5 Simple Ways To Start Loving Where You Are- Day 363: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantIf there is one thing I have noticed in all my years as a coach and facilitator is that a large portion of peeps have challenge being ok with they are in the present moment- never mind actually loving where they are. The path of Radical Self Love supports us in learning what our own experience of peace of mind is and in the process we end up realizing we actually really love who we are and the life we lead- wherever we might be.

5 Self Loving Steps to Loving Where You Are

1. Drop the lack and limitation.

Nothing much changes when we’re in an incompatible vibe to that which we seek. Meaning we must be in a state of harmony and peace before the manifestation ball really gets going. If we are fully consumed with labouring and convincing ourselves and the people around us how much lack we are experiencing the Universe responds to your state of repeated focus by sending you more of what you are so dominantly focused on. When you make a conscious effort to drop the lack talk and instead focus on all you do have you bring yourself immediately into a place of love and appreciation for the present.

2. Make joy a priority.

Each day choose one positive simple actionable. The sole focus of this action is to usher in massive joy. There are a lot of things you do or have done in your life that just make you freaking happy. These are often the simplest things- going for a walk in the woods, cracking jokes with friends, snuggling a animal, playing with crystals or oracle cards (one of my personal fav’s)- it will be different for everyone and there is a high probability the actionable will be different for you every day depending what’s up and how you are feeling. Doing things you love and that bring out the happiness within, support you immediately in feeling lit up about the now.

3. Take inventory on your accomplishments.

Humans have developed this habit of diminishing their accomplishments and not giving themselves credit for the awesomeness they have achieved. Of course we feel like shit and resist where we are at when we do this- it never feels good to feel like we are under performing or failing. When you are clear of how much you have actually achieved over your lifetime and even the course of a few short months your heart will settle into a place of great elation and calm down an over active mind. If it’s challenging at first to find evidence I would highly recommend you take this practice, make it a regular part of your self love routine and write those wins down as they happen.

When I was in a really rough place a few years ago I kept an evidence and accomplishment journal. Every day before bed I would write down all the actions I took that contributed to the expansion of my business and my dreams. I also recorded ALL the manifestations, attractions, accomplishments and wins of that day alone. It became very clear very quickly I achieve a lot more than I give myself credit for and I experience so many wins that my ego tries with all it’s might to diminish and bury. If this is where you are at- start here and watch those vibes soar.

4. Get still.

Seriously, start meditating. When the mind is an untamed circus you will inevitably feel out of control, overwhelmed and unhappy in the now. When we take our power back, get still and confront what is actually going on in our minds we can consciously direct a different result. Facing and embracing the monkey mind is the first step to causing a new and expanded result. A regular practice of stillness helps us to more easily distinguish between the racket of the ego and the truth of our hearts. If you have never meditated before sitting silent alone with your thoughts is likely uncomfortable and deters you. So set yourself up for success, find an avenue that works for now and work towards sitting in silence one day. Start with short guided meditations. Start small and create a vibration of success by achieving an abundance of little milestones. Find ways that work for you and forget the rest.

5. Celebrate someone else.

When the ego has gone into mega overdrive (aka when we think we should be anywhere other than where we are) we’ve gone into full self absorption and separation land. When you celebrate another person, praise their wins or just find something you are grateful for about them, you fast track your way out of the pit of self absorption despair and enter the beautiful vibe of being a positive contribution to someone else. When we are kind and extend acts of kindness towards others our hearts crack wide open. An open heart is a present heart. A present heart is a content and happy heart. A happy heart isn’t trying to “get” somewhere other than where it is. It understands there is an ever present and ever evolving progression to our experience and it is inevitable in a Universe that is friendly and for you, that more goodness is on it’s way and that goodness will arrive in perfect divine timing.

If you are ready to take your self love practice to the next level check out our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program. This beauty has been intentionally designed to set you up for success, dial in the self love practices that really work for YOU and give you a solid foundation to take your life and relationships to a place of harmony, bliss, abundance and beautiful juicy magnificent love.

You deserve to be happy right now.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



Inspired Chats, Yoga and Great Friends = Awesome Night Day 270: 365 Radical Self Love

Today I spent 5 hours at my yoga studio and loved every minute of it.

I kicked off my time with a delicious hot yoga class. I had a new instructor who was absolutely divine. It was my first experience of a mentally relaxing hot class. She was so fabulous.

Then I began my volunteer/karma shift. I show up for 4 hours a week to work in the studio in exchange for yoga. It’s pretty rad.


As the evening unfolded a bunch of friends appeared and I was blessed with having inspired and love filled chats with each of them. I feel so blessed and honestly a little tired from such a energy packed night, but over all deeply blessed that all of my friends are such beauties!

Keeping this post really simple and really short so I can go and rock some self love relaxation time after a super long and rad day!

Today was such a great reminder of how lovely it is to take the time to really connect heart to heart with friends and acknowledge them for who they truly are.

RSL weekly challenge:

For the next 5 days give a heart to heart acknowledgement to someone precious in your life. Let them know who they really are to you- it will make all the difference in their world and the ripple of love and goodness will be cast.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Acknowledging Yourself- A Fabulous Lesson in Receiving Support- Day 157: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was an incredibly amazing day.

I had a fabulous morning rocking my RSL Routine, followed it up with an amazing interview for the Give Good Podcast and then an afternoon of epic conversations to continue to expand our incredible community.

One that stood out the most came from an unplanned, totally spontaneous coffee hang out. My roomie and I headed to a coffee shop this afternoon to catch up and obviously have this incredible conversation.

Inside of this convo he shared with me how I occurred to him- a strong independent person. Great right? Yes there is a lot fabulous with that- it also comes with the flip side of being very closed off to support, help and a feeling of “I can do it better alone”.


Story of my life. Literally.

I know this is a common default pattern of mine, to just want to do it on my own. I spoke about this in my interview this morning. One of my major limiting beliefs I’ve chosen to overcome (an it’s an ongoing process, these things don’t go away we just get more effective at handling and managing them when they show up) is my need to control everyone and everything.


He shared with me how beneficial he sees my work as and made it incredibly clear how he sees the entire world benefiting from the message I am here to share. He also called me out on not asking for help- in a very kind and compassionate way- and had me realize for the most part I have been keeping this under my tight control and a little allowing of support would do incredible things to take this entire project, company and coaching platform to levels I can’t even imagine right now.

I let the feedback in, I received it with love then I acknowledged myself OUT LOUD with him as my witness, for my willingness to receive his coaching.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen it comes to building the muscle of being receptive especially when it comes to external support positive reinforcement is always a game changer. The secret to this acknowledgement- it has to come from you first. You have to learn to acknowledge yourself first. What this does is creates a harmonious alignment and environment to receive others positive contribution and feedback. If we don’t see the greatness first we will reject it when it comes from another.

This conversation was an incredible gift, it opened the space for me to go into the rest of my day feeling confident, clear and strong enough to ask some pivotal people in my network for support in exactly the areas I was looking for. I have a deep desire to begin to donate greater and greater amounts to the charities I’ve selected and to do so requires a full coaching roster and full classrooms for my online courses in the new year. So I asked for what I needed and got an overwhelming positive response of support.

Ask for what you need- It will always be there. I wrote these words in a song of mine over a year ago and today I really got the impact of how magical this can be when I don’t try and go at it alone and allow the support, love and contribution from my tribe right in.

For all you curious cats here is more info on the current RSL coaching programs. 

Feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to be alive ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Acknowledging Your Wins Brings More Goodness- Day 94: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This afternoon on our Facebook community we reached 700 Radical Self Love lovers.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantHoly Moly super achievement!!!

I am completely proud and stoked on this personal achievement. To build this community it has taken dedication, consistency and my ability to show up for life and be in the energy of contribution. Instead of serving the energy and desires of my ego I have chosen to serve the energy of contribution, love and community.


One of my regular Radical Self Love practices is acknowledging myself and the goodness in my life and rocking the gratitude train. There is a distinction to be made between the two.

The difference between acknowledgement and gratitude

Gratitude: Is giving praise to all the goodness abundant in my life. This can range from feeling grateful about waking up in a comfy bed with the sun shining on my face, to praising the money I have in my bank account, to appreciating the friends and family in my life. Everything I experience in my waking life I can meet with a vibe of gratitude.

Acknowledgement: Is taking ownership of the direct influence I have on attracting and bringing to fruition certain results or outcomes in my life. There are certain actions and behaviours I do that correlate with certain achievements and results.

Why acknowledging your wins is a solid RSL practice

  • 1. The more we can come to terms with the fact we are the only ones at cause for all we experience, the more internal freedom we have the potential of experiencing. Part of owning our responsibility for our lives lies in the amazing (and often uncomfortable) practice of self acknowledgment.
  • 2. It takes the pressure off of other people: We as humans want to be seen, recognized and acknowledged for the things we do. However we don’t always receive the recognition and acknowledgement from the people we expect should give it to us or in the ways we imagine it happening. When you acknowledge yourself you let other people off the hook for your happiness. You take charge of your experience and validate your awesomeness through your own recognition and celebration of all you are and all you have achieved. As the saying goes if you want to be acknowledged- acknowledge yourself. This is the only way you will always receive what you are seeking. As you make this a regular practice you stop relying on others to validate your experience- which ironically, leads them to being more likely to share their acknowledgement. The difference being, it comes from their free will- because they want  to– not because they have to.
  • 3. You will have also have activated your ability to practice detachment from an expectation. When you no longer expect people to act in a certain way you release your energetic hold on them. When this happens they feel free and are able to actually see the goodness you are bringing forth. The best part if they for some reason never acknowledge you you are totally ok. You are no longer dependant on their feedback or awareness of your actions for a feeling of fulfillment and worth.

kelsey grant radical self love

Self Acknowledgement is an access point to increasing your relationship to self worth

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveAs we begin to get stronger at giving ourselves the acknowledgement we are seeking from others we can become more present to the incredible beings we truly are. When YOU are present to all the goodness that you are completely at cause for in your life, the way you see yourself begins to shift. You will begin to relate to yourself as someone who is competent, skilful, productive, creative, amazing, successful, valuable, worthy and infinitely beautiful in every way.

Stop waiting for other people to give you what you want- give it to yourself and take your power back. Get into your on purpose power flow and rock your life by your design.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Day 5: 365 RSL Project

601886_443926039029405_2145534892_nWhooop whoooop! Today marks an epic point in my journey! I had my last official day at my job and I’m about to launch into this next phase of my life with great excitement and of course a few lil nerves 😉

Today I am so grateful for the amazing time I had the honour of experiencing at my job. In all honesty that job saved my life. I somehow intuitively knew last December that shit was about to hit the fan in my life. So for the first time in 4 years I went out and got a job. In retrospect it now all makes sense.

Exactly one week after I started my job in January, my life forever changed. My relationship ended and I experienced a breakdown unlike anything I had ever experienced before. For the first time in my life the friends I would normally rely on to ‘get through’ a breakup were mysteriously all out of the country. This was completely on purpose and by design because it lead me to accessing a power inside of myself that I honestly didn’t know was there.

I had two choices. I could do what I knew to do, which would have looked like incredible destructive behaviour, brutal inner dialogue and a total annihilation of all the things I had worked so hard to build up in my reputation as a healer and coach, OR I could choose love.

Choosing love was no easy feat. Working through the confusion, hurt, sadness, anger and feelings of deep emptiness were tough. In fact I would consider this to be one of the most dark times of my entire life emotionally. Something inside me had shifted though. I was able to some how see a slight glimmer of hope through the haze of my chaotic emotional state. I was able to some how access thoughts and feelings of possibility and train myself to focus on all that was going well at the time. For the first time I honoured my emotional state and allowed the emotion to flow through. I also reached out for help and support. This was one of the biggest wins of all. I’m usually the strong one who is there for those in need and to be the one who was in extreme breakdown was completely out of my comfort zone.

I knew this challenge was given to me as a way to breakthrough and learn myself to be someone who is resilient  self reliant and driven by love. The consistency my job provided for me during this time of great chaos gave me the stability mentally and emotionally to know I was financially taken care of and ensured that for at least 8hrs 5 days a week I was focused on something bigger than myself. This shift of focus gave me access to really diving into the experience in a constructive way and creating a template for myself to build up my self love (which when I got real with myself was at the root of the relationship breakdown, and honestly every breakdown in my life to date). For this opportunity I will be eternally grateful to each and everyone of the ladies I worked with and all the wonderful people whom I was blessed to cross paths with during my time there. I truly believe my job gave me my life back.

A HUGE aspect of Radical Self Love is acknowledgement. In this context acknowledgement of the 7 women whose contribution to my life I will forever be grateful for. Each of them graced my experience in very different ways and all left a beautiful impression on my life and will forever hold very special spaces in my heart. This ladies is for you:


AH: Thank you for giving me this new start. You gave me a chance when I needed it the most. Your willingness to bring me into your business and onto your team will forever be present in my heart. The space you created for me truly allowed me to experience positivity and connection when I truly couldn’t see it anywhere else in my life. I appreciate your openness, your willingness to share and the determination of your spirit. I am so grateful for you ❤

JR: Thank you for being so friendly, kind and welcoming. Right from the start you made me feel at home and comfortable. Your words of advice were always so helpful and made a profound positive difference in my experience there. I learned so much about how to be great with people and relate to them just through observing you and your natural ability to create a positive and welcoming environment. I appreciate your ability to connect through intuitively reading people, the high quality of service you consistently provide and your hilarious sense of humour. I am so grateful for you. ❤

LS: Thank you for being the burst of positive vibrant energy each and every day. While our time together was short I always enjoy the way you fill up the space with pure jolly, excited energy. This energy makes my heart sing and illustrated to me how much goodness there really is in the world. I appreciate your curiosity, your playfulness and your commitment to keeping the good vibes flowing. I am so grateful for you. ❤

TF: Thank you for being so hilarious and honest. From the moment I met you I liked your vibe and I knew you would hold a great place in my life. Each day your willingness to learn, grow and develop yourself positively inspires me. I appreciate and acknowledge your courage, strength and intuition to follow your heart and let it lead you to new and beautiful places. I am so grateful for you. ❤

MA: Thank you for always being so kind, gentle and sweet. Your innocent and gentle energy is a breath of fresh air. You have such a kind and beautiful heart and your energy is so lovely to be around. I appreciate your laugh, your vibrant light energy and your ability to pick things up quickly and positively contribute to those around you. I am so grateful for you. ❤

AB: Thank you for reminding me of my light, my abilities and the positive difference I truly make. Your captivation with learning new things and diving into new ways of life is truly inspiring. You helped me believe in myself again and that is a gift I am deeply grateful for. Your openness, ability to be coachable and curiosity are all qualities I appreciate about you. I am so grateful for you ❤

AK: Thank you for filling the space and bringing your wonderful kind and awesome energy to this team. While we have only spent two days together I really get your desire to make a positive impact, be a wonderful contribution and leave things better than when you started. I appreciate your kind demeanour  your attention to detail and honesty. You will do great I know 😉 I am so grateful for you ❤

I am ready to venture into this new chapter with so much bliss, radiance and gratitude. Each of you ladies are a huge part of this journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!