Gratitude, Amazing Friends and a Sun Filled Day of Goodness- Day 311: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I awoke to the man I loved, still sniffly and not 100% but it really didn’t matter because we woke up in each others arms and snuggled and giggled our way into starting the day-

For this I am so grateful.

For the early morning walk to the store for breakfast supplies and our morning coffee-

For this I am so grateful.

For the amazing conversations I had with people all day long for a super duper high calibre inspirational event-

For this I am so grateful.

For the house hunting and the show suits we viewed today-

For this I am so grateful.

For the love, encouragement and super thoughtful reach outs from my soul tribe-

For this I am so grateful.

radical self love kelsey grant

For the ‘healing booch’ kombucha home made with love and delivered to me this afternoon by one of my soul sistas-

For this I am so grateful.

For the speedy and mindful healing of my body-

For this I am so grateful.

To spend my life in ways that are meaningful, purpose filled and with people who fill my heart up with greatness-

For this I am so grateful.

For the bright and beautiful day today-

For this I am so grateful.

For all the expansive potential within me-

For this I am so grateful.

Gratitude changes everything. Go ahead, give it a try


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Jonathan Budd’s Journey of Healing and Self Love- Day 282: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow! Epic masculine vulnerability ahead!

I came across this incredibly raw, real and authentic video from a fellow Awesomeness Fest tribe member Jonathan Budd today. Jonathan is such an inspirational leader in our Afest family and such a positive inspiration in the world and he just took that greatness to a whole new level of awesomeness.

In this 30 minute video he vulnerably shares his journey of Radical Self Love. This is such a courageous story and he zones in around the 21 minute mark as to why doing this work is so freaking important for our journey.

Have a watch, get ready to hear some radical real talk and best of all see that where ever you are, whatever you are going through, whatever you’ve gone through you are not alone and it is completely ok and acceptable to own your journey just as it’s been and to give yourself permission to “do the work”.

If you know you are ready to step it up and dive into your Radical Self Love Journey you can do so HERE by joining our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program.

You are worthy, you are deserving and you are so loved above all else ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

RSL Feature Friday- Alex Echols One Life Brand- Day 259: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WAAHOOOO!!! It’s Radical Self Love‘s Feature Friday time love faces!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantToday I get the super awesome pleasure of introducing you all to the incredible and beautiful soul Alex Echols.

Alex and I connected first through an event I work each year called Awesomeness Fest– he was one of our delegates last year in Bali and from there our paths crossed. As a fellow Afester I knew we would share a lot of common ground as all peeps in the Afest tribe are up to some pretty inspiring and impactful work in the world- it’s one of the requirements! Since getting to know Alex over this past year he certainly had surpassed my expectations of a human doing incredible heart centred and inspired work for this world.

1lifelogocircleAlex is the creator of One Life Brand Co and the editor atOne Life Momentum. A few months back he so graciously brought me on as a guest contributor for his site. It was my great honour to support him in what he is up to and help spread messages of positivity and inspiration into the hearts of the masses.

This is what Alex does day in day out. His personal philosophy is to make the most of each moment and the most of each day in order to live life to it’s fullest potential.

Why we love Alex:

As a member of RSL Alex deeply understands the importance of self care first and foremost. He gets that in order for him to show up for life, show up for his community and to lead by inspired action, his tank needs to be full first. Self care and self love is first on the list of to-accomplish every day for this man. He stars his day before the sun rises, heads to the gym for a high vibin workout, follows it up with some solo quiet time, meditation and gratitude. Sounds very similar to our RSL am routines!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Momentum

To begin every day like this takes something. It takes dedication and it takes being connected to something greater than ourselves. If we are just getting up every day for us the motivation fades, but when we get up every day and invest in ourselves in this manor because we KNOW it is going to increase our ability to positively serve others, bring the energies of positivity and love into the awareness of others and to really make a solid impact on the world- the inspiration of that knowingness calls us to get up and show up. Alex is one of these people who really understands this on a massive level and practices this in real time.

We love that he has made the conscious connection between his ability to be a powerful positive contribution and taking care of himself first and foremost.

Why Alex is our Featured RSL Member today:

We LOVE what he is up to with One Life. He currently has 4 different key parts to his company and all of them beautifully fit our mission of being a positive contribution and doing what we can to make this world a more beautiful, open and love filled place to be.

The first being the work he does with start ups and for-benefit entrepreneurs to create purposeful and effective marketing for their companies AKA helping peeps who have an incredible message get it out in the world.
2. Being the editor or One Life Momentum he has created a space for a community of inspired writers to come together, share insights, wisdom and perspective with peeps all over the world.
3. Rocking the nutrition and fitness coaching and training to support peeps with getting their bodies into a state of harmony, strength and health. LOVE it!
4. Creating One Life Merchandise which allows peeps to align themselves with a powerful and uplifting mission “to live their dreams and inspire others to do the same”.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant One Life Brand

All four aspects of Alex’s company are so incredible and a true heart contribution to this world. We love his personal mission to inspire people to be their greatest selves and that their dreams are valid and they have within their reach anything they can dream possible. We love that he is infusing this mission into his company and into the way he lives his day to day life.

A huge element of Alex’s ability to be this support and do what he does is highly correlated with his perspectives of self love. For Alex self love means at the core knowing when to say yes and when to say no. He understands that self love allows him to really enjoy life while at the same time being conscious and mindful of his choices and decisions. Everything we do has an impact and what I really personally jive with is that we both share the perspective that even though some choices may be initially gratifying they may not actually benefit us long term and to make choices and decisions that will bring forth long term sustainable success and happiness.

Alex is a beautiful bright light in this world and we are truly honoured to feature him today and have him be a fabulous contribution to this community!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Alex EcholsCurrently Alex is looking to feature the stories of other inspired peeps up to greatness in the world. To submit a contribution/writing to One Life Momentum you can do so by heading over to his

And finally it is with extreme giddiness and epic congratulations that we get to support Alex in celebrating his TEDxSydney talk in 2015!!!! It makes my heart so happy to see a thought leader and an inspiration magnet like Alex take the stage and spread the LOVEEE!!

To connect with Alex further you can catch him at:

Website: and

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!
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Early Morning Intention Leads The Way To Awesomeness- Day 255: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Last night I made a promise.

A promise to myself.

I gave my word that I would get up at 5:55am and be at the first hot yoga class of the day at 6:30.

I did it and the inspirational impact was HUGE.

radical self love kelsey grant I was tired this morning because of course I wasn’t tired last night when my ego knew I was wanting to get up early. But even in the midst of being tired, I rolled out of bed and was out the door at 6:04.

My intention throughout my practice was to feel good. I made my choices on the depth of the postures based on what felt good to me in that moment.

When we set an intention often at some point our resistance to the intention will present itself. I am certain this happens for one reason only.

So that we can bring our intention to the ego flair.

Bring acceptance to the resistance.

Bring light into our shadow.

So that we can clear another layer that would otherwise hold us back from truly experiencing that which we have intended.

So this moment came up for me upon returning home. I was thinking thoughts that lead me to feel not so great. I began having thoughts of doubt and upset about the work I do and where I perceived I was at. In this moment I had a choice I could either let this story run or I could access my intention to lead me elsewhere.

I chose my intention.

Just because my intention was to feel good I couldn’t in the moment make that flash change of state. So I asked for help. I reached out to my partner and told him what I was feeling, what I was afraid of and got it out rationally. He offered some fabulous perspective and reframes which helped clear so much of the sticky energy out.

The energy still hadn’t quite cleared itself completely so I asked myself what do I need right now to feel good. My body said rest and my eyes were drawn to a particular crystal. So I listened. I grabbed the crystal put it in my left hand and had a mini nap. When I awoke I was bright, feeling clear and most importantly feeling good.

I went on to have an absolutely incredible day connecting with people all over the world, rocking interviews for Awesomeness Fest. I seriously had the honour of talking with some of the most kind, inspiring and uplifting souls today.

Abundance on every level- feeling goodness on every level- and it all was possible because I kept my word to myself.

I did exactly what I told myself I would.

I embraced the flow of the day and asked for support when I needed it.

I allowed the energy of possibility and goodness to fill me right up.


Setting this clear intention and honouring my integrity were the two fundamentals in creating a day filled with inspiration, love, connection and abundance. This 21 Day Yoga Challenge is calling me to play at a bigger level and is having a substantial impact and it was only day 3 😉

Excited what the remaining 18 days have in store!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Message of Self Love From a Surprising and Inspiring Source- Day 211: 365 Radical Self Love

Attending Awesomeness Fest is always one of the highlights of my year.

This year amongst the speakers was a presentation on Entrepreneurship and…SELF LOVE

Yup you read that right.

Self love and business.

The inspiring presenter,

Kamal Ravikant

In his 20 min presentation he accounted his journey through business, success and self love. It was absolutely incredible and inspiring.

loveyourselfTo watch a man get on stage and openly share his up’s and downs in business is commendable and to go even deeper and fully reveal his deepest vulnerability- accounting the lessons of self love made my heart leap for joy. What made me even more giddy was to hear this awesome human wrote a book called Love Yourself in which he describes the secret to life resides in our ability to love ourselves. Incredible.

Self Love is Transforming the Planet

I knew he was a beautiful message from the Universe to keep up the Radical Self Love work because it is creating massive ripples in the consciousness of this planet.

For every person who embraces their journey of self love, dives in and does the work- the world becomes a friendlier, softer and more love filled place.

Awesomeness Fest released Kamal’s presentation today and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all tonight!!!

Take the time tonight to watch it, you will certainly be left inspired and moved to keep rockin your self love awesomeness!!!

For all of you who are ready to take your self love to the next level sign up here for your 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey

Lets transform the planet lovers!!! Self love is our vehicle for mega change 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Travelling is Amazing- And So Is Coming Home- Day 145: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Late late late last night I returned home from a 7 day Awesomeness Fest adventure in the Dominican Republic.

When I got home I came down the stairs of the airport and saw my beautiful man waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He was bursting with happiness and it quickly made me appreciate how amazing it is to be back home.

Sometimes when we go off to these incredible retreats, conferences or events we can get a little bummed when it’s over and we all go our separate ways. That was certainly my experience when I first started getting into personal growth work. I would get a high from the event, make amazing connections then go back to my life where the people I was surrounded by were nothing like the people I had just immersed with. This would cause an experience of sadness or lack.

kelsey grant radical self love

I quickly began to realize if I wanted the experience to change I had to change it.

So I changed my life.

kelsey grant radical self loveI moved cities, I practiced a positive outlook, built the muscles of personal growth and I created a brand new social circle with people who I shared new common interests with, namely personal growth. What developed over the past 4.5  years has been a beautiful family tribe whom I’m always excited and happy to come home to.

Today I spent the day flying solo prepping for session 4 of our 6 week RSL Forgiveness course. It was an incredible day, I slept in to recharge the energy batteries, I cleaned up a few things, set up my workspace, went for a walk got coffee, bought groceries and came home to write and positively vibe on the day. Every where I went today I was so present to how amazing my life is right now, just as it is. I appreciated greatly the amazing past week and I also realized what I have to come back to is equally as amazing. For this I spent today in deep deep gratitude and bliss.


I am so happy to be back home and to reconnect with all the incredible love faces here in Vancouver whom are a part of my beautiful life. BIG LOVE LOVERS!! Our workshop for November is all about creating on purpose friendships and social networks of empowering people so stay tuned for those event details which I will be releasing this coming Friday Nov 15th!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Lisa Nichols and Epic Epic Transformation- Day 143: 365 Radical Self Love Project


photoToday was by far the biggest transformational day for me here at Awesomeness Fest. While our event officially closed last night the beautiful Lisa Nichols rocked a free day long workshop for all the Afest delegates.

The entire day observing her deeply confirmed the ways in which I facilitate, teach and speak are totally on the path of success. It was one of the best possible omens the Universe could have sent my way.

I also had the incredible honour of being receptive, taking in a whole new bunchle of information and having some pretty sacred connections.

We closed out the day long workshop with a limiting belief re-wiring exercise. This is the second time I’ve done it and like anything we do in the world of growth and expansion it was deeper, vulnerable and produced some epic results.

I chose to integrate this new belief: I am willing to receive financial abundance.

This exercise was done with 3 other people who support the rewiring. After completion of the exercise I was offered by one of my “earth angels” a couple perfect resources to support me in the next steps for growing our company and being a beautifully abundant business. About 45 minutes later I was encouraged by my beautiful new friend Denise Duffield (check out her incredible work here) to go and grab a picture with Lisa.

We headed back to the room and right before the picture happened I was offered a speaker slot on a summit series this new year talking all things Radical Self Love and moving from Fear to Freedom!!!!!!

I’ll be integrating this incredible exercise into my forgiveness course going forward so any of you who are ready to let go of the things that hold you back and want to learn HOW to rewire a belief and actually do the work to clear it, hit me up @ and I’ll send you all the deets for our next live course and online course!!!

This trip was absolutely exactly where I needed to be to go to the next level. I am so humbled and grateful for the incredible people I met, the new friends I’ll be taking forward and the invaluable wisdom which was shared over these last 5 days in paradise!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Official Day 1 of Awesomeness Fest- Smiles, Gratitude and Delicious Scenery- Day 139: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today is the official first day of Awesomeness Fest 2013.

This morning we kicked off the day getting all organized and set up, as any events team will do. What I love most about being on this team is just how well organized and respectful this team truly is.

Everyone is super clear on their roles, we’ve all been thouroughly briefed so we have all the details of the entire event and everyone is in a really high, positive vibe. I feel so honoured to be a part of such a special group of people and I really am grateful for how incredible each person in this organization is. We’re all here to contribute positivity, light and inspiration to the 35o attendees and so far it is off to an incredible start!!

Right now I’m listening to an incredible heart warming presentation on the power of gratitude. The biggest take-away so far has been this:

As a practice in all of our relationships set up a new standard of how to be with each other by setting a policy of gratitude focus in place. Whenever we greet anyone new for the first time each day, our family, our partners, our friends our co-workers share 3 things you are grateful for first and foremost. Before complaining (as most conversations start) start the conversation with positivity, with inspiration, with gratitude.

1452087_10153499896060145_838483584_nAside from being a part of this incredible team I am so grateful today for the beautiful weather we are experiencing and the beauty of my “office” 😉 So beautiful!

My invitation to you today is simple. Start this gratitude practice with someone in your life today. Both of you make the commitment to share 3 wins, 3 pieces of gratitude or 3 positive shares before complaining. This will create a habit of positivity and make you a powerful attraction magnet for more goodness 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Travelling, Patience and the Value of Inner Peace- Day 138: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I arrived in the Dominican Republic for Awesomeness Fest 2013.

After 17 hours of travel time I arrived at the beautiful resort. An event with 350+ attendees is a lot to coordinate and to be expected there were a few delays.

What was interesting was my response to the delays.

It seems my past week of really slowing down and becoming more intentional and mindful really is showing it’s benefits. What could have taken the turn of a really stressful and unhappy afternoon- 17 hrs of travel, arrive to no room and no shower, 29 degrees Celsius, and lots of admin confusion- but turned out to be a fabulous afternoon.

My girlfriend and I took a walk down to the beach and watched the ocean, dug our feet into the sand. Laughed at the Universal comedy behind the crazy turn of events, did some intention setting to be upgraded, manifested two epic upgrades and eventually settled into our room, showered and got to where we needed to be with 15 mins to spare.

I’m sure if I had stressed out my first day here would have been a lot different.

This relaxed perspective allowed me to be happy and a positive force of attraction and lead to some pretty incredible connections and new friendships!!

A pretty fabulous start to the next 5 days of Awesomeness!!

choose-happinessHow things go is always up to you, even inside circumstances you can’t control you always have control over your perception of the events. YOU and only you get to choose how you view everything and you will either make it mean something disempowering or take a happier and healthier route of making it mean something empowering, inspiring and rooted in the essence of love.

It’s all up to you 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


Today I Fly Away To Awesomeness!!! Day 137: 365 Radical Self Love Project

In just a few hours I will be taking off to the Dominican Republic for a week of amazingness, connecting, networking and big time learning with Awesomeness Fest.

Afest Kelsey Grant

48249_10151158166431359_2028047143_oI feel truly blessed to be a part of this fabulous event and being on the crew makes it all the more magical! This marks my third year of working within this amazing company and being a part of the amazing magic that happens when likeminded people come together.

This event is invite only and we rock a pretty stellar application process to ensure the most harmony and on purpose connection between all attendees.

I am beyond stoked to spend the next 7 days spreading the love and sharing the mission of RSL with such a high vibin group of international change agents!!!

390682_288229161211139_340194521_nBright and amazing things are ahead lovers!!!

I’ll be sharing insights and bursts of Afest inspiration on the blog and page all week long so stay tuned for some juicy juicy awesomeness!!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!