5 Simple Ways To Start Loving Where You Are- Day 363: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantIf there is one thing I have noticed in all my years as a coach and facilitator is that a large portion of peeps have challenge being ok with they are in the present moment- never mind actually loving where they are. The path of Radical Self Love supports us in learning what our own experience of peace of mind is and in the process we end up realizing we actually really love who we are and the life we lead- wherever we might be.

5 Self Loving Steps to Loving Where You Are

1. Drop the lack and limitation.

Nothing much changes when we’re in an incompatible vibe to that which we seek. Meaning we must be in a state of harmony and peace before the manifestation ball really gets going. If we are fully consumed with labouring and convincing ourselves and the people around us how much lack we are experiencing the Universe responds to your state of repeated focus by sending you more of what you are so dominantly focused on. When you make a conscious effort to drop the lack talk and instead focus on all you do have you bring yourself immediately into a place of love and appreciation for the present.

2. Make joy a priority.

Each day choose one positive simple actionable. The sole focus of this action is to usher in massive joy. There are a lot of things you do or have done in your life that just make you freaking happy. These are often the simplest things- going for a walk in the woods, cracking jokes with friends, snuggling a animal, playing with crystals or oracle cards (one of my personal fav’s)- it will be different for everyone and there is a high probability the actionable will be different for you every day depending what’s up and how you are feeling. Doing things you love and that bring out the happiness within, support you immediately in feeling lit up about the now.

3. Take inventory on your accomplishments.

Humans have developed this habit of diminishing their accomplishments and not giving themselves credit for the awesomeness they have achieved. Of course we feel like shit and resist where we are at when we do this- it never feels good to feel like we are under performing or failing. When you are clear of how much you have actually achieved over your lifetime and even the course of a few short months your heart will settle into a place of great elation and calm down an over active mind. If it’s challenging at first to find evidence I would highly recommend you take this practice, make it a regular part of your self love routine and write those wins down as they happen.

When I was in a really rough place a few years ago I kept an evidence and accomplishment journal. Every day before bed I would write down all the actions I took that contributed to the expansion of my business and my dreams. I also recorded ALL the manifestations, attractions, accomplishments and wins of that day alone. It became very clear very quickly I achieve a lot more than I give myself credit for and I experience so many wins that my ego tries with all it’s might to diminish and bury. If this is where you are at- start here and watch those vibes soar.

4. Get still.

Seriously, start meditating. When the mind is an untamed circus you will inevitably feel out of control, overwhelmed and unhappy in the now. When we take our power back, get still and confront what is actually going on in our minds we can consciously direct a different result. Facing and embracing the monkey mind is the first step to causing a new and expanded result. A regular practice of stillness helps us to more easily distinguish between the racket of the ego and the truth of our hearts. If you have never meditated before sitting silent alone with your thoughts is likely uncomfortable and deters you. So set yourself up for success, find an avenue that works for now and work towards sitting in silence one day. Start with short guided meditations. Start small and create a vibration of success by achieving an abundance of little milestones. Find ways that work for you and forget the rest.

5. Celebrate someone else.

When the ego has gone into mega overdrive (aka when we think we should be anywhere other than where we are) we’ve gone into full self absorption and separation land. When you celebrate another person, praise their wins or just find something you are grateful for about them, you fast track your way out of the pit of self absorption despair and enter the beautiful vibe of being a positive contribution to someone else. When we are kind and extend acts of kindness towards others our hearts crack wide open. An open heart is a present heart. A present heart is a content and happy heart. A happy heart isn’t trying to “get” somewhere other than where it is. It understands there is an ever present and ever evolving progression to our experience and it is inevitable in a Universe that is friendly and for you, that more goodness is on it’s way and that goodness will arrive in perfect divine timing.

If you are ready to take your self love practice to the next level check out our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program. This beauty has been intentionally designed to set you up for success, dial in the self love practices that really work for YOU and give you a solid foundation to take your life and relationships to a place of harmony, bliss, abundance and beautiful juicy magnificent love.

You deserve to be happy right now.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



What A Phone of Erased Text Messages Taught Me-Day 116: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A few days ago my phone erased all of my text messages.

radical self love kelsey grantYup you heard right, every single one of them- and it got me to thinking…WHY?!

To me it was a Universal nudge to take a look at my life and see where I am holding onto things, people or circumstances that are just taking up space and not contributing to my life in a positive way.

The clearing of my phone and all those messages was a symbol of letting go.

I like to hold onto things for sentimental reasons. I also know that more I hold on the less room I have for new loveliness to come into my life.

It also had me take a solid look at my relationship to attachment which goes hand in hand with wanting to hold onto things. The only reason I was upset about loosing my text messages is because I was attached to the meaning of them. Every message I had saved held a positive memory or a reminder. What there was to realize that even though the physical message was gone, the energetic memory will always remain. It also was a great bit of insight into how I have formed attachment to “things” and people in my life. These attachments are blocks to actual real time connection. They set me up for unfulfilled expectations and locking into a certain outcome which means I am never fully present because in every moment I can only be in tune with my expectations or in tune with the now, never both at the same time.

kelsey grant radical self love

How we do anything is how we do everything, meaning if I hold onto something as simple as a text message from last year chances are I will hold onto things in every area of my life. I hold onto memories good and bad. Most of the time the “bad” memories take precedence because they are the most emotionally charged and easiest ones to replay. The replay of the past is one of the ego’s tricky ways of strengthening itself as it removes me from the present moment and activates fear.

imagesGetting real with myself about this wasn’t easy but hey if I want to actually grow and expand I gotta be real about what is really going on in the corners of my mind. When I was able to see these deeper lessons within the experience I was able to let it go. There was nothing I could do to bring back the messages so I could simply dwell on that or move forward and build actual new memories of the positive variety in that moment. I chose door number two and I also chose to begin a process of clearing out.

Letting go of the physical “things” in my life that I no longer need or serve an actual present day purpose are being released from my home and my life. This process is one of spiritual, emotional and physical cleansing. It is also an invitation to the Universe to fill me up with more goodness here and now.

So at the end of the day loosing all my texts was one of the best things that could have happened 😉

My invitation to you is to consider and look at all areas of your life and see where you are holding onto “things” you no longer need. Then start the physical clear out. Making room for more love and awesomeness baby!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!