Bench These 3 Naughty Holiday Relationship Habits For An Amazing Season

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An Epicly Successful Workshop Complete! Day 320: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight we seriously ROCKED out at our workshop on Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness!!

This particular workshop was rooted in the foundation of self love and from there designed to support actors, musicians and artists of all types in getting out of their own way and aligning with the Universal goodness within them.

Inside of this alignment they make themselves available to cultivate their ability to receive abundance of all kinds!

Being in the room, in a total state of flow I feel so blessed to have watched the AH-HA! moments clicking in everyone there. It was such an honour to hold space and facilitate for such an incredible room of game changers!

I’m deeply grateful for the generosity of Shoreline Actors Studio for brining us into their amazing community and allowing us the physical space to host such an incredible night!

I am so very deeply grateful for my co-pilot tonight the beautiful Brittney Grabill who kept the flow of the evening right on point and for holding such amazing space for my facilitation to flow through!

Tonight opened up a whole world of potential and I am so very excited to watch and see what the Universe has in store!!!

Feeling very blessed ❤

radical self love kelsey grant

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness: A Workshop For Artists, Musicians and Actors- Day 286: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When one door closes another one opens.

Last month I made the big decision to stop our local monthly RSL workshops. It was a choice I didn’t make lightly. My inner guidance had been encouraging to make the move and there was a part of me that was really resistant- after all I love teaching and I love facilitating a live session. Magic happens when people are in the same room, absorbing the same information and creating the space of inspiration and growth to emerge.

Listening to my inner guide means trusting even when things don’t make sense.

I couldn’t see why at the time I was being redirected out of those workshops but I trusted it was for my highest good and the highest good for all involved. After holding strong in my faith and positive belief it is becoming more clear why that shift has taken place.

First and foremost it allows me to make the transition from teaching primarily from the context of “self love” and shift towards my passions which are relationships. I freaking love love. I have been obsessed with relationships and love my entire life. My path here is to support people in co-creating incredibly and fulfilling relationships. The foundation for this spiritual love, intimate love and romantic love is always rooted in self love—ahhhh it’s all making sense meow;)

Additionally as a musician I have a strong pull to support artists in getting their talent and gifts out in the world which means getting out of their own way. Getting out of their own way means building the confidence. What is at the core of confidence? You guessed it self love.

Getting to the Core of Confidence: Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness for Artists, Musicians and Actors

I’ve been asked by a local actors studio to come in an facilitate regular workshops for the acting, musician and artistic communities teaching confidence, self love and divine compensation. It is such a incredible manifestation and merging of all my areas of passion. What I love most about this opportunity is that it was born out of my young adult RSL Mentorship Program.

radical self love kelsey grant

Giving and Receiving

Once a year I choose one person to work with closely, share wisdom and support for 6-12 months depending on their journey. This year I am working with the brilliantly talented Brittney Grabill. Brittney is an actor and incredibly talented musician who has a deep desire to positively impact the world through her art. I see massive potential in her and it’s been such a blessing watching her grow and thrive this past year.

The final phase of our mentorship is group and public facilitation. There is no better way to learn how to do something than jumping in and learning on the court. We designed an opportunity where she would be able to step up and co-facilitate a workshop while still being able to observe and take in my teaching style and developing her own from my example.

This ongoing workshop series is a result of our co-creation and I am so proud to be working along side her. The next workshop is scheduled for April 17th here in Vancouver. For all you local cats here are all the event details if you want to join in the fun!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The How To For a Kick-Ass 2014- Day 194: 365 Radical Self Love Project


It is safe to say most of us want to have a rocking year filled with more success, more abundance, more love, more happiness, more health, more free time and more connection.

The key to receiving is giving.

Most of us have learned the opposite, get first give later. This mental attitude and belief system actually takes us out of harmony with the Universal Laws and puts us in a state of resistance towards what we want.

To achieve our intentions we have to shift our mental and habitual minds to focus on:

  • How can I give?
  • How can I be of service?
  • How can I use my talents for the greater good of others?
  • How can I be a positive contribution?

How to Have a Rocking 2014

  1. Discipline the mind. We have to ensure our mental chatter is quiet and if it is going it is our internal cheerleader pumping us with positive encouragement. To shift this will require discipline. It will require you to take an honest look at your life and your habits and be courageous enough to honestly declare to keep only the ones which positively contribute to your wellbeing. To train the brain in this way you will need to start small. Begin the practice of discipline by doing one thing everyday at the same time which enhances your development. I personally am reading a chapter of a personal growth book and the daily lesson in A Course In Miracles at 7am each day.
  2. Establish a Regular Practice of Giving. To receive in all areas of life we must be giving. Period. You feel a lack of connection or recognition? Give it to another- it will always come back in a powerful way, plus whatever you give to another you have already given to yourself. When it comes to money it works the same way. If you are looking to levelling up in the financial court, start giving. Make it a discipline. In 2014 we are tithing (giving) 11% of all our revenue from coaching programs, workshops, products and services. One of the things that trips people up most is that they think they have to donate a massive amount or else it doesn’t really make a difference. There is a incredibly powerful energy behind unconditional giving. It is the essence of true love, so when we give, regardless of the dollar amount we are spreading the energy of unconditional love to everyone who physically comes into contact with that money, anyone who is on the receiving end AND anyone who witnesses the giving. That dear friends creates a massive ripple of love, prosperity and abundance. Shift the focus from being concerned about what happens with the money once it is given and focus your mind and energy on the positive ripple of influence giving unconditionally provides for the world.
  3. Take Care of YOU! This is where a daily practice/ritual of Radical Self Love will come in real handy. To give unconditionally to others we must be full already. Meaning we must do what it takes to take care of our physical needs, our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our spiritual connection. Most of us we not taught as kids how to love ourselves and make sure we are taken care of in all ways. Lucky for all you lovers we have created a 30 Day Radical Self Love Program completely tailored to peeps who are on their journey of self discovery, to establish a empowered relationship to self love in a step by step guidebook and interactive program. It’s important to us to make this accessible to as many people as possible and so we are releasing this program for $33.00 with the intention of inspiring a Radical Self Love International Movement. For more details stay tuned on the blog, FB and Twitter. This glittery, awesomeness is coming at ya in the next week!! For any of you lovers who want to pre-order your program send us a quick email @ Subject Line: I Am Ready for 30 Days of Radical Self Love.
  4. Give Up The Shit That Weighs You Down. I know you immediately know who, what that is. Your intuition tells you right away. Give it up. Simple. Anyone who is serious about having a kick ass year understands some adjustments will have to take place in order to align and come into harmony with your new intentions and positive attractions. This could mean giving up a substance or two, giving up emotional addictive patterns like gossip, negative self talk or the doozy speaking before thinking. It could mean giving up sitting around doing nothing, it could mean giving up the story that you are confused, unclear, and incapable of changing. All of it is total BS and you are worth so much more AND before that true value and worth can enter you have to make room for it then invite it in. Start the clearing.
  5. Start Doing The Things You Want To. You are the only one at cause for designing your life according to your heart’s desires. If there is something you have always wanted to do, go do it. Whatever the excuse you’ve been holding over yourself give it up ( point #4). There are no promises of tomorrow and regret is a nasty thing to carry around. If you logistically can’t make something happen right this instance, commit to yourself to take at least one action towards your desire EVERYDAY. Doing so ensures your intention comes to fruition in divine timing.

These five steps are the change agents required to have a truly fulfilling, high vibing and rocking year ahead. Love yourself and play in the domain of abundance, happiness, health, prosperity and LOVE in 2014. That’s where we are going to be and as the saying goes- the more the merrier. Wishing you all the very best, an abundance of blessings, miracles and love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Reading the Signs From the Universe. Day 190: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Universe is always communicating with us.

signFor those who are open, willing and receptive we can learn to read the signs and the communication from the Universe to keep us on path and keep us living on purpose.

One of the main ways the Universe speaks to me is through numbers. There are three sets of numbers I kept seeing on repeat today and for the past few days.

555- The Vibration of Change.

This is a message of big time change and shifting. It is the energy of making choices, life changes and being open to going with the flow of life. It reminds us to be open and receptive to adventure, new opportunities, activities. The changes you are being called to make are for your highest good, brings forward long awaited circumstance and results and a full alignment with your divine life purpose and soul mission. The key to this alignment is staying centred in meditation and positive affirmation and healthy habits. This is a time to let go of the old to make way for the new.

888- The Omen of Abundance.

This is a message that financial and material abundance is on it’s way to you and it possibly suggests the receiving of unexpected rewards from past good work. Possibly times when you have worked for free (in alignment with your soul purpose) or given of yourself in the early phases of developing your craft or your life path work. It is a sign that your life’s work and mission is completely supported by the Universe and reminds you that the Universe is abundant and generous and the wish is to share the prosperity with you. This is a very auspicious sign that money is flowing to you.

999- The Energy of Completion.

This is a message that a very important phase of your life path is coming to a completion. This completion is required for your soul mission and is the clearing to fully pursue your life’s purpose and life work. The main themes of this energy are harmonious communication, inner resolve and strength, leadership, humanitarianism, leading by example, intuition, insight, being in service to others and the greater good and becoming an example of the Universal Laws in action. In this omen there is a reminder that a abundance of guidance is available to you from your guides, angels and Universal energies all you must do is ask for assistance in fulfilling what is required of your life’s mission. This cycle of completion is required to bring to you a new lifestyle reflective of your positive and love filled life-path work. To see this message is a important reminder to take action on your life’s purpose and soul work immediately. Once the step is taken the next one will be given to you.

I am so clear right now that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for us here at Radical Self Love. The messages are clear from the Universe that the more we do to keep the mission of self love alive and support others in their self love journeys, the more we all benefit. This is such a fabulous sign of support and encouragement from the Universe.

I am incredibly stoked for this new year ahead and for all of us to blossom and thrive together!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Invest In Yourself- How 1 Hour of Self Study Can Increase Your Happiness- Day 189: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Learning is very important to me.

tumblr_lybg6nhPx61qzmufro1_500I know it is one of the things which makes me an effective teacher, leader, friend and partner. Being open to learning and receptive to new information increases our vibrational alignment, increases our confidence and ushers in the opportunity to really claim our power and own our inner wisdom.

We are all teachers.

Perhaps not in the conventional sense of being infront of a body of students and lecturing, but in our own ways we are all teachers. We all have wisdom which comes through us and is accessed through our life experiences.

How to be an effective teacher.

First things first, an effective teacher is a top notch student. The best teachers I know are students of life. They are open, receptive and humble enough to know they don’t know everything and they all share a common desire- to be better humans, be more effective teachers and be powerful examples of love in the world. These types of teachers are always learning. They study their craft, they practice and they do the work they require of their students.


The second step to being an effective teacher is learning how to get out of your own way. This comes through self reflection, self learning and self love. The best teachers I know invest an abundant amount of time, energy and resources into self development aka learning to be the best version they can be. They learn how to overcome their challenges by bravely looking at and acknowledging where they require growth. They seek out information and teachers who can take them to the levels they want to get to and they are driven by the insight that when they are their best version they create the environment for their students to succeed in life as well.


My RSL Invitation to Increase Your Happiness

My invitation to you today is simple, invest 30 minutes each day in studying your passion and 30 minutes each day studying self growth or self development.

tumblr_mlamcxbWMo1qhziwoo1_500One hour is a great starting point to establish a positive and inspired habit around learning. So much of my life I felt like I had to learn about things I really didn’t care about or was passionate about. Now I realize I have 24 hours in the day just like everyone else and how I spend those hours is completely up to me. When I began this process of self study about 7 years ago I made a commitment to myself to “give up” an hour of TV in exchange for learning about my passion and practicing. Ultimately that one choice was one of the foundational factors leading me to the life I live now, in a city I love, with a partner I adore with all my heart, living a life I am truly uplifted and fulfilled by.

As we approach the new year it is a great time to reflect and really commit to you and your wellbeing. It is a time to step into creating a life you are worthy of and that lights you up. It is the time to start living on purpose, living your purpose.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Beauty, Abundance and the Power of Forgiveness- Day 159: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh wow!! Tonight we wrapped up the final classroom session for the 7 week RSL Forgiveness Course!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical self loveHoly, accomplishment lovers!

I am absolutely in awe of the magic which has transpired in the past 7 weeks with the beautiful women in the course. Each of them had a chance to share their great accomplishments and breakthroughs tonight and my heart is so completely blissed out.

There is something beautiful, sacred and magical when women come together in a spirit of love and kindness. Wounds- life long wounds- can be healed, hearts can be opened and transformation on a global scale is possible.

I have watched each of these women, grow, nurture their respective paths and ultimately flourish in their own self awareness and brilliance. To me this is the biggest honour.

I love teaching, I love to be a supportive pillar for transformation and I love watching people break out of their fears and OWN and revel in their exceptional beauty, abundance and brilliance. It is a true honour to have gone through this journey with them and I am so blessed to be part of a now growing community of women and men who are up to BIG things in life, who stand for each others greatness and who ultimately are transforming the planet through their example.

Tonight I am left with a huge expansion of my heart, a massive flooding of connection and presence to the true abundance we are all capable of aligning to.

One of my beautiful participants gifted me with this amazing completion gift:

radical self love kelsey grant

My favourite flowers

Chocolate (my two fav’s combined vanilla and salt in dark chocolate)

and Oranges- an abundance of them.

Tonight I am so present to the beauty and abundance I bring into the world through my own transformation, my own healing and my own forgiveness. I have learned so much about myself through teaching the one thing I needed more of- forgiveness.

I can proudly say my intention for this course has been wildly fulfilled and I am so proud of each of the women who showed up each week, who did the work (and they all did) and who opened their hearts and minds to the incredible power of forgiveness.

The world is a better place today because of the internal work these women have invested themselves into. More love beams are now possible through the opening forgiveness provides. More brilliance and connection is now possible. More women in harmony with one another is now possible. More women connected to their truth and following their heart’s path is now what is happening- All because they were all brave enough to expand their knowingness of forgiveness.

Ladies I truly acknowledge you, for your courage, for your vulnerability, for your honesty, for your transparency, for your willingness, for your growth, for your acceptance, for your wisdom and most of all for your love. Thank you for be-ing. You have made my role as a teacher so incredibly fulfilling and for this I am deeply deeply grateful.

The better it gets, the better it gets 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Art of Asking- A Radical Self Love Lesson Day 68: 365 Radical Self Love Project

One of the biggest areas of growth along the journey of Radical Self Love is the process of identifying and owning our worth and inside of that awareness, being courageous enough to ask for what we truly want.

If we allow people to support us they will. Plain and simple. First though, we have to get over ourselves to make room for the support to come in. This means giving up stubbornness and the refusal to ask for what we need or want and be open to receive it.

“An act of courage is always an act of love” ~ Paulo Coelho

It is ok to know what you want and it is just as ok to ask for it.

abundanceHere is the thing we may not always get what we ask for. There is always a chance that when we put ourselves out there not much will come from it. However, in my own experience (and the most likely outcome) whenever I’ve come from an authentic, vulnerable and real place people generally step up to the plate and will big time surprise me. Like Amanda Palmers video below, I too have been blessed repeatedly by the generosity of people internationally, who believe in my music and want to contribute money and support towards enabling the process of music creation and all that goes into sharing the music with the world.

I had to get over myself big time and understand that receiving their gift was not only ok it was an amazing, kind and beautiful gesture of support. Every time I am given a gift that supports my music or my path I remind myself  I am worthy of receiving it because I now truly know what I am putting out there for people is incredibly valuable and healing. This one took time and there are still some days when my faith around my worth and value wanes. I am human after all.

Like anything though, the more comfortable I get with asking for help, making requests and allowing the universe to deliver to me in incredible ways- the more magical and generous the experience of being alive becomes. The juicy life lesson: As we love ourselves more we begin to develop a higher sense of self worth and value. The value we place on ourselves ripples into the value we place on others. As the internal relationship strengthens and harmonizes so does the relationship we have with abundance. 

Relating to people as the divine rockstars that they are.

ImagineIf we relate to people as their bigness and their greatness they will rise to meet the standard. People can only adhere to the standards we set. Therefore if we have a standard or belief that people are stingy, mean, unsupportive guess what? That is all they can ever be to you. Likewise if YOU switch your internal perception and raise your ideas and feelings about what people are capable of and what incredible possibilities await, you will be in for the most magical life ride.

If this is all new to you start small. Start re-framing your standards with one person in your life whom you’ve related to from a place of disempowerment, disappointment or judgement. People always have the capacity to change. It is our human nature to be in a constant state of change. When people make mistakes forgive them, doing so raises the bar of what is possible. By setting the bar higher you call them to their greatness and at the same time you call yourself to your greatness. Its a double win for both parties.

Practice asking for what you want. This will take courage. It will take facing your fears of rejection and shifting those thought patterns. It will most likely make you a little bit uncomfortable at first. As you begin the process of asking for what you want (from an on purpose heart space) on a regular basis your muscles of self confidence, self esteem and self love raise. When this happens the process of asking for that which you need becomes a more bliss filled empowered experience. For True 😉


A beautiful video on the Art of Asking for you Radical Self Love Lovers to enjoy!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


The Universe Has My Back and It Has Yours Too! Oh and My BIG Announcement!! Day 62: RSL Project

Sometimes all we really do need to do is ask. imgres

I know I have heard the phrase ask and it is given before and today I was honoured to see it manifest in full form before my eyes.

The past couple days I have really been feeling under my usual high vibe self. I’ve been worried about completely diving in and owning the fact I am choosing to follow my calling and teach Radical Self Love in the world. All sorts of false past beliefs have been showing up around worth and value.


While rationally I understand these beliefs are false creations, my emotions perceive them as very much real. This has given me the chance to do a lot of emotional cleansing and releasing in the past couple days. Pair it with a full moon in Aquarius, which was all about inner freedom and there is a mix for a whack-load of stuff to come up for me to evaluate.

485151_560735667278587_1885497669_nJust because a belief system that has always been there does not mean it is valid or needs to stick around any longer. The past few days have been a process of acknowledging and purging stale patterns which have only ever served the purpose of keeping me stuck, so a lot of them had to be cut from the KG team 😉 I truly feel like this full moon was an opportunity to evaluate which beliefs I would choose to continue with me along my journey so that I can truly experience new and more profound levels of freedom in all areas of my life.

I have chosen to replace my fear of lack with the belief of abundance and prosperity. This one seems to always be a work in progress especially when I reflect back on my relationship to prosperity a mere 4 years ago. I am choosing to anchor in this new belief pattern with the affirmation : It is safe for me to receive.

I allowed that affirmation to express itself to me fully today and boy did it ever. At the most perfect an on purpose times I would receive a kind word from a friend, positive feedback from a coaching client, encouragement to keep going and reaffirmations of the positive impact my work is having in the world. The Universe showed up today, in a big time abundant way.

All I had to do today was ask for support and be willing to receive it. Simple.

In the spirit of contribution, being vulnerable and putting things out there I am being encouraged by spirit to share something really big and exciting that I have been working on behind the scenes for all of you Radical Self Love lovers!

The big news:

September 2013 I will be officially launching my new Radical Self Love coaching platform and website!!!! Come September 1st I will only be rocking two options for one on one coaching- a 30 min RSL reset ($111) and a 30 day RSL coaching program ($1111) which I only have 3 spots for.

As of tonight until the end of the month I’m opening up the 30 min RSL Reset at the current price ($60) for anyone who is looking for a lil RSL boost and reset 🙂 If you are interested in rocking a sesh or getting more info on the 30 day program hit me up at

Oh and a lil extra bonus for anyone who rocks an RSL reset or signs up for the 30 day program before the official launch will get a complimentary copy of the ebook “Introduction to The Conscious Breakup- 15 Lessons of Radical Self Love”.

For true! All for you beauties! Mega love and appreciation for the space you all create for this beautiful blossoming to unfold! You are all so special to me!


Heart mists and Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Collaboration Is Where It’s At- Radical Self Love Meets “For the Girls” Day 59: RSL Project

Today is a very awesome day for the RSL community! 1173739_516433348438137_1081809221_n

A few weeks ago I was asked by Olivia Keane (co-founder of Keane 2 Be Fit) to collaborate and rock an interview for their new project called “For The Girls”. I was truly honoured to contribute and collaborate with Olivia. She is such an incredible soul with such positive, beautiful and bubbly energy. Her vision to empower, inspire and nurture women and girls towards their greatness is something I completely resonate with. Inside of this resonance I truly want to support her in fulfilling on her mission and contribute to her success. When a project like Olivia’s For The Girls succeeds in the world we all benefit. In other words it’s a double win. This is the power of collaboration and contribution.

To collaborate is something this world could truly use more of. The energy of competition is completely outdated and honestly brings forth lower energies and patterns of behaviour. Collaboration taps into a higher frequency. One where we understand that we are all part of an incredible global community and there is prosperity and abundance available to each and every person who is open and willing to align to this vibrational frequency.

Today I share with you our collaboration. In the theme of yesterday’s post about vulnerability and communication I’m sharing my personal story of how the Radical Self Love Project was born! It’s raw, it’s real and it’s radical 😉 If you vibe with the interview feel free to share it with anyone who you may feel would resonate with it as well! Spreading the loveeeeee it’s what we do!

Check it out Olivia’s Project For The Girls Here!

Radical Self Love to the Max!!