Adventures, Friends and Epic Pancakes- Day 155: Radical Self Love Project

Today our awesome friends took us on a little brunch adventure.

Since it was CB’s birthday this week it was a birthday celebratory brunch. They wanted to take us to their favourite breakfast joint. So we decided to bust out the adventure vibes and try something new.

WOW. So happy that happened!!!

They took us to this quaint little organic and love filled cafe called Ethical Kitchen.

ImageEthicalKitchenThe vibe was homey, warm and my fav- the natural vibe. Organic, healthy food joints have a distinct smell to them, a smell I absolutely love because I know it means high vibing, amazing tasting, love prepared eats.

I can say with complete certainty I had the best pancakes of my life this morning, and for it I am so very grateful. Sourdough pancakes, with wild boar bacon, eggs and a life altering maple butter syrup.

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I loved about this place even more than the incredible food was their commitment to contribution. For every mealshare item purchased they donate a meal to someone in need. Incredible.

I love discovering local gems like this and I’m so grateful for our amazing friends who introduced us to such an amazing local company doing what they can to make this world a little better 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Love Made Simple- Day 106: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I redeemed myself.

I made a successful batch of gluten free banana chocolate chip pancakes.

The last attempt of making pancakes didn’t really go so well and today I totally got back in the flow of awesomeness.

Inspired yesterday by a conversation with my monthly workshop co-pilot, in which she shared with me a amazing recipe one of our fellow RSL members made for her on their brunch date.

The pancakes had 3 ingredients: Bananas, eggs and cinnamon. They looked amazing and based on Kristin’s raving reviews I couldn’t wait to whip up a batch this morning.

I added my own KG flair and the results were incredible. I honestly don’t ever see the need to make traditional pancakes ever again. These were so simple, fast and delicious. Because of the natural sweetness of the bananas they really don’t need any syrup or sweeter which is AWESOME!!

Here is what I did:

kelsey grant radical self loveI cracked 4 eggs into the blender, pealed 4 bananas and put them in the blender, added a sprinkled of pumpkin pie spice, a splash of vanilla and blended until smooth.

I heated my pan with a little bit of olive oil (medium heat) scooped a ladle of the mixture into the pan and sprinkled each pancake with a few organic dark chocolate chips.

While the pancakes were cooking I quickly made some whip cream in the blender and sliced some strawberries. The end result perfection.

Love made simple

To me cooking is an illustration of love and one of the ways I show/give love to my friends and family. I know this is partly why I was so upset the last time I made pancakes and they were a disaster. While there was a great lesson and honestly now it’s a pretty funny joke to tell, inside I felt I had failed to effectively demonstrate love.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

radical self love kelsey grantIt’s so important to know the ways in which we give love as well as receive love (The 5 Love Languages book is a great read for anyone unclear about what I mean). Understanding that one of the main reasons I felt so upset when I made a crap batch of pancakes, was linked to my belief around how I give love, is incredibly empowering. It helps to remove the negative charge/sting of messing up. It allows me to be gentle and forgiving towards myself for being so darn hard on myself. Knowing this I can then communicate to the people around me what it means to me to demonstrate my love in this way.

When things don’t work out trust there is always a reason, whether it’s a batch of pancakes gone awry or a relationship that ends suddenly or a massive change in any other area of your life- the challenge offers you a space to expand into. It offers you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and by doing so increases your capacity to really “show up”, be present and be real with other people and ultimately within your life.

Simple is always best.

radical self love kelsey grant

Making these pancakes has really illustrated this to me big time today. The best things in life are the simplest. Humans love to complicate the shit out of ourselves and our lives. Let today be the day where you look to where you can simplify. Stop overcomplicating things, get to the source of what is true for you aka find out your love languages and go forward sharing this brilliant information with others in your life. Letting people know how you want to be loved and how they can expect you to give love THEN getting to know how they like to give love and how they would like to receive love, is one of the best ways we can make our relationships more simple, enjoyable and free flowin!

Love yourself enough to get curious about who you are and then access the courage, that I know is in you and share these delicious nuggets of information with people you meet. This is how we will change relationships for the better and see a world where more partnerships embody two people who love and respect each other. This dear friends is a direct result of us learning to love, accept and respect ourselves a little more 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!