Returning To My Mat- Reconnecting To My Body- Day 319: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After a 3 week hiatus of healing the body I finally got to return to my yoga mat today!!!

It felt so incredible to be back in the yoga studio, soaking up all the amazing feel good vibes and really getting present with my body.

These three weeks of pretty intense self reflection and stillness have had a profound impact on my practice. I found it so much easier today to tune into my body and really feel into my muscles and be clear where I was holding tension. I also found it much easier today to relax into the posture and begin surrendering into the posture and releasing the tension in my muscles.

Not surprising my shoulders, hips and side body were the tightest and after an hour long practice I felt completely intune and aligned in my body. I am grateful for this time away from my mat as it has really made me appreciate how much my body is responsive to my yoga practice.

I’m so happy to be back in the studio and so so so happy to be tuned in and back in full swing with my yummy yoga practice.

Feeling pretty blessed and very grateful ❤

radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Spirituality and Body Image- DAY 283: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Spiritual Guides To Healing Our Body Image

A fellow RSL member reached out to me the other day to request any books about positive body image.

The first person who came to my mind was the lovely Gabby Bernstein.

I would recommend both Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles.

Gabby teaches through her real life experiences with spirituality and body image in both of these books.

Additionally I would recommend Doreen Virtue’s book Constant Craving and her audio program Healing Your Appetite, Healing Your Life- A Spiritual Approach to Life and Weight Management.

And of course the ever amazing lady to started this entire spiritual community Louise Hay. Her book You Can Heal Your Life is a must have.

I also tracked down a really great interview Gabby did a while back which touches on body image from a spiritual perspective. I love all of these authors and speakers and have really resonated with each of these books/programs. I have gone through each one and I can say with full certainty these gems certainly helped along my path of self love, self acceptance and developing a more body positive self image.

Happy Exploring ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Releasing Attachment and Embracing Acceptance: What One Hair Cut Taught Me- Day 173: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This past week has brought a new level of awareness and eventually self acceptance into my experience.

About a week ago I went to go get my hair cut. I’m very particular about my hair and lets just be honest, I’m totally attached to it. It took me five years to grow it out and I have always really loved long hair. So imagine my surprise when my long locks were lying on a pile on the floor below my chair. When something like this happens there really isn’t much to do except eventually get to a place of acceptance via shifting internal perceptions.

What this hair cut taught me:

1. Un-communicated expectations are at the root of many, and most upsets.

I had an expectation of how my hair was going to look, I showed a picture and it turned out very different. Had I communicated how important it was to me to keep the length of my hair, perhaps it would have gone differently, perhaps it wouldn’t. The point though is not my hair, but what my hair brings to my awareness. If I have uncommunicated expecations with a hair cut- I have them all over my life. It is now up to me to discover where these expecations exists and then *GASP* communicate them effectively.

2. Attachment to an outcome is painful.

I was really set on the way it was going to go and when it turned out differently I completely had a meltdown and continued to experience internal conflict-all because I had a very strong attachment to how it should go. Like anything in life what is meant to happen is what does. Everything happens for a reason and when we hold death grips on our expectations we rob ourselves from the opportunity to see what we are being called to learn. There is always a greater and higher reasoning to why things happen the way they do. I can see first hand why having these restrictive attachments is something my higher self was guiding me to release- the more I embrace going with the flow and being clear in my expectations, the more I can actually relax and trust that whatever happens is what is meant to happen for my highest good. This does wonders for the experience of inner peace, happiness, abundance and flow. For True.

3. I am my biggest critic.

This massive change brought up a whole lot of “stuff” about feeling pretty, attractive and sexy. This entire situation has brought to my attention how hard I can be on myself and my physical appearance. What this also really brought to my attention was the fact that until my internal state resonates with the positive feedback I was receiving from others, I will actually reject what is coming at me externally. Meaning every single person I have come into contact with since getting the hair cut has affirmed just how amazing it actually looks- I couldn’t accept their praise as the truth simply because that was not what I believed inside. It wasn’t until today when I fully embranced, accepted and could see the beauty of it that I could really take in the positive feedback externally as truth.

4. The things that trigger an upset are not actually what we are upset about.

WHHHAAAT??!!! Yup it’s true, while I’ve known this for quite some time this entire experience drove the lesson home even more. I was triggered into an upset by my hair cut. Deep down what I was actually upset with was much different. The hair cut was just the surface trigger point to lead me to a deeper understanding of myself and the profound richness of my being. It was really about: my levels of self acceptance, my communication skills and my self perceptions. I have learned through this experience to see myself as beautiful no matter what, to accept myself as a beautiful and attractive woman inside and out, to level up my communication, learn how to communicate my expectations clearly, and how to allow the positive feedback from the outside guide me towards developing a more positive and loving relationship with myself.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

So all things considered this was indeed one of the best hair cuts I have ever received, because it was so much more than a change in physical appearance. It inspired the transformation of my self acceptance, my body acceptance, my body love and ultimately my self love. This is a win, a really big one 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Burlesque, Body Love and 4 Steps For Full On Self Acceptance- Day 156: 365 Radical Self Love Project

As some of you may know I am a former burlesque performer.

About one month after moving cities nearly 5 years ago I had decided I wanted to learn burlesque and get back into the world of stage performing.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveMy sexuality and personal acceptance of my body were the main themes I was working through at the time and burlesque was my outlet. I chose the route of broadway burlesque which is more or less cabaret style performing. It’s sensual, technical and requires confidence and full on body love.

I trained for a couple months until I felt comfortable getting out into the performing world again and rocking out in my incredible red sequin bra and deliciously yummy costumes. Performing in this manor helped me get back in touch with a part of me I had long been suppressing- my sexual self.

After being in a 3.5 year relationship where all things sexual were kept behind closed doors and appearances were everything, I was feeling less than connected to myself and such a huge part of my being- my sexuality, my feminine energy and the divine sensuality that flows through us all if we allow it.

Even though the style of burlesque I was rockin didn’t require the taking off of clothes, it still required getting on stage, in an incredibly sexy costume, dancing in high heals and exuding confidence and full acceptance of myself, my body and my talents. I’m an incredibly skilled performer, singing and dancing have always come naturally to me. So infusing an area of life I wanted to expand and empower myself in (sexuality) with my natural areas of talent (singing and dancing) made this exploration much easier and fulfilling.

Consistency and repetition = keys to success

radical self love kelsey grantThe more I practiced the better dancer I became. The more I got used to seeing my beautiful body move in the reflection of the mirror in class- to the sensual rhythms of the music the more in touch I got with my inner goddess, my sexual self and the awareness of how important it is for me to have a balanced and positive relationship to my body, my sexuality and my areas of talent.

It took all the courage I had to get on stage some nights but I did it. I felt the fear and I stepped right into it. From this bold action I ended up creating and leading my own burlesque troupe for over a year- who performed original cabaret style numbers, choreographed by me and one of the lead dancers- all for charity. We only performed for charitable events in Vancouver which gave us all a sense of purpose, contribution and self expression.

This morning I saw a video that brought all of this back into my awareness.

When I saw the following video this morning it reminded me of

  • How far I have come on my self love and self acceptance journey
  • How many women, and men, deal often in silence and alone with the pressures to accept their bodies


I absolutely love the bold, fierce and courageous message within this video and within this beautiful woman. At some point we have to take our power back and begin reclaiming our self worth. It can be a challenge when surrounded by a bazillion messages every day attempting to program what is beautiful, what a perfect body looks like and how far away most people are from this unrealistic idea.


Love yourself just as you are. You are beautiful no matter what your size.

We are all so quick to judge each other and even quicker to judge ourselves. If we ever wish to live in a world where we don’t criticize, judge and attack each other we first have to learn how to positively acknowledge, accept and uplift ourselves. This begins with our internal dialogue. We must learn how to become more kind and loving in the things we say to ourselves.


Four Focus’s to Increase Body Love and Self Acceptance RSL Style

  1. When we look in the mirror we must train ourselves to focus on the things we love about our bodies.
  2. We must learn to seek out our strengths and enhance those qualities and allow them to be expressed more openly.
  3. When we create our lives we must train ourselves to invest time and energy into keeping ourselves healthy and high vibin- this includes making time for exercise, healthy food prep and a spiritual practice of meditation and gratitude cultivation.
  4. We have to train ourselves to seek beauty, joy and love- in everything we do, in every one we meet and in every circumstance we find ourselves in.

It is when we begin to define ourselves by who we are, what we stand for and the contribution we bring to this world- we will begin to witness a world characterized by love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!