classes is a solid pump up of inspiration, hilariousness, ridiculousness and deep heart activations. I know every time I head into one of Will’s class there will be loads of giggles, singing, stretching and going to my edge in a respectful and empowered environment. Will is the same in a class as he is on the street or performing. He’s authentic through and through.

radical self love kelsey grant
He reminds us that is beautiful to have imperfections and that these imperfections are what give us access to our inner power and our access point to really connect with each other.

WillsmileI see a lot of myself in this beautiful human and every time I have the honour of being in his presence I get sillier, more playful, more inspired and incredibly connected to who I truly am. This is the gift Will gives to the world and all who have the true pleasure of crossing his path.

He reminds me all the time life is too short to be living someone else’s dream and that step by step, little by little a dream we once held in our hearts begins to unfold before our eyes.

I am blessed to have such an incredible friend in my life who calls me to play bigger, shine brighter and live in alignment with who I truly am. Will you are appreciated and loved more than you know. Thank you for being this angel of lovey goodness and paving the way for more inspiration to be born into this world.
#willblunderfield #radicalselflove

Connect with Will:

Details on how to contribute to the making of Will’s New Album:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

It’s All About Gratitude- Day 115: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Kelsey Grant radical self loveToday we are officially celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday with a family dinner and an abundance of gratitude. 

I’ve been pondering all day what today’s post will be about as I prepare an incredible dinner for our pretty large family. All day all I could really think about was how blessed I truly am to have the means to prepare and host such a beautiful dinner, the incredible family members in my life who make each day such a beauty to exist in and the pure joy of being alive. radical self love kelsey grant

So I thought I would share one of my all time favourite videos about gratitude with you lovers today! It’s about 10 minutes long and will most certainly open that beautiful heart of yours even more!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving- What Are You Grateful For? Day 114: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantToday it is Canadian Thanksgiving and my most favourite holiday of the year!!

I love the colours of fall, I love the coziness of the season, I love bringing family together, I love massive family dinners and most of all I love being thankful.

At least from my vantage point in life there is a whole lotta good to be grateful for. I like most sometimes forget. I get caught in the busy-ness of life and occasionally my gratitude practice wavers. Today is a beautiful reminder to re-presence myself to the abundant blessings within my life and the expansive freedom maintaining a regular gratitude practice ushers in.

kelsey grant radical self love

Since our family tribe is rockin our family dinner tomorrow I took today to take it slow and re-tune into the beauty in my life. This is how my day shaped up:

  • I stayed and snuggled in my warm bed this am with the bright sun shining through the windows.
  • I spent the first 30 mins of being awake watching this gem of a video and having my heart chakra blasted open: 
  • I got up did a lil work, seriously I only spent 45 minutes working this am 😉
  • Made a green smoothy.
  • photoWent for a beautiful run outside in the sunshine and fresh air.
  • photo copySpent some solo time in reflection while enjoying a post run coffee.
  • Picked up dinner items for an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner tonight: Home made gluten free PIZZA
  • Came home set up our official Meetup group page, our Youtube channel and completed a few admin tasks.

Meow I’m off to make a beautiful dinner, catch up with my poppa and have a super relaxing evening with my roomies and my man!!
Wishing you all the most beautiful Thanksgiving blessings! What are you most grateful for today? Leave us a comment below!! xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Best Monday Ever: 80’s Playlists, Road Trips and Ferry Adventures- Day 80: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning my man and I packed up and headed out of the city for our mini getaway!!!

Some mega highlights so far:

970619_10153270634210145_534223987_n1. The beautiful ferry ride. To get to the island we are spending the next couple days at we got to rock the gulf island tour on the ferry. It was a leisurely 3 hour ferry ride which was absolutely amazing. The entire time we plugged into the creative matrix and wrote for our projects. When we needed a lil inspiration boost all we had to do was look outside to the beautiful ocean and island landscapes and be right back in flow.

2. The 80’s playlist we rocked during our road-trip upon arriving on the island. Our top three tunes:

  • Higher Love
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  • Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car.

3. This incredible vegan, raw organic cafe we are having lunch at and spending our last few moments on social media 😉

So far it really has been the best monday ever!! How does it get any better than this?! 😀

Wishing you all a magically beautiful day and here is some 80’s musical inspiration to amp up your high vibes…you are welcome 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Sunday Funday!! Day 23: 365 RSL Project

Today dear friends is Sunday Funday, a day dedicated to having fun and loving all over my life!

photo copy 2The morning started with an early morning KG date fully equipped with my lap-top, coffee, 1.5L of water, a sunny patio and RSL inspiration to the max.

I spent 3 hours writing blog posts, Radical Self Love articles for two new websites I’m a featured columnist for and writing another chapter of my Radical Self Love relationship ebook!!

Then I did a lil shopping to prepare for my LA performances this week, set up multiple meetings to discuss the sharing of RSL into community programs across Canada, scoped out some new places to live with the BF and now here I am writing to you all!

This afternoon I’m going to hit a seawall run/workout, sing and play my guitar and go read in the delicious sun for a few hours before finishing the day off with the best boyfriend in the world!

I am seriously so in love with my life and I am incredibly grateful to share this journey of Radical Self Love with you all!

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Radical Self Love to the Max 😉