RSL Feature Friday- Adventurous Andrea!!- Day 126: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I have the honour and pleasure of introducing Radical Self Love member Andrea Nicholas otherwise known as Adventurous Andrea

Andrea is a true beam of beauty and angelic light in this world. Her spirit is so gentle, kind and positive it is such a blessing to have her vibes floating around. I remember my first introduction to Andrea was through a common friend who suggested we connect. So naturally I hopped on my computer and did the virtual scoping out. I watched one of her Youtube videos and I was hooked. She embodies such a gentle, pure feminine energy I was immediately drawn to her and grew ever more grateful of the light she shines into the world.  Here is the first video I ever saw of her:

Andrea lives what some may think as an unconventional lifestyle. She chose to listen to the call of her spirit and the calling of her heart to make a lifestyle out of travelling and adventuring the world.

radical self love kelsey grant

radical self love kelsey grantWhat we love most about Andrea is her courage. Her courage to do what not many people do and follow her heart to unknown corners of the earth and explore the abundant blessings which await. We love her genuine and kind energy, her willingness to openly share her experience and to bravely lead the way for others to follow their own truth.

radical self love kelsey grantHer adventures literally take her around the world and from what we can tell are completely guided by her intuition and sense of trust in the Universe. It takes a lot of faith to pick up from your life and take off into the unknown. This is what Andrea has done and because of it her life is incredibly beautiful and is now a major inspiration to people world wide.

We also commend her for the bravery it takes to travel solo. Travelling alone while incredibly freeing and exciting can be frightening for people. We love that she is breaking that idea and showcasing in real time how safe and taken care of she really is. To us this is an example of how we are truly taken care of by the Universe, how we are always safe and protected if we believe we are and when our intentions are fuelled from spirit all things are possible.

radical self love kelsey grant

We also love her because she is a big supporter of living on purpose and living in a healthy manor. As you can probably tell from her glowing skin, bright shiny eyes and the glass of juice she is holding in her hand she takes great care of herself inside and out.

radical self love kelsey grantThe Radical Self Love Journey is exactly this. Learning how to love ourselves, fuel our bodies with the highest vibing food, energy and thoughts. Take care of our bodies through exercise, meditation and connecting to nature. Connecting within by getting clear on who we are, what we are here to do then doing it. It is the process of awakening to our purpose and then having the courage to live it. Andrea to us embodies all of these things.

She is such a beautiful soul and we are honoured to feature her today and so grateful to have such an incredible role model and friend in our lives.

Adventurous Andrea radical self loveAndrea is currently adventuring in Switzerland and from the pictures and updates we get to see on the regular, her travels have been blessed with incredible people, connections, juicy life lessons and most importantly a strong connection to herself.

To follow her adventures connect with her here:




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Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Set It and Forget It- A Key to Effective Manifestation Day 104: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Looking for instant manifestation? Simple be a better human.

This is not a moral conversation. Being a better human in this context is simply referring to being your best version, living with integrity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, lack of internal and external judgement, self love, high self esteem, taking aligned action, taking care of your vessel physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

There is a tonne of info out there about how to manifest instantly. This post is not one of them. There are many interwoven keys to instant manifestation and simply put they are all correlated to how aligned we are internally to our truth, our hearts and love.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantThe more self discovery you do and the more you implement the awareness you learn, the more effective you will be at manifesting. Also keep in mind you will only ever draw in experiences that are of highest potency for your spiritual growth. Meaning just because your ego wants that new spiffy car or those hawt new shoes you may not manifest these things simply because they are not on purpose for you at this point in time.

Our ego’s will want to consume and focus on manifesting things that will bring us instant gratification, increase our perceived status and ultimately make us “better” than other people. For the Radical Self Lover you are likely to be present of your ability and life purpose to make a positive difference in this world. So back to manifestation.

Take a tip from Ron Popeil- Set it and forget it.

Set your intention. What is it that you want to call into your experience? Feel into it, be clear about why you want what you want, beam it with gratitude and appreciation, let yourself daydream/visualize it, then….

Forget it. Let it go. Release it to the universe. Drop your expectations.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveThe Universe is awesome and magical. It does not need to be reminded every 5 seconds of how much you want your intention (doing so will work in the opposite way you want it to). So go about your business as usual. Get on with your life. Understand your life is perfect, whole and complete already, as it is, because YOU are perfect, whole and complete as you are right meow. Be grateful for all you do have. Be great with people. Instead of focusing on the lack of what you are seeking fill yourself up with the presence of all the greatness in your life as of right now in this exact moment. Cultivate feelings and thoughts of belief. Learn how to strengthen your confidence and self worth. Practice building up your muscles of faith and trust in your day to day life. Spread love. Be love.

In those moments where desperation takes over immerse yourself in the service of others. This again will take your monkey mind off of dwelling and focusing on the lack of what you have intended and put ya back in the vibe of love where all possibility dwells!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantHappy Manifesting Lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Successful Relationships: Finding Love Within (Part 1)-Day 90: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Why do humans seek external validation when it comes to love?

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveThis pattern stems from an unconscious belief in separation. Since coming into this world humans are bombarded with messages of separation. There are many levels and ways in which this appears. We see it in celebrity culture, the structures of wealth, division of work, religion, class and even race. Passive or unconscious agreement with this belief lies at the source of the development of a dysfunctional collective consciousness within human beings.

It boils down to the simple perspective that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way, and certain people, places, things are “better” or “worse” than others. Our entire global culture is based on this system of judging and categorizing people, situations and circumstances. To judge is to cut off the life force (love energy) that connects us all. The illusion of separation keeps the truth of our being-ness away from our conscious awareness. It is in this space of separation where we become easily changeable and malleable. If we are always seeking approval or validation there is a high probability we will “buy” into the disempowering and dysfunctional systems of our culture in order that we will be recognized as special and important. To do so gives up our power as conscious creators of our lives.

But…I’m special…I’m different.

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveThe belief that you are “special” in the sense that you are “different” aka better or worse than anyone or anything else is one of the biggest feeders and breeders of the ego. The ego thrives on separation by creating stories and dialogue about others which are always based in fear. One of the major function’s of the ego is to keep you in the dark about your true potential, your power and your ability to live fully lit up and blissed out. Thinking we are special or different than others in this sense creates separation. When we do this we are saying we are better and the other person is worse. No good can come from behaving this way. All it does is activate deeper and more nasty functions of the ego. The human ego is a multifaceted function and defining yourself as “special” aka better, is a major access point the ego uses to gain “control” over your experience.

Here is what I have come to know. Every single human is capable of greatness, holds great value and worth in this world. Whether people choose to explore their greatness is entirely up to them. This is our free will. We will either be unconsciously controlled by outside conditions or we will take conscious control of our lives and direct the flow of our human experience.

Take your Power back.

The quickest way to give up your power is by placing it in the hands of someone or something else. Humans are emotional creatures and everyone has this inner dynamic of light and dark going on inside. There for to rely on someone or something else outside of you ensures you will be repeatedly disappointed simply because human beings are not consistent. We are fluid, ever changing and greatly driven by our fickle emotions. The only one who you can rely on to be consistent is you. You have the capability to consistently show up for life and show up in a loving way towards yourself.

How does this apply to love?

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantWell my dears how we do anything is how we do everything. If we look for validation in other areas of our lives we are going to look for that within our relationships. There are many layers of the ego’s function and the associated behavioural patterns. One major layers is this: To always be seeking external validation from our partners puts extreme pressure on the other person as they are now related to as our saviour- someone who will save us from the perceived lack in our lives. While this imbalance can be upheld for a while ultimately it leads to the breakdown and breakup of a relationship.

Self love is the foundation of all successful relationships. There is no one else in this world who can fill your void of self love. You are the only person who can fill your self love tank. To experience the bliss of healthy partnerships two whole, complete full beings must show up. If we rely on the other person to fill us up it is only a temporary fix to the deeper issue- we have to learn to love ourselves first before we are truly capable of receiving the love of another.

The first access point to shifting this pattern is to begin to notice where in our lives we make others “special” and which areas of life we make ourselves “special”. Doing so will begin to crack open shell of the ego and activate the authentic power of our hearts. For the next few days take notice of where you make yourself better or worse to something or someone outside of yourself. Doing this reflection will come in handy for part 2 😉

Stay tuned for the second part of this article coming at ya on Saturday!!! (We have our first Feature Friday tomorrow).

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How I Get to Know Myself More Through the Reflection of Others Day 63: RSL Project

images-4What we see in others is a reflection of what is already within us.

This theme has been popping up in a couple different conversations over the past few days. I feel it is a very important RSL concept to share considering the whole RSL journey is about turning inward and loving ourselves. We do this by getting to know who we truly are in ways we have not yet experienced.

If a certain quality within someone else did not already exist within us we would not be capable of recognizing it. We can only recognize and either resist or make agreement with that which we know on a deep level.


This knowing is often unconscious until we have an ahhhh haa! moment otherwise known as a breakthrough.

I have found it to be way easier to integrate this awareness when it applies to a quality I like in another and I’ve found it a little more challenging when I am faced with a person I’m really not diggin.

The thing is every single person, interaction and experience I have is reflecting back to me that which I am giving off and that which is deep within, sometimes beyond my conscious awareness. This makes life a truly fun and curious adventure.

MenopauseCoachWhen I can direct my focus to this understanding the entire day turns into a lil research project, in which I get to dive into who I really am and learn myself in deeper more profound ways. When I see things I don’t like about others I first have to acknowledge it exists within me somewhere, somehow, do a little soul searching to find how I manifest the same qualities and then choose to consciously direct my behaviour/ course correct to be in alignment with that which I actually want and who I want to be.

The best example is when I experience someone speaking in a really rude or condenceding way. While it is very rare that I outwardly speak or behave that way anymore, what it brings into my awareness is, even though I don’t speak to others that way, I sometimes speak to myself that way. Which dear friends is a habit which has to shift inorder for my levels of RSL to expand and for me to become more and more on purpose.

My invitation is simple friends: take time every day to be the observer of your waking day to day life. Practice one day at a time finding the correlation of your daily interactions with an internal belief or pattern you express in your life. Simple. When you get super real with yourself your experience of being alive becomes way more magical and precious. I promise 😉


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Universe Has My Back and It Has Yours Too! Oh and My BIG Announcement!! Day 62: RSL Project

Sometimes all we really do need to do is ask. imgres

I know I have heard the phrase ask and it is given before and today I was honoured to see it manifest in full form before my eyes.

The past couple days I have really been feeling under my usual high vibe self. I’ve been worried about completely diving in and owning the fact I am choosing to follow my calling and teach Radical Self Love in the world. All sorts of false past beliefs have been showing up around worth and value.


While rationally I understand these beliefs are false creations, my emotions perceive them as very much real. This has given me the chance to do a lot of emotional cleansing and releasing in the past couple days. Pair it with a full moon in Aquarius, which was all about inner freedom and there is a mix for a whack-load of stuff to come up for me to evaluate.

485151_560735667278587_1885497669_nJust because a belief system that has always been there does not mean it is valid or needs to stick around any longer. The past few days have been a process of acknowledging and purging stale patterns which have only ever served the purpose of keeping me stuck, so a lot of them had to be cut from the KG team 😉 I truly feel like this full moon was an opportunity to evaluate which beliefs I would choose to continue with me along my journey so that I can truly experience new and more profound levels of freedom in all areas of my life.

I have chosen to replace my fear of lack with the belief of abundance and prosperity. This one seems to always be a work in progress especially when I reflect back on my relationship to prosperity a mere 4 years ago. I am choosing to anchor in this new belief pattern with the affirmation : It is safe for me to receive.

I allowed that affirmation to express itself to me fully today and boy did it ever. At the most perfect an on purpose times I would receive a kind word from a friend, positive feedback from a coaching client, encouragement to keep going and reaffirmations of the positive impact my work is having in the world. The Universe showed up today, in a big time abundant way.

All I had to do today was ask for support and be willing to receive it. Simple.

In the spirit of contribution, being vulnerable and putting things out there I am being encouraged by spirit to share something really big and exciting that I have been working on behind the scenes for all of you Radical Self Love lovers!

The big news:

September 2013 I will be officially launching my new Radical Self Love coaching platform and website!!!! Come September 1st I will only be rocking two options for one on one coaching- a 30 min RSL reset ($111) and a 30 day RSL coaching program ($1111) which I only have 3 spots for.

As of tonight until the end of the month I’m opening up the 30 min RSL Reset at the current price ($60) for anyone who is looking for a lil RSL boost and reset 🙂 If you are interested in rocking a sesh or getting more info on the 30 day program hit me up at

Oh and a lil extra bonus for anyone who rocks an RSL reset or signs up for the 30 day program before the official launch will get a complimentary copy of the ebook “Introduction to The Conscious Breakup- 15 Lessons of Radical Self Love”.

For true! All for you beauties! Mega love and appreciation for the space you all create for this beautiful blossoming to unfold! You are all so special to me!


Heart mists and Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!