B-School- Accountability-High Vibes and Rockin New Directions- Day 263: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I had the honour of connecting for the first time over Skype with my B-School accountability partner.

In choosing to do this program as it’s designed I decided to step out of my comfort zone in a big time way and reach out to a fellow B-Schooler that I didn’t know to create this dynamic.

Why oh Why Did I Do This?

doodle-marie-bschool2-308x400Well it’s simple, for me when I have a pre-existing relationship with someone there can be a tendency to play safe on both sides. There is more at stake if a accountability partner who is a close friend calls out a way of being or something we said we would do that we haven’t done. It leaves the space for bruised ego’s and for potential friendship upsets if either party shows up in the friend zone instead of the accountability zone. Basically I want to work with someone who isn’t afraid to call me out if I need it and be incredible supportive at the same time.

I also love the vibe of being with someone I don’t yet know and having the opportunity to create myself as someone who plays BIG, follows through and is a rocking support partner. I also love that I get to create her the exact same way. Double win for both of us!

The dynamic with someone new is comparable to the objectivity that occurs in a coaching session. Full transparency, full accountability and a ear who will listen for greatness.

I made the agreement this morning to show up, play big and always relate to my partner as a woman who is fully capable of achieving everything she sets out to do.

The call was incredible and so inspiring. We are definitely similar in some respects and quite different in others. I love this dynamic because it means there is so much potential for us both to learn from one another.

My B-School accountability partner is a powerhouse. She’s high vibin, driven, authentic, creative, transparent, honest, respectful and such a delight to chat with. I’m seriously so pumped for this new chapter, for this new level of greatness and for the new directions I can already see my business taking. If you wanna check out all the awesomeness she is up to you can do so HERE.

B-School is going to be a wild ride and I’m ready baby!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Conscious, Evolved Men, “ManTalks” And A Pretty Proud Girlfriend!! Day 261: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Yoooooo Vancouver!!!! My very inspiring and incredible partner Mr. Connor Beaton is hosting a pretty rad-tacular event this coming Tuesday.

Before spilling the beans about the event I just gotta say

I am so freaking proud of my man!!!

He has spent the past four months, planning, designing and getting this event ready to rock. It has been such a pleasure watching him step even further into his greatness and begin creating in the direction of his calling. I am honoured to be his partner and when he plays big like this it calls me to step it up too. I love that so much about our relationship and who he is.

I feel like the super gushy, happy, proud, ecstatic girlfriend who is just over the moon about my man. And I totally am that woman. I know this event is just the beginning for him. A start of a brand new chapter filled with all his dreams and ambitions coming true. He is an incredible, evolved, conscious and driven man and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Now onto the details:

Its by donation which makes it very accessible for anyone- pay what you can is the motto here.  The proceeds are ALL going to charity and the night is set up with the intention of bringing together a collective of conscious men to begin creating a new type of dialogue hence the event name:


Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant ManTalks

Event deets: Tuesday March 11th, 7-10 @ ING Direct Cafe (466 Howe St Vancouver).
Reserve your ticket here and choose your donation amount when you register!

Women are welcome to attend as well but the main focus is supporting our masculine pals in having positive, conscious and high vibin men in their lives to learn grow and expand from.

The night will include 4 speakers each of whom have build a fully sustainable and conscious business. All four men highly value community, contribution and have so generously donated their time and expertise to help others who are interested in building a company and a life that truly makes a positive difference in this world.

So if you are one of those high vibin, open minded types I would HIGHLY encourage you to show up and connect with these guys!

As a woman it makes my heart so very happy to see events like this happening. I love knowing there are events and communities like this where guys can go to be real, build positive community networks and mastermind their ideas and learning from other men in such a way where they all continue to grow into their greatest versions. Men who show up this way for their lives leave this world a better place because of who they are being and the true contribution they are.

More conscious men + more conscious women = beauty, harmony and sustainable positive world change.

Be a part of the movement.

See you Tuesday!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Message of Self Love From a Surprising and Inspiring Source- Day 211: 365 Radical Self Love

Attending Awesomeness Fest is always one of the highlights of my year.

This year amongst the speakers was a presentation on Entrepreneurship and…SELF LOVE

Yup you read that right.

Self love and business.

The inspiring presenter,

Kamal Ravikant

In his 20 min presentation he accounted his journey through business, success and self love. It was absolutely incredible and inspiring.

loveyourselfTo watch a man get on stage and openly share his up’s and downs in business is commendable and to go even deeper and fully reveal his deepest vulnerability- accounting the lessons of self love made my heart leap for joy. What made me even more giddy was to hear this awesome human wrote a book called Love Yourself in which he describes the secret to life resides in our ability to love ourselves. Incredible.

Self Love is Transforming the Planet

I knew he was a beautiful message from the Universe to keep up the Radical Self Love work because it is creating massive ripples in the consciousness of this planet.

For every person who embraces their journey of self love, dives in and does the work- the world becomes a friendlier, softer and more love filled place.

Awesomeness Fest released Kamal’s presentation today and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all tonight!!!

Take the time tonight to watch it, you will certainly be left inspired and moved to keep rockin your self love awesomeness!!!

For all of you who are ready to take your self love to the next level sign up here for your 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey

Lets transform the planet lovers!!! Self love is our vehicle for mega change 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Socks of Affirmation- Day 122: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Affirmations are powerful little tools

Today I found a super cute way to enhance my daily intentions and positive affirmations.

Affirmation socks!

radical self love kelsey grantFor true- check them out!! Each sock has a positive word on the bottom! I’m so happy with this find 🙂

Sometimes its just the simple things in life that make it the sweetest.

Plus who doesn’t love cute socks?!!

What I love most about them is the intention behind them. Conscious merchandise and the intention of rippling more love vibes into the world makes my heart so happy. It reminds me of how much goodness really is in this world.

It will also be a wonderful reminder to remain grounded and rooted in my daily affirmations and intentions as I go through my day!

What are your favourite daily affirmations to keep your vibes high, consistent, positive and loving? Share with us in the comments below!! xo

radical self love kelsey grantRadical Self Love to the MAX!!!


3 Really Good Reasons Why Being a Homebody Rocks Day 76: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Some days are just meant for being a homebody.


I love being a homebody and today I practiced it full out. There are just times in life when I am honestly just not feeling social or feel like leaving the cozy comfort of my home. I reflected on my homebody-ness today and came up with three really good reasons why being a homebody rocks, here they are:

inspiring-quotes-about-life-gratitude11. It gives me a chance to really appreciate how amazing my home and life is. When I take time to actually be at home I am really present to all that I do have- a beautiful apartment, a view of the ocean and the mountains, a fridge full of food, all the tools and technology I could ever need and all the other beautiful ‘things’ we have around the house. The time for reflection on all that I do have immediately activates gratitude and alignment with abundance.

428365_203325109773704_285164301_n2. I can rock the PJ attire all day if I want to. From time to time wearing pajamas all day long is just a must in my books. Not having to get ready for the world is often a really nice break from the norm. Don’t get me wrong I love getting ready, looking pretty and dressing up and I think there is everything great with it. Sometimes though I just don’t want to and being a homebody allows me the freedom to be me- pj’s and all.

1069798_10153104163760145_121570179_n3. It’s cozy and comfortable and  the best excuse ever to wear rainbow slipper socks 😉 I am naturally a snuggly, cuddly person. I like to be warm, cozy and comfortable. On my stay at home days I love snuggling up with some warm tea or coffee, wrapping myself in a blanket, turning on some cozy lighting if necessary and rocking out my days work all while wearing rainbow slipper socks or fuzzy socks of any kind. To me this is perfection and a way to recharge my batteries while still being productive.

Lets be honest there are just days when we don’t feel like being “on” or being social. While our lives may not always permit us to stay at home all day or work from home we can activate the gloriousness of being a homebody throughout our week as time permits.

Make it a priority to invest time as often as you can into reflecting on the good, relaxing and wearing comfy clothes that make you feel great and rocking your version of cozy rainbow slipper socks. Doing so will most certainly help you to stay connected to you, be ok with taking care of your needs (self care) and honouring what your body and energy needs most on a regular and consistent basis (self respect and self love).

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!