Bench These 3 Naughty Holiday Relationship Habits For An Amazing Season

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Why Friday 13th Is Actually Awesome- Day 84: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m seriously over Friday the 13th having such a bad rap.

photoDuring my life I have come to observe Friday the 13th having a pretty harsh reputation. As long as I’ve been alive the dominant beliefs around this day are rooted in fear with the intention of spreading fearful thoughts, feelings and reinforcing not so constructive ideas.

Following up yesterdays post which was focused on “we become what we think we are” is the concept of “our beliefs about people, circumstances and experiences also shape our perception of them”. Meaning Friday the 13th can either be a negative, crap day for you or it can be a powerful and positive experience. The only thing that stands at the helm is your personal perception, beliefs and whether you choose a belief rooted in fear or one in love.

Here is what I have learned during my journey of life.

Astrologically Friday is ruled by the planet Venus- which is the planet of love so already we are off to a great start 😉

The number 13 while in our current society has a negative association when looked at in terms of vibration and numerology is actually really strong. In this sense the number 13 resonates to the vibration of 4 which is all about foundation, organization and structure. It also hold elements of both 1 and 3. One represents inspiration, new beginnings, forward movement, adventure and leadership. Three represents self expression, happiness, joy and creativity. Again all very positive meanings.

2724008f-80c5-4591-9202-f27926522c68I am a lover of the Goddess.

Goddess spirituality and encouraging women to re-connect to the sacred Goddess spirit within is something I’m really passionate about. Throughout history many spiritual practices have existed where the Goddess was celebrated and the earth was deeply respected and honoured greatly. In these times of Goddess spirituality, Fridays were believed and became known as very powerful and positive days as they represented the focus of love. Friday the 13th became associated with the Goddess Freya who is the Goddess of love, fertility, sensuality and creative expression.

For women the number thirteen shows up in many ways. For example, given there are thirteen months in the true lunar calendar means there are thirteen menstrual cycles which is a very powerful time for women to reconnect to their feminine essence and celebrate the beauty of their being.

Thirteen is also a symbol of our creative force for all humans. 1 (forward movement) + 3 (creativity and self expression) =  4 (foundations for success). We amplify our power by celebrating this creative energy on a Friday which connects us to the divine energy of love.

So today I’m choosing to reinforce my positive belief around Friday the 13th and celebrate it as a connection to love, sensuality and my inner creative force. Doing so only empowers me to see the rest of the world through this lens of love which is a pretty rad-tastic thing 😉

Whatever your personal beliefs may be take some time today to check in with yourself and take inventory on your current and dominate belief systems. I invite you to make a choice to keep only the ones that serve you, your highest good and the highest good of all involved.  Doing so will activate more positivity within you and set you further on the path of love. Which really is the goal here at Radical Self Love!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Universe Has My Back and It Has Yours Too! Oh and My BIG Announcement!! Day 62: RSL Project

Sometimes all we really do need to do is ask. imgres

I know I have heard the phrase ask and it is given before and today I was honoured to see it manifest in full form before my eyes.

The past couple days I have really been feeling under my usual high vibe self. I’ve been worried about completely diving in and owning the fact I am choosing to follow my calling and teach Radical Self Love in the world. All sorts of false past beliefs have been showing up around worth and value.


While rationally I understand these beliefs are false creations, my emotions perceive them as very much real. This has given me the chance to do a lot of emotional cleansing and releasing in the past couple days. Pair it with a full moon in Aquarius, which was all about inner freedom and there is a mix for a whack-load of stuff to come up for me to evaluate.

485151_560735667278587_1885497669_nJust because a belief system that has always been there does not mean it is valid or needs to stick around any longer. The past few days have been a process of acknowledging and purging stale patterns which have only ever served the purpose of keeping me stuck, so a lot of them had to be cut from the KG team 😉 I truly feel like this full moon was an opportunity to evaluate which beliefs I would choose to continue with me along my journey so that I can truly experience new and more profound levels of freedom in all areas of my life.

I have chosen to replace my fear of lack with the belief of abundance and prosperity. This one seems to always be a work in progress especially when I reflect back on my relationship to prosperity a mere 4 years ago. I am choosing to anchor in this new belief pattern with the affirmation : It is safe for me to receive.

I allowed that affirmation to express itself to me fully today and boy did it ever. At the most perfect an on purpose times I would receive a kind word from a friend, positive feedback from a coaching client, encouragement to keep going and reaffirmations of the positive impact my work is having in the world. The Universe showed up today, in a big time abundant way.

All I had to do today was ask for support and be willing to receive it. Simple.

In the spirit of contribution, being vulnerable and putting things out there I am being encouraged by spirit to share something really big and exciting that I have been working on behind the scenes for all of you Radical Self Love lovers!

The big news:

September 2013 I will be officially launching my new Radical Self Love coaching platform and website!!!! Come September 1st I will only be rocking two options for one on one coaching- a 30 min RSL reset ($111) and a 30 day RSL coaching program ($1111) which I only have 3 spots for.

As of tonight until the end of the month I’m opening up the 30 min RSL Reset at the current price ($60) for anyone who is looking for a lil RSL boost and reset 🙂 If you are interested in rocking a sesh or getting more info on the 30 day program hit me up at

Oh and a lil extra bonus for anyone who rocks an RSL reset or signs up for the 30 day program before the official launch will get a complimentary copy of the ebook “Introduction to The Conscious Breakup- 15 Lessons of Radical Self Love”.

For true! All for you beauties! Mega love and appreciation for the space you all create for this beautiful blossoming to unfold! You are all so special to me!


Heart mists and Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!