Our Mistakes Are All Part Of The Creative Genius Journey- Day 279: 365 Radical Self Love Project

In life, sometimes we create great things and other times we create shit.

As an artist I can completely resonate with this- there have been stellar performances I’ve given and there have been dreadful ones. There have been beautiful songs I’ve written and really crappy ones. I’ve explored various creative outlets and been good at some, shit at a few and really great at the rest.

radical self love kelsey grant

I’ve come to realize through my creative journey that I can’t be great at everything and thats ok.

It’s ok to create something amazing and then inside the next creative session nothing exceptional manifests. It’s all part of the process.

Not being good at everything is actually a fabulous thing.

Because what we aren’t strong at- somebody is. Which means that our weaknesses are another persons strength and when we accept these are not our natural areas of strength and stop fighting against it- we open the space for others who have that strength to step into owning and sharing their talents and gifts.

There is space for us all.

kelsey grant radical self loveIn my coaching session today my coach offered up this video as support for my creative expansion. I had mentioned on our call that part of my healing and release this past week was about getting complete and into a place of full acceptance of the worst case scenario in my relationship.

I came to the awareness that even if the worst case scenario were to happen I would still be able to thrive. I wouldn’t be stopped completely and my capacity for holding that experience of loss would be supported by my personal growth, my community and my connection with the divine universe.


The impact of this acceptance was a complete opening in the flow of our relationship and connection. I could drop worrying about the worst case scenario and actually be present with him. When we are present with each other we are completely in touch with our divine nature and deep pure love flows between us and within us. Inside of this presence we co-create an incredible dynamic, relationship, partnership and epic soul connection. I have created the space in myself for my creative genius to emerge inside of my relationship.

My creative genius ย is my channel and opening to divine guidance, my inner guide and higher faculties.

In our heart centred acceptance of the worst possible scenario we create the space for the best case scenario to manifest.

The same concept holds true in more artistic circumstances. Before I perform in any capacity I get ok with fucking up on stage, I get ok with forgetting the lyrics or chords or doing something imperfectly. My acceptance of this possible reality releases the grip of fear and allows me the space to go out on stage and allow the performance to be what it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes that means I mess up my own songs and when I do I don’t overstep it. I acknowledge it. It takes people by surprise. It also creates a beautiful human rapport between me and the audience- it helps bring down the walls of separation and it reminds us all of the humour of being human. It’s a pretty magical thing.

radical self love kelsey grant

So get out there. Give yourself permission to go full out and risk messing up or not doing something “perfectly”. The more comfy we get in stepping into our fear the more freedom we get the chance to experience. You got this love ๐Ÿ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Because Who Is Perfect?- A Heartwarming Illustration of Self Love and Acceptance- Day 273: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A fellow RSL member shared this video with me this week and I absolutely adored it.

All of us are perfect in our imperfections and the more we remember this on a daily basis the more loving and peaceful we become. To see yourself in another is to see love.

No two bodies are ever the same and while certain industries would like to sell you big time on their ideal of perfection it isn’t exactly attainable. As far as I can see and the truth in my heart leads me to know this is all set up in a very intentional way. If people keep thinking they are not enough, if they keep striving for this so called perfection, their vibes will stay at a level that is bound by fear.

People who are fearful make wonderful consumers. When we feel like there is something missing or wrong with us we often head out on the path of consuming in attempt to fill the void. What there is to get is there is no magic pill or “thing” we can buy that will change whats really going on inside. Buying things is a temporary fix. It gives us an initial rush of feel good hormones and then like a sugar high the energy crashes again- and the cycle continues.

I’m not saying that I’m anti-consumerism or anything like that- I love a great new pair of shoes or an outfit that seems like it was made for me. What I’m saying is we must as a collective attune ourselves to the motives and intentions behind why we buy and what we are investing our money and energy into. Bring a little more consciousness to our commerce.

When we bring more consciousness to the land of consuming and commerce the veil of fears illusion begins to part and we really start to see that we are all imperfect beings, we all have “flaws”, we’ve all made mistakes, we all have something we just don’t dig about ourselves- and inside of all of that we are so divinely perfect.

To see this we must begin to change and the change has to come from within. We must embark on our own spiritual journey to uncover our brilliance, our truth and ultimately our unity.

This video is a beautiful illustration of the diversity among us, the illusion of perfection and some seriously yummy self love and acceptance. The more we see ourselves and each other as perfectly imperfect and the more we being to accept and embrace this eclectic diversity among us the more we open to massive love flow.

Awareness, acceptance and compassion all activate the flooding of love- in ourselves and ultimately in the world.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Making Some Music: Lovin On Life- Day 230: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Over the past couple days I’ve really been feeling the music creative vibes.

190400_194687870565419_7931144_nThese past few months in all honesty have been directed to other creative energies and my music has really taken a back seat. Now that I have completed on some major milestones and accomplished some kick ass completions my creative music vibes seem to have come back full tilt.

Every day this week I have picked up my guitar and jammed. I learned a few new songs this week and out of my new learning sparked some original music beginning to form.

What I’ve really learned over the past few months is how everything is in a state of divine flow. Sometimes we will really be vibin on one area of our lives and then as the energies of life shift and change so do our areas of focus and interest.

I really could have been hard on myself and gone into a disempowered state of comparing my musical creativity of the past few months to how it has been in the past few years (over the past few years I have been consistantly writing new music and performing live regularily). However, I have done enough Radical Self Lovin to know entertaining that train of thought does not serve me in any way shape or form.

What does serve me is acceptance and awareness.

Awareness that my creativity is still at an all time high it has just been redirected into a different area for the time being and acceptance that my creative energies going into these other areas of creation are the perfect places for them to be.

When I give myself permission to be exactly where I am at I immediately experience a flush of inner peace. If I have a belief that I always have to be making music that is a self generated thought creation. I can just as easily alter my thoughts to embrace the ebb and flow of life. This allows me the freedom to be and the freedom to express my creative energies in the ways in which I feel most called to moment to moment.

I have to say there is something truly fulfilling and magical for me about making music. I’m stoked to be working on this new tune and I’m even more excited to share it all with you beauties soon!

Remember this tonight lovers, where ever you are right now is perfect. You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. If you are happy keep doing what you are doing, if you feel that something is missing, start making some empowered and conscious changes. Your happiness is in your hands, it always has been and it always will be.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Being Nice to Yourself- Day 223: 365 Radical Self Love Project

One of my friends passed this incredible presentation to me today.

Self compassion and self love to the max! LOVE this talk!!!

Hope you all enjoy this beautifulness ๐Ÿ™‚

P.s. If you missed my radio interview this morning you can catch the recording of it HERE

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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The Impact of An Angel- Day 167: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today on Earth we lost an Angel.

News of Nelson Mandela’s death completely took me by surprise as I finished up my day and was heading home. It got me to thinking of what incredible achievements this man accomplished in his life time and that if we were all to step up to our deepest, truest potential we could indeed be present to see a new earth created.

A new earth where the common essence is love, freedom, compassion, grace, forgiveness, happiness and acceptance. We all have it within us to create beauty through our aliveness. The thing is, most people are operating on a default fear program. This fear based action creates an inner world of hostility which then is reflected in the outer world of pain and anguish. To shift this current state of the world- we must shift. We must cultivate a desire to co-create a better world. We do this through our energy, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our actions and ultimately through our unique contribution to this world aka your gifts.

radical self love

We all have within us the capability to achieve Nelson Mandela’s level of greatness. We are all born with the same capacity to love and be love. It is this deep understanding of love consciousness that leads leaders like NM to impact the world on such a positive global scale. We all have it in us to leave this place better because of our existence here.

The key is really owning how magnificent we truly are.

The key is knowing how much power we truly have.

The key is love.

nelson-mandela-quotesTo create long lasting change and transformation it must be rooted in only one thing. That thing is love. We can’t create outside of ourselves that which we do not experience within. This is the journey of Radical Self Love. It is the process of learning to love from the inside out. We must start with ourselves. When we come into acceptance of ourselves we come into acceptance of others. When we come into peace with ourselves we come into peace with each other. When we come into love with ourselves we come into love with each other. It really is that simple.

As I always say simple does not equal easy. To do this requires strength, discipline, awareness, courage and a willingness to forgive.

We must be willingness to release all that no longer serves, thus trading our suffering for peace, trading our pain for happiness, trading our fear for love.

As we send off a beautiful earth Angel back home, we do so from a space of great possibility for what can come from this incredible man’s life example. His life is a powerful reminder that our greatness passionately lies within and has a deep desire to be expressed in all of it’s glory- and we are the only ones who hold the keys to our greatness, the keys to our freedom.

nelson-mandela-love-3Be at rest beautiful Angel, we’ll take it from here,

It’s time to shine lovers โค

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How Allowing Variety Leads to New Creative and Musical Awesomeness-Day 95: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A couple days ago I picked up my guitar for the first time in about a month.

Kelsey Grant radical self love Connor Beaton Photography

Music for me is a very intuitive thing. When I feel called to play or sing I just do, it isn’t something I can force to happen.

Ahhhh the lesson of allowing.

When I relax into life and enjoy the various outlets I have for creativity I am in the happiest KG zone. I’ve never been the type of person to pick one thing and only so that one thing until the end of time.

Variety is one of my top values. I find the most constructive and on purpose way to fulfill this need is to allow the various forms of creative expression which I have been blessed with, to flow through when the inspiration hits.

creativityMost days I write. I love writing and it is a fabulous source of creation and expression for me.

Other days I love singing and playing music.

Other days I love making beautiful meals.

Other days I love writing and creating new music.

Other days I paint.

Other days I dance.

If I had to pick only one of these things to do I would more than likely be miserable. They all bring me joy in their own unique way. This is what I know to be true: As a human I am constantly changing- right down to the physiology of my being, I am ever changing and evolving. So it only makes sense to me to have a variety of creative outlets as a means to harmonize with this basic human trait of change.

I also get this isn’t the path for everyone. ย I can and do appreciate those who are able to commit themselves to a life long craft and dive to deeper and deeper lengths of knowledge and complexity in their specific chosen craft.


So whichever way you are know that its ok. However you express yourself, whether you have one dominant outlet or multiple ones like me or anything in between- you are perfect just the way you are.

On this note when the inspiration hit me for a new tune the other day I immediately responded and allowed the music to flow through. All this really means lovers is there will be a new tune to share with you soon and I am so excited to show it to you all!!

Express yourself, love yourself and allow yourself to flow with your exquisite creative expression. The world is always waiting for more of your greatness ๐Ÿ˜‰


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How to Be Happy and Healthy- An Inspired Snapshot into the Future of Education Day 74: Radical Self Love Project

Living and learning by our own design

This morning I watched a really incredible video. For those who know me I love to immerse myself in any content which is inspirational, positive and love filled. When this content includes the awesomeness of little humans I’m even happier.

HappinessKids know where it’s at. They are in constant states of creation because they are present. Plain and simple. My life experience has taught me kids are pure innocence and are super duper aligned with the pure potentiality which resides in each and every one of us. The reason I can see they are more aligned with source, their truth, God- however it makes sense to you- is because they have not yet fully bought into the illusion of fear.

Fotolia-girl_smelling_sunflowerThey are in exploration and discovery mode. They adventure, even if they are scared they still try something they are curious about and in doing so learn such incredible life lessons. Adults are the ones who for the most part have lost sight of the awe, wonder of being alive and the magical universe we live in. Kids remind us of the truth.

As the collective consciousness shifts the systems we use must shift as well- Education is one of those systems.

Having gone through the standard school system I was left less than inspired by the structure and models used to teach kids and young adults. The whole thing just never made much sense to me- which I take to mean is an indication I will be part of the inspired movement to change it.

To me what makes sense is this:

  • Everyone is unique and views the world through their perception and life experiences. Meaning a one size fits all education model makes no sense. A system which understands and honours diverse learning styles and designs curriculum accordingly brings us all into greater vibrational alignment
  • Innovation and creativity are skills to nurture inside of an education platform
  • Teaching creativity means the education itself must be creative, flexible, and ever evolving
  • Instead of forced learning, adopting a flow of focusing on the strengths of the individual and enhancing what they are naturally good and and most interested in
  • Making content relevant and relatable
  • Teaching fundamental life skills, personal development, love consciousness, communication skills, environmental awareness, gardening/self sustaining community practices, how to really rock with money, life design and the ancient sacred wisdom of the Universe
  • Allowing kids to teach us what they know, value their input, allow their contribution- so we as a collective community can begin to remember who we actually are

It’s already happening.

hos_agaYup its true. Enough people have woken up and begun to question the systems we are a part of. When faulty or outdated systems exist instead of fighting and resisting them, a more effective and efficient strategy is available: build new and improved models. Green School is one of my all time favs. What is truly inspiring to me is witnessing similar education platforms begin to emerge. (A sweet TED TALK on Green School here)

Below is the video I watched which inspired todays share. This awesome kid illustrates in under 12 minutes the gloriousness of his education remix. A platform which he characterizes as a “mindset not a system” where creativity is the priority and flexibility is used to enhance the learning process. Pretty freaking rad! It’s examples like these that remind us change is possible, our dreams are achievable and the possibilities of happiness and health are available for anyone open to receiving this beauty of a gift.

Check out hackschooling by Logan LaPlante:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


How I Get to Know Myself More Through the Reflection of Others Day 63: RSL Project

images-4What we see in others is a reflection of what is already within us.

This theme has been popping up in a couple different conversations over the past few days. I feel it is a very important RSL concept to share considering the whole RSL journey is about turning inward and loving ourselves. We do this by getting to know who we truly are in ways we have not yet experienced.

If a certain quality within someone else did not already exist within us we would not be capable of recognizing it. We can only recognize and either resist or make agreement with that which we know on a deep level.


This knowing is often unconscious until we have an ahhhh haa! moment otherwise known as a breakthrough.

I have found it to be way easier to integrate this awareness when it applies to a quality I like in another and I’ve found it a little more challenging when I am faced with a person Iโ€™m really not diggin.

The thing is every single person, interaction and experience I have is reflecting back to me that which I am giving off and that which is deep within, sometimes beyond my conscious awareness. This makes life a truly fun and curious adventure.

MenopauseCoachWhen I can direct my focus to this understanding the entire day turns into a lil research project, in which I get to dive into who I really am and learn myself in deeper more profound ways. When I see things I donโ€™t like about others I first have to acknowledge it exists within me somewhere, somehow, do a little soul searching to find how I manifest the same qualities and then choose to consciously direct my behaviour/ course correct to be in alignment with that which I actually want and who I want to be.

The best example is when I experience someone speaking in a really rude or condenceding way. While it is very rare that I outwardly speak or behave that way anymore, what it brings into my awareness is, even though I donโ€™t speak to others that way, I sometimes speak to myself that way. Which dear friends is a habit which has to shift inorder for my levels of RSL to expand and for me to become more and more on purpose.

My invitation is simple friends: take time every day to be the observer of your waking day to day life. Practice one day at a time finding the correlation of your daily interactions with an internal belief or pattern you express in your life. Simple. When you get super real with yourself your experience of being alive becomes way more magical and precious. I promise ๐Ÿ˜‰


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Being Emotional is a Really Great Thing Day 48: 365 RSL Project

I am emotional. It’s true, and I love this about myself.ย cancer_symbol

I didn’t always, in fact a large majority of my life I spent resisting my emotional and sensitive nature. In the past few years I’ve really started to embrace this energy about myself and allow it to contribute positively to my experience.

Today during my personal development time there were some pretty clear repetitive messages I was receiving.

  • Practice the law of non-resistance. When challenges arise, and they will, flow with them. Instead of reacting and flying off the handle, take some time and respondย to the circumstance.
  • Be like water. Water flows, it’s gentle and it always gets to where it needs to go. Relax into the beauty of the present moment, trust my emotions will guide me to where I am meant to go and be gentle with myself and others in this process.
  • Practice the law of least effort, otherwise known as the path of least resistance. Life is not supposed to be hard. It is only hard when I resist my true nature (love) and get out of harmony with who I truly am. I am meant to be happy, joyous and truly enjoy the abundant blessings constantly being presented in the human experience.
  • Make being of service and a positive contribution the top priority. When I am focused on something bigger than myself (something like directly helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more) and being of service to a higher good, all worries cease, inspiration and creativity flow and massive doors open.

Waterfall-mountains-ImageToday was one of those days where I allowed these messages in and gave them the power to direct the flow of my day. Inside of this surrender to a higher purpose some truly magical doors opened that will allow me to truly achieve my intention of helping 500,000 people learn how to radically love themselves more. How freaking awesome is that?!!

The Universe really does have our back and the more I invite guidance in the more I am directed to opportunities for success, wellbeing and truly living on purpose!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Why Wearing a Rainbow Tutu Was The Best Life Choice I Ever Made. Day 47: 365 RSL Project

Everything serves a purpose and all things happen in the time they are meant to.

527177_10152045828585145_488633324_nYesterday marked the 1 year celebration of my first date with my man!!! ย We officially met the evening before our first date at a friends Pride party, where I was rocking a rainbow tutu, glitter and all around awesomeness.

I am generally a pretty self expressed person and making the choice to rock a rainbow tutu just seemed like the most natural thing to do. It was pride after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had no idea at the time my wardrobe choices for the day would end up creating the most hilarious ‘how we first met’ story and unveil some pretty amazing relationship wisdom.

Pride is a magical day (my most favourite day of the year). It is a beautiful space filled with rainbows, glitter, self expression, diversity and most importantly acceptance and love. To me sporting rainbows holds greater significance above and beyond the fact they are obviously very beautiful.

430347_4428028141649_1685089164_nTo me it symbolizes human evolution, our ability to love and accept each other even though we may be different, to play and enjoy life to it’s fullest and releasing all the crap that weighs us down.

I know I met my soul partner on this day for a few reasons.

1. I was not expecting it. What straight girl thinks she is going to meet a straight available man at pride?! Not this one ๐Ÿ˜‰ My detachment from an outcome allowed me to be in my element. I was in the beauty of flow, laughing, playing and seriously loving all over life. In this energy I was now in vibrational harmony with the partnership I had been intending for a while.

2. I was being authentically me. Pride brings out the best in me. I’m happy, giggly, open, seeing the world through the eyes of wonder and awe, I’m social, friendly and so curious about who and what I will see along the days adventure. I frolic through the streets with ribbon wands, I dance my lil butt off and I really just enjoy the experience of being alive. In this state of being, again I was in total resonance with that which I desired. Lets be honest here if I were to meet someone who wasn’t on board with this side of me it clearly just wouldn’t be a successful match.

3. I was ready. Plain and simple. We only attract that which we are capable of handling. This applies to all things in life. Relationships are no different. I had set my intention to meet this ‘perfect man’ 20 months before. Inside of getting very clear about what I wanted, setting the intention and surrendering to how and when it was meant to happen, I was guided into a 20 month journey. This time was filled to the brim with lessons and growth that were essential for me to experience and learn from in order to be equipped to handle the relationship I truly wanted.

How I met my partner perfectly illustrates, everything that is meant to happen does, in the perfect time, in the perfect way.

553099_10151738391386132_1090154475_nI feel so blessed to share my life with this man and everyday I learn more about what it means to have a harmonious relationship first with myself and secondly with the love of my life. Our journey together in the past year has been pretty incredible. We have both grown so much over the course of a year. We’ve experienced the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. Inside of all of this I am incredibly proud of the man he has become and the woman I’ve emerged as. Thank god I wore that tutu ๐Ÿ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!