Mega Milestone- 200 Days of Blogging Complete! Day 265: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow today marks a pretty significant milestone- I’ve been blogging for 200 days straight!!!

With 100 days left to go in this project I’m going to take tonights blog to reflect on the some top personal highlights of this journey so far.


1. Blogging every day for the past 200 days has taught me that I am far more capable of taking things on and ROCKING them that I ever thought possible.

2. I can overcome adversity- there were parts of this journey so far where I came up against challenges- technology, internet or just my own internal crap- that would get me stuck. The number one solution: Asking for help. By sharing openly the challenges I was facing peeps showed up with genius ideas and solutions to help me out.

3. I have learned on a new level just how committed, dedicated and consistent I actually am when I am driven by a capacity to serve and share a message of positivity, love and inspiration.

4. It’s made me realize what a friggin awesome writer I am and has given me loads and heaps of solid content to pull from going forward.

5. I’ve learned what a difference my journey is making for others. I receive feedback on the regular thanking me for my vulnerability, my openness and my daily presence of inspiration and love. Knowing that when I show up here to write each day other people are going to be positively impacted really makes my heart happy.

6. And best of all- it has helped me get super comfy being uncomfy. Sharing my vulnerabilities, my life and my journey so openly has helped me really get ok and relax into my role as teacher, coach and mentor. Every time I share on this platform I gain more and more confidence, awareness and clarity into who I truly am and how much the world is craving connection, vulnerability and real human rawness.

It has been a friggin delight and honour to have shared these past 200 days with you lovers and I’m looking forward to what the final 100 days have in store for us!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Acknowledging Your Wins Brings More Goodness- Day 94: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This afternoon on our Facebook community we reached 700 Radical Self Love lovers.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantHoly Moly super achievement!!!

I am completely proud and stoked on this personal achievement. To build this community it has taken dedication, consistency and my ability to show up for life and be in the energy of contribution. Instead of serving the energy and desires of my ego I have chosen to serve the energy of contribution, love and community.


One of my regular Radical Self Love practices is acknowledging myself and the goodness in my life and rocking the gratitude train. There is a distinction to be made between the two.

The difference between acknowledgement and gratitude

Gratitude: Is giving praise to all the goodness abundant in my life. This can range from feeling grateful about waking up in a comfy bed with the sun shining on my face, to praising the money I have in my bank account, to appreciating the friends and family in my life. Everything I experience in my waking life I can meet with a vibe of gratitude.

Acknowledgement: Is taking ownership of the direct influence I have on attracting and bringing to fruition certain results or outcomes in my life. There are certain actions and behaviours I do that correlate with certain achievements and results.

Why acknowledging your wins is a solid RSL practice

  • 1. The more we can come to terms with the fact we are the only ones at cause for all we experience, the more internal freedom we have the potential of experiencing. Part of owning our responsibility for our lives lies in the amazing (and often uncomfortable) practice of self acknowledgment.
  • 2. It takes the pressure off of other people: We as humans want to be seen, recognized and acknowledged for the things we do. However we don’t always receive the recognition and acknowledgement from the people we expect should give it to us or in the ways we imagine it happening. When you acknowledge yourself you let other people off the hook for your happiness. You take charge of your experience and validate your awesomeness through your own recognition and celebration of all you are and all you have achieved. As the saying goes if you want to be acknowledged- acknowledge yourself. This is the only way you will always receive what you are seeking. As you make this a regular practice you stop relying on others to validate your experience- which ironically, leads them to being more likely to share their acknowledgement. The difference being, it comes from their free will- because they want  to– not because they have to.
  • 3. You will have also have activated your ability to practice detachment from an expectation. When you no longer expect people to act in a certain way you release your energetic hold on them. When this happens they feel free and are able to actually see the goodness you are bringing forth. The best part if they for some reason never acknowledge you you are totally ok. You are no longer dependant on their feedback or awareness of your actions for a feeling of fulfillment and worth.

kelsey grant radical self love

Self Acknowledgement is an access point to increasing your relationship to self worth

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveAs we begin to get stronger at giving ourselves the acknowledgement we are seeking from others we can become more present to the incredible beings we truly are. When YOU are present to all the goodness that you are completely at cause for in your life, the way you see yourself begins to shift. You will begin to relate to yourself as someone who is competent, skilful, productive, creative, amazing, successful, valuable, worthy and infinitely beautiful in every way.

Stop waiting for other people to give you what you want- give it to yourself and take your power back. Get into your on purpose power flow and rock your life by your design.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!