Meditation and Self Love For the Busy Bodies- Day 356: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Hey lovers!

radical self love kelsey grantI’m so jazzed to be a part of the Stillness Project’s launch and share one of my most favourite meditation teachers with you, Tom Cronin. Tom’s intention with the Stillness Project is to bring together one million people to sit in collective stillness and activate their bliss during a live global meditation event!!! Super rad!


I’m a huge fan of meditation and I regularly speak about how vitally important meditation is in maintaining a solid self love practice. However, a lot of peeps in our tribe have mentioned they are first time meditators and don’t have a lot of time to spare.

I totally get that.

When I first started meditating the thought of sitting in silence for an undetermined amount of time freaked me out. Not only was my mind a complete circus, my life was super busy and back then investing 20-30 minutes a day into sitting in stillness seemed absurd and completely unrealistic.

Not having enough time is such a common myth when it comes to meditating that my dear friend Tom Cronin created this awesome video to explain his  72/20 Method.  In this free video Tom gets right into the specifics of his technique to support all of you lovers who want to meditate but can’t find the time.

radical self love kelsey grantI know I’m always looking for ways to become more effective with my time, be more productive and just feel great during my day and this meditation technique facilitates all those yummy benefits into my life. Even if you think you can’t meditate this video will help you move through any inner blocks of resistence and guide you to the land of inner bliss. Self love is the journey of cultivating more of these blissful moments by removing our blocks to love. Meditation is a beautiful bridge to allow more love and greatness in.

Tom’s free video explains everything click the link below to access the vid:
CLICK HERE to Discover the 72/20 Method now

I wish I had known Tom back in the day when I was struggling to understand and begin my meditation practice, luckily for all you lovers you can take full advantage of his super effective and powerful techniques for meditation beginners and ease into the world of bliss and inner calm.

His technique is so powerful that when practiced it actually creates an abundance of time and space in your day nearly instantly, something I believe we could all benefit from.

If you are interested in joining our global community and participating in a pretty kick ass event, your invitation to join the Stillness Project awaits ya at the end of the video 🙂 I’m so excited about the possibility of one million peeps meditating in stillness at once. One million people connected to their truth, allowing love in and radiating that bliss out into the world has the potential to activate some pretty serious global healing, and that dear friends is a pretty epic thing!

Click here to watch this NEW video now

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


What To Do When Tempted To Act Out Old Patterns- Day 336: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It is no secret that the path of Radical Self Love calls us to examine ourselves, our beliefs and our patterns.

radical self love kelsey grantFor the majority of us we have a collection of patterns and beliefs drummed up by our ego’s that have been repeated on automatic default settings in our brains for a large majority of our lives.

Often there is a defining moment in our lives when we are awoken from this unconsciousness and begin to question ourselves, our motivations, our patterns of behaviour and ultimately question who we are and why we are here.

As we begin to dive into the world of self reflection and discovery we begin to see how the functions of our ego have lead us into some less than desirable situations. The ego is rooted in fear and fear never leads us to the path of fulfillment and bliss.

If we truly desire to remember who we are and return to our natural state which is bliss we must consciously examine the behaviours and thoughts of an ego or fear based mind. Once examined we must begin to consciously question these behaviours and thoughts to honestly determine if they are truly serving our highest good. The final stage is choosing better high quality love based thoughts and establishing more empowering behaviours.

When tempted to act out old patterns of the ego here are three questions to bring yourself back to the vibe of possibility, potential and love:

1. What would love do right now?

2. Would love do what I’m about to do?

3. Would love say what I’m about to say?

Then the key is to LISTEN honestly to the answer your inner guidance will give you and act in accordance to this guidance.

Often old patterns are triggered anytime we feel vulnerable, open and our hearts are exposed. The work of RSL is designed to crack open the shells around your heart to open you up to the fullness of love and authentic connection. It is inevitable along this path that when we feel open and exposed the ego will do anything it can to shut down this opening and build the familiar fear walls right back up.

The only one who has the power to dissolve the walls around your heart is you. Dissolving these walls is essential to the manifestation of heart to heart connections with other human beings, to the manifestation of your dreams and potential and to the manifestation of your own self awareness which is the biggest gift of all.

The reason people avoid doing the work is because you can’t un-know something. When we learn these aspects about ourselves and our default ego settings, from that point forward each time the egoic patterns surface and we act on them it becomes a conscious choice. Most people don’t want to be honest and own that they are choosing to act out fears plan instead of their highest potential which is always rooted in love. The only way we can shift these patterns, thoughts and behaviours is through our conscious choice to change and choose love.

It is all up to you, are you open, willing and ready to choose love?

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


If you would like support in learning to choose love and say YES to your great potential join in on our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program!!

A Call To Men- Awakening The Collective Need For Healing: Day 316: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I was absolutely blown away when I watched this incredible TED Talk this morning by Tony Porter.

Tony is the founder of A Call To Men an organization in the states committed to the education and healing of the masculine. Their mission “To create a loving world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe”– pretty epic stuff.

In this awesome talk he explains the massive impact living in a world that robs men of their emotional expression and acceptance of their emotional nature, has on the collective consciousness and on our spiritual brothers.

It’s powerful and worth every second.

Enjoy and share. Lets keep this global conversation going.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Searching For Security and The Quest For Freedom: The Dance Of Relationship Polarities (PART 2)- Day 315: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Quest for Freedom.

radical self love kelsey grantWe are all freedom seeking beings however the sacred masculines deep desire is to come into complete understanding of what freedom means. Freedom, flexibility, movement, change- these are all aspects of the divine feminine.

While the masculine energetically represents structure, stability and groundedness the feminine represents the free flowing energies that dance between the boundaries of structure.

Why we need each other.

Without the free flowing nature of the feminine the masculine would become hard, ridged and incapable of change. Without the grounded and structured nature of the masculine the free flowing energies of the feminine turn chaotic.

When we start to understand that we have so much to learn and contribute to each other we can begin to put down our emotional armour and get on with our expansion and evolution.

radical self love kelsey grant

Gents listen up:

radical self love kelsey grantThe masculines life long quest is the pursuit of freedom. A common misconception exists that when it comes to relationships freedom and commitment are two incompatible energies.

There is a distinction to be made here. Freedom and commitment are two different entities that very much can co-exist harmoniously with one another. As far as my human life has proved so far there is a wide spread belief that it’s an either or conversation. We can either have freedom- which is equated to being single and doing whatever the heck we want or we can have commitment- and have our freedom contained.

When looking from this vantage point neither option looks all that enticing and it’s no wonder men and women are stuck when it comes to diving into the magical world of relatedness. What the masculine is here to learn is what freedom actually means. To come into this understanding and elevation of perspective, vibrational energy must be increased and a devotion to a life long quest of personal growth and discovery must be claimed.

To stand in our own awareness takes courage and strength- two qualities that are present in each and every human being.

To begin this evolution the masculine is called to look to the feminine to shed light on the true meaning of freedom. Freedom is an inside job, freedom is a state of mind. It is not something we acquire “out there”, it is not something we get. It is something that we are.

Freedom is our ability to change our minds- to assign positive associations to what we interpret the world to be around us. Freedom gives us access to challenging our deeply engrained beliefs and transforming elements of ourselves we thought were unchangeable. Freedom allows us to be in acceptance of life as it is and at the same time hold the awareness that our perceptions are ours and ours alone. Perceptions do not represent reality. They represent our internal reality and they give us major access to the ideas, beliefs and reality we are playing out deep in our subconscious. If we truly want to be conscious creators of our experience, which I know ever sacred warrior does, a true understanding of freedom must be attained.

What the divine feminine is here to teach the sacred masculine

radical self love kelsey grant


The divine feminine is flow, in a constant state of change, evolution and movement. She understands the importance of constant change and movement. The divine feminine knows without movement life gets stagnant and energy is stopped. She also understands the harmony between commitment and freedom.

The relationship between commitment and freedom

The divine feminine is the profound understanding that when we give our commitment we free ourselves. Inside of making commitments we hold ourselves to a higher level of operation. We can’t get away with the low level shit anymore when we truly give our heart felt word. In our commitment to something bigger than ourselves, whether it’s a way of being, a project or a relationship- we break free from the shackles of low level behaviours. We set ourselves free from the weight of fear and we return back to love. Commitment does that.

This is why I believe most women unconsciously push for physical commitment in relationships and why generally speaking the masculine resists it- it is his lesson after all. Physical commitment is fabulous, I personally am a big fan of monogamy however I also know, first hand, it isn’t the only form of relationship commitment. Commitment in a relationship is a co-created agreement. It is the conscious design of the relationship context and agreements based on all peoples, needs, wants and hearts desires. The more we let go of our rigid ideas of what commitment means (monogamy and forever promises) the more we can actually dive into the sacred world of conscious partnership.

The sacred warriors first access to freedom is committing to himself, committing to his greatness committing to his souls destiny. Without his ability to commit to himself, give his word and keep it- relationship commitment is going to be one hell of a rocky ride.

The masculine, along his warriors journey is going to learn this one way or another. The more resistant to commitment and change the warrior becomes the harder life occurs to be.

radical self love kelsey grantThe warrior who elevates and spiritually surrenders begins to see the blessing of change, the honour of commitment, the power within free flow and the ever evolving movement of our human nature. The sacred masculine who looks to the divine feminine is well on his way to his truest alignment. It does not make a man weak to look to a woman for support- in fact it’s required. We must learn to release the stigma and shitty belief systems that keep us from opening our hearts to each other.

A woman dancing in her divine feminine will madly respect the sacred warrior who shows up at her heart with a humbleness and willingness to grow and step into the man he is destined to become. I have yet to see a woman who when faced with a man’s honest vulnerability goes on a destructive rampage with his precious heart. A warriors ability to soften will always soften the heart of a woman. This is the power of vulnerability. And guess where our freedom resides? You guessed it in our ability to be real, to be vulnerable, to be free to be ourselves just as we are.

Free to be who we are without the masks, without the armour, without the judgements, without the anger, without the resentment, without the entitlement, without the deception of the ego.

The divine feminine will lead the sacred masculine to the path of his truth. She will lead him home to his heart where all of his wisdom, power and answers reside.
Both the masculine and the feminine have pretty big missions to help each other fulfill. The missions are balanced in their energetic requirements however differ in the nature and application of the healing.

What we do together

The masculine will bring the structure and energetic boundaries for the free flowing creative juiciness of the feminine to dance between. On an individual level this means we must come into balance with these aspects of ourselves.

We must have equal amounts of structure to equal amounts of flexibility.
We must have equal amounts of decisiveness to equal amounts of creative free flow.
We must have equal amounts of groundedness to equal amounts of dreaming and visioning
We must have equal amounts of work to equal amounts of play
We must have equal amounts of security to equal amounts of freedom.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why relationships are the perfect territory to learn

In a romantic relationship our hearts are open and to some degree we have an understanding that the unification of our polarities is necessary for our greatest evolution. Relationships give us access to the bliss and deliciousness of love’s embrace. They also quickly bring to the surface of our awareness everything that is unlike love. This happens so that we may activate the courage and strength it takes to clear all of our blocks to love.

radical self love kelsey grantOur resistance to learning from each other is one of the biggest blocks we collectively must overcome. We will have loads and heaps of generations to forgive and ultimately this forgiveness will set us free. Forgiveness is a shift in perception from fear to love. It removes a block within you, to your awareness of loves presence. It is the ultimate healing tool and the one most avoided by all people.

A conscious partnership will actively embrace the wisdom of forgiveness and allow the space for both people to expand into their greatest potential. To prepare ourselves for this new level of conscious relationship we must do the work within first to establish the foundation. This foundation will hold and withstand the intensity of the divine feminine colliding with the sacred masculine will ultimately unleash.

This level of relationship will pierce through your illusions, break down your walls and nurture and call out the brightest light that has always dwelled within. It starts with the relationship you have with you.

For those of you who are ready for the quest of conscious relationships, a Radical Self Love practice has to be in full swing. We must first have a healthy and vibrant relationship towards ourselves in order that we are in vibrational alignment with this level of partnership. If you are ready to begin your sacred partnership journey join us in the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program to begin building that solid love foundation for your divine love to thrive inside of.

The greatest gift we can ever give another is the gift of our own self development.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why We Should Be Hyper Selective In Who We Take Advice From- Day 302: 365 Radical Self Love

I’ve been having some really incredible conversations with clients over the past few days and there have been some incredibly synergy inside of all of our chats.

One thing that keeps coming up is “How do I know whose advice to listen to?”.

So I’m going to address it here on the blog as I imagine many more of you who are on the path of self development and self love are faced with a similar internal conversation.

Here is the think if you are just stepping into your awakening and your transformation people in your community most likely are not going to like it. They might have a lil shit fit, influence you to not go down the path of inner work or be full of reasons why personal development is a waste of time and a totally rip off and fill your head with less than empowering advice.

I have experienced all of this.

So why oh why do the people we think love us behave like this?

Because your transformation, evolution threatens the “safety” of their illusion. If you begin to look at yourself and make positive changes, it will mirror to them where they are NOT and thats not a fun thing to face. If you start creating results, transforming your body, mind and life it will completely debunk their internal ego story that nothing changes, people can’t change, victim,victim victim. To keep from having to deal with their own shit they will often try and deter you any way they can. ***Note this is often completely unconscious behaviour and they are not usually maliciously trying to keep you stuck***

See them through new eyes

When you elevate your perspective and awareness you can begin to see their behaviour as serving a deeper function. At the core they just want you to be happy and stepping into the unknown threatens the possibility of what they perceive happiness to be. So really when your friends try and keep you from going forward, in a strange sense it is their way of demonstrating to you that they care and just don’t want to see you get hurt by going into the unknown.

It is also a MEGA soul test for you- will you allow them to control your behaviour or will you assert yourself and stand in your truth?

radical self love kelsey grantWhen we are out of integrity and living out of alignment our egos will select company who will reinforce the stories we tell ourselves to keep justifying our behaviour. We attract people who will tell us what we want to hear not what we need to hear.

As we level up and awaken to our unlimited potential the people we attract into our lives will change. These new peeps will be straight talkers, they will call us out on our BS and they will not always tell us what we want to hear but what we need to hear for our highest good and the highest good of all involved.

Their advice will be firm but filled with love. They will see you as your greatness and relate to you as someone who is CAPABLE of making the much needed changes to fulfill your soul’s mission.

Anyone who relates to you as capable of being a greater version of yourself, calls you to heal yourself and encourages you to seek the answers within you are the people that will be the most beneficial to listen to. Ultimately these people act as mirrors- they mirror to you the wisdom of your spirit. They reflect to you the beautiful truth that resides deep within you.


As a teacher, facilitator and coach of all things self love and relationships I can simply say, I only ever reflect back to you that which is lying dormant within you and is ready to become activated and conscious in your awareness. I will never teach you something you don’t already know on a spiritual level. Both parties knowing this is a mega access point to long term sustainable progress and transformation.

In the coming weeks I will be releasing registration for 2 incredible mastermind communities:

1. The Radical Self Love Relationship Mastermind. B This is a free mastermind for all those peeps who are a part of our RSL community and are looking for a community of like minded and like hearted women to explore the depth of possibility all our romantic relationships hold for us. I have 24 spots available for this mastermind and will be interviewing each participant to ensure harmony and compatibility. If you are interested feel free to email me and we can get a head start on setting up that initial call.

2. My first ever group coaching class- From Breakup To Breakthrough. This is a program I will be doing likely once a year. It is a 12 week curriculum designed specifically for women who have experienced a breakup recently and are ready to do the heart work to heal and get into delicious alignment for the relationship they are worthy and deserving of. This classroom is limited to 10 women and will be a combination of live coaching calls, video tutorials, workbooks and real time actions. The specific details will be released soon (dates, cost and curriculum outline) if you want to be first on the list to receive the details and claim a spot email me with the subject line “I Love Myself And I’m Ready To Move Forward”.

It is absolutely possible to be a part of both communities if that is the calling of your heart 🙂

Ultimately the path of Radical Self Love will have us develop our ability to listen to our own higher guidance the majority of the time. But hey we are all human and we will need those amazing, positive and possibility minded peeps to reflect back to us our divine wisdom from time to time.

When you are receiving advice from anyone just remember you aren’t obligated to take anyones advice if it insults your soul in any capacity. Rule of spirituality and personal development 101: Take what works for you and leave all the rest. Weigh any advice you receive against the truth of your heart and you will end up in the most beautiful of places 😉

To your brilliance,

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Feature Friday!! Meditation Awesomeness, Bradley Morris and Cowabunga Life- Day 119: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday time lovers!!!!! Whooop whoooop!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantOh goodness I am so thrilled to introduce you all to the fabulous Radical Self Love tribe member Mr. Bradley Morris. Bradley is one of my dearest friends and most certainly what I consider my soul brotha.

Bradley came into my life at just the perfect moment a few years ago. I had been rocking out a meditation practice but in all honesty was feeling a little antsy and uninspired with the whole thing. I had only known meditation to be a sit still and observe your thoughts kinda thang and just when I needed some mega inspiration this man appeared in the most magical synchronistic way.

A few short minutes after virtually connecting we were on skype and had planned for him to come to Van, stay with us and rock a meditation workshop. What I love most about Bradley is his incredibly trust, faith and true positive outlook on the world. His spirit is bright, brilliant and so incredibly welcoming. When he is around the earth looks even more beautiful, the sweetness of life increases and the presence of love is strong and radiant.

radical self love kelsey grantBradley is the founder of an incredible company called Cowabunga Life where he teaches and leads people into their own unique inward journey through meditation. What we love and appreciate most about what Bradley does is HOW he does it and WHY he does it.

From all I have observed (I’ve rocked through his 40 Day Meditation Journey, co-produced a couple workshops with him and attended many of his brilliant live event workshops) his main perspective on life is to ENJOY it, have FUN, be kind, be present and be love.

Bradley is such a great example of what goodness is possible when we work as a community, we open up to trust others whole heartedly, we follow the call of our spirit and live in the NOW.

Bradley’s playful spirit reminds me daily the importance of play, laughter, resonance with the heart and living in a constant state of gratitude, thanks and appreciation.

radical self love kelsey grant

I know this world is a better place because he is in it. He teaches meditation in what some may call unconventional ways at times. To me this illustrates his deep understanding of human diversity and that there isn’t a one size fits all model when it comes to meditation and when it comes to life. We must allow for flexibility, openness, acceptance, gentleness and expansion within our practice and within our lives. This is what Bradley brings to his community and to the world.

My meditation practice is so rich, diverse and enjoyable since meeting Bradley and participating in his flow. I learned it’s ok to not want to always sit still and listen to my breath or observe my thoughts and to expand my perspective on what meditation means and all the abundant avenues and tools in which we can use to acquire the same desired outcome.

There are many paths to enlightenment and inner peace.

radical self love kelsey grantMy quest has always been: discover what works for me and leave the rest. Bradley has certainly supported me greatly with my meditation practice and on deeper levels he has helped me to develop a greater sense of self acceptance, self awareness and self love, for this and the abundant blessings he has brought into my life I am eternally grateful.

Here at RSL we absolutely LOVE when people step into their authenticity and shine their light for others. This is exactly what Bradley and Cowabunga Life do each day. For this we love them and feel so blessed to have them as a beautiful piece of this love tribe!

Currently Bradley is leading a $40, 40 Day Vision Quest which is a daily exploration of meditation, self activation and glorious celebration! I highly recommend checking out this program it was one of the best things I ever did to build up my self love practice…just sayin 


Connect with Bradley:
Vision Quest:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

New Original Music and Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone Day 35: 365 RSL Project

1070071_10100668984960781_1612332086_nAs promised Radical Self Love Lovers here is the song I performed at Kyle’s event last week! This song has never been recorded or shared until last week! Enjoy!!

Radical Self Love to the Max!


Signs from the Universe and Music: Day 26: 365 RSL Project

imgres-1I’m a big fan of listening to guidance from the universe. I often allow my days to be intuitively directed by omens and messages from my guides.

For the past three days I’ve woken up with one of my songs in my head. I’m taking this as a sign to play this song for the conference this weekend and also a sign to share it with you all! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Big Love,



I miss your eyes, I miss your smile

If you’re here stay for a while

I’ve stayed awake I’ve stayed undone

Deep in the past where I’ve come from

What fills the space what fills the time

If you’ll be yours and I’ll be mine?

Or out beyond the scope of what we know

Play in the light and let love grow.


Emotions run deep and oceans will fall

If we try to run before we can crawl

Listen with the heart

Hear every truth

Then into me into me

Then into me into me

I see you

The masks we wear the things we’ve done

Build the path for what we’ll become

To see things clear see with new eye

Forgive ourselves drop the disguise

When darkness calls

Let your light shine through

© Kelsey Grant 2012

Road Trips, Adventures and New Beginnings Day 25: 365 RSL Project

imgresToday is the beginning of a new adventure! I will be travelling to LA road trip styles to sing at Kyle Cease’s Event this weekend!

This is excitingly awesome for me for a couple reasons,

1. I’m road tripping to LA- which has been on my bucketlist since the 7th grade!

2. I get to share this adventure with my lovely tribe of family and friends. I feel truly blessed to have such incredible people in my life who are so stoked to head to LA to watch me play and create some awesome memories together.

3. This is the first time my amazingly awesome partner will be seeing me sing. I don’t do a lot of performing and since we started dating last summer I haven’t done any live shows. Him being there means so much to me and I am so blessed to have such an incredible partner who always supports me in the best ways I need. Plus I’ve realized as of lately all of my love songs I wrote about him, even before we ever met. Pretty freaking magical…

4. I’m going to be performing along side an amazing roster of speakers and musicians who are really making a positive difference and impact in this world. To be included in this event is such an honour and I know this is just the beginning of this Radically awesome new chapter of my life!

This entire opportunity is a result of my dedication to loving myself, knowing on a deep level I am meant to be playing at a bigger level and inspiring people through my gifts and talents. Music for me has always been very natural and for a long time I diminished my god given talent. Since embarking on this Radical Self Love Journey I’ve been really embracing the unique talent I have for writing music in only the way I can and for my voice and how magically beautiful it truly is.

So stoked to keep ya’ll updated on the travels, adventures and all the epic magic that is about to take place!

Feel free to check out my music channel and let me know which songs you think I should sing this weekend!


Much Love


Photo courtesy of Nichele Portrait Studio

Day 14: 365 RSL Project

cc00fcfb4eb5a3699aOrder is the first law of the universe. The universal Law of Oneness states that everything is in divine perfect order and all things are interconnected. Our thoughts, words, actions, energy, emotions, relationships, environments, are all connected to one another.

The function of universal energies is to maintain this perfect order for the deliverance of manifestation of all forms. The journey of Radical Self Love is the process of aligning further to your truth, which is love. To do this we calibrate our personal energies to the vibrational frequencies of new more positive and empowering states of being and points of attraction. To put it bluntly it is the process of clearing out all the crap in every area of life which no longer serves.

One of the most simple ways to clear the emotional and mental energies and attune to the flow states of abundance, love and creativity is to clean our physical spaces.

Want a breakthrough in your relationship?- Go clean your car.

Want a breakthrough in your health?- Go clean out your closet.

Want a breakthrough in your work?- Organize your home office.

While we may think these things are not intrinsically linked, they are. Our outer realities are always a mirror of our inner states of being. So when our outside worlds are full of clutter and disorganized it is a reflection of the chaos of the inner world.

Take the example of an artist. Artist paint on a blank canvas. The blank canvas is the space for creation. The same in true in our waking lives. We must make space for creation, space for creativity. One of the best ways to do so is physically cleaning and clearing out clutter from our lives.


The physical clearing works on both an emotional and mental level. In my experience my ability to access mental and emotional release and peace of mind is directly correlated to how clean and organized the physical space I am residing in is.

Clutter of all kinds blocks the flow of energy and can contribute to the experience of feeling overwhelmed, tired and drained. When we invest time and energy into physically clearing the clutter out of physical spaces we give ourselves the mental and emotional space to expand and create in the most positive and on purpose ways.

The creation of space allows us energetically to relax and become more present. It is in the state of presence that on purpose manifestation can occur. In these states we can more easily focus on what really matters to us, what we are passionate about and ultimately how we truly want to show up in the world. In the state of ease and presence we automatically ripple out love energy.

As we become more aware of how our physical environments impact our internal states we can more easily learn to be consciously responsible for the energy we are contributing to the world. Since we are all connected, we may as well vibe super high and be the source of inspiration and positivity for each other!

Time to finish the laundry now 😉

Big love to you all