My Secret Sauce For Long Term Success- Day 360: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WOW! 5 Days left in this blogging project! After my very successful interview this morning with the beautiful Lisa Barnwell with her global conference Bumps and the Boardroom, I wanted to share with you all one of my near and … Continue reading

A Call To Men- Awakening The Collective Need For Healing: Day 316: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I was absolutely blown away when I watched this incredible TED Talk this morning by Tony Porter.

Tony is the founder of A Call To Men an organization in the states committed to the education and healing of the masculine. Their mission “To create a loving world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe”– pretty epic stuff.

In this awesome talk he explains the massive impact living in a world that robs men of their emotional expression and acceptance of their emotional nature, has on the collective consciousness and on our spiritual brothers.

It’s powerful and worth every second.

Enjoy and share. Lets keep this global conversation going.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL’s Feature Friday: Mike Hrostoski and the Conference for Men- Day 161: 365 Radical Self Love Project

OHHHH YEAAAAA LOVERS, It’s Feature Friday time!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI am so freaking stoked to introduce you all to Radical Self Love member Mike Hrostoski. Mike is an incredible man who is up to epic work in the world. He is a coach for men, a straight shooter and one of the most genuinely kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Why we love Mike and why he is our RSL Featured member today:

Mike’s whole policy in life is: The only thing that matters is LOVE. We totally get that and we are on the same vibe, BIG time. He has infused this deep wisdom into everything he does which means he shows up 100% in his life and anytime there is a possibility of making a difference for someone.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Mike Hrostoski

radical self love kelsey grantMike has what I like to call Sage energy. He is calm, collected and chooses his words very mindfully. To me this illustrates a deep respect and compassion for himself and for others. He only says what needs to be said and always from a space of love- which in this day and age is incredibly refreshing. There is a spiritual strength which radiates from him naturally and I know this has everything to do with his connection to his heart.

Mike is one of the few men I know who is paving the way, through his example, for men to bravely open their hearts and feel into life. I’ve experienced my fair share of closed off men, men who are completely disconnected to themselves, to others, to their spirituality and most important to love. Which I now know was just a mirror to my own disconnection and blocks to love- however there is still loads of room to help and support each other which is exactly what Mike is up to.

Mike is here to transform how men show up in this world. He works with men 1-1 to help them breakthrough the emotional chains men in our culture so often place on themselves. He teaches there is safety and security in being vulnerable, in feeling our emotions, allowing love in and truly expanding into our incredible nature and potential as humans. He is giving this gift to men through his work.

DSC_4145I have mad respect for the work he does and the example he sets in his day to day life. Mike is the person who is fired up and passionate and is willing to say the things that most people think but are too scared to actually speak. He gives our inner firecracker a voice. He is frank and honest about the way men are showing up in their relationships, in their lives and in the world- and gives a tangible, accessible and integral example for them to follow.

As a woman I am deeply touched and moved by the work he does. I am so lucky to have a partner who is on Mike’s vibe of awareness, and I know there are many women who have partners who are not. Mike is here to help that change. He sees the impact first hand on he female friends who are struggling with men in their lives who seem to have blocks to love. His whole mission is to help dissolve those blocks.

radical self love kelsey grantI also honour him for leading by example. After the sudden passing of his mom, Mike left his corporate job and set out on a year filled with self discovery, pro-bono work and establishing a life and career which called him to be his greatest version. This personal journey opened his heart and contributed mega blessings into this world. I know the journey of the heart can be a deeply vulnerable and raw experience. I am honoured to have such a powerful male example of what it takes to get real, do the internal work and to expand into one’s brilliance via opening the heart, the feeling of emotion, the radical honesty and integrity and the commitment to being a positive contribution to the world.

I am so excited to live in a world where there are more men like Mike- who are living their truth, opening their hearts and rippling their unique gifts into the minds and hearts of the masses.

Mike currently has two pretty big projects on the go

First, I am so stoked to share an incredibly exciting event Mike has coming down the pipeline for spring 2014. He’s hosting “The Conference for Men” where 300 men will come together in San Diego for a weekend of accelerated growth, internal clarity, a boosting of confidence and the experience of a brotherhood of likeminded and like hearted men to vibe in community with. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome.

His second project is called EXECUTE and  is a retreat for the entrepreneur who knows everything but who hasn’t done anything. Mike has assembled a team of experts to take six entrepreneurs from 0-60 in seven days. This glorious project takes place in a mansion in Phoenix, AZ. This project always makes me smile when I read anything about it. Simply because I know so many people who are running their own businesses, have so much knowledge and just aren’t applying it to their fullest potential. This rocking project sets to transform that. Also Pretty incredible

For a man making this world better one guy at a time, I am deeply grateful and such a proud and honoured friend! Lets show him some love and appreciation cause this work is HUGE!!!

More deets on The Conference for Men event here:

More deets on EXECUTE here:

To connect with Mike further:


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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The Beauty and Gift of “Sacrifice” Day 142:365 Radical Self Love Project

I learned a very valuable lesson about sacrifice this past week at Afest.

radical self love kelsey grantThe context to which I am giving meaning to the word Sacrifice:

Giving up something of a lower nature for that of a higher nature.

During this week away at Awesomeness Fest I totally allowed this principal to be present. I made the choice to enjoy this event without drinking. Being at an all inclusive and at an event where 50% of the event is social, networking and party time this was a big choice to make.

I chose to give up something of a lower nature for me (Drinking-I don’t feel very good emotionally, physically or spiritually when I drink) for something of a higher nature (incredible opportunities, lifelong soul connections and the amazing gift of presence).

Being sober attracted me towards a different group of people, inside of this I’ve had some of the most heart opening inspiring conversations and I am totally certain these conversations are beginning to develop into amazing friendships. It also made me a strong magnet for attraction. My energy channel was clean and a pure magnet for on purpose soul connections and some incredible opportunities for the future!

This lesson was incredible valuable because it has called me to look at what other “lower” things I have in my life that I can give up or sacrifice to allow more love and amazingness in!!! Going to the next level baby!!

Radical Self Love Project!


How Juicy Honesty Leads to Awesomeness Breakthroughs- Day 141: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Whatever you have to forgive, someone somewhere has to forgive something bigger.

images-2Right now I just finished listening to one of the most inspiring presentations at this years Awesomeness Fest. The beautiful Luminita Saviuc. She is the woman behind Purpose Fairy and Love Fairy– who incredible sites for inspiration and personal growth awesomeness 🙂

Real, honest and vulnerable. This is what she brought to us today. She shared a incredibly soul opening account of her life and her experiences growing up. To listen to the intense abuse her father inflicted on her and her family growing up made me really become present to- whatever you’re dealing with someone somewhere is dealing with something more intense.

The major give-aways from her talk really resonated with me and our vibe here at RSL. Check them out:

How people treat you does not determine your self worth. How you think is what determines your self worth.

  • The early childhood abuse lead to a development of an internal self abuse. Which then manifested in toxic relationships and struggle. This struggle became the deep catalyst for her immese growth and standing in her truth. She broke through and began to realize first hand that how people treat you does not determine your self worth. The only things that determins your self worth is how you treat you. How you feel about yourself and how you perceive the events of your life will determine your level of self worth.

Let it go.

  • Let go of the old to make room for the new, and you make room for new talents to emerge. Helps you become your own healing. “Your salvation will not come from the outside”. What determins who you are is what you do with that which was done to you, or that which you experiences. We will either attach to our own pain or attach to our greateness. When we do this we surrender to our serenity.

Healing from the inside out aka FORGIVENESS

  • If you do not heal the past it will keep showing up. When we hold on and refuse  you will keep recreating the same circumstances until we “get it” and extract the golden lesson and wisdom within each painful experience we have.
  • Give yourself permission to extend forgiveness towards those people who have hurt you and forgive yourself for being hurtful to people. We are all doing the best we can where we are at. Remember that.


Such an incredible presentation and a total reconfirmation of the power of self love!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


RSL Feature Friday: Olivia Keane- Day 140: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh ya baby!! It’s Feature Friday time!!!!

radical self love kelsey grantI am so incredibly stoked to introduce you all to the beautiful RSL member Miss Olivia Keane. Olivia is a burst of incredible high vining energy in the Universe. She is positive, motivating, inspiring, and BOLD. Olivia is the co-founder of Keane to Be Fit a fabulous company dedicated to spreading high vibes, health and the delicious awesomeness of fitness. She is a coach, inspiration speaker, teen mentor for self esteem and healthy body image, a personal trainer and educator.

This woman has truly embraced a no-limitations policy in her life. I know Olivia to be a incredibly dedicated, passionate, integral, respectful, responsible and hilarious human being. Every time I have had the pleasure of working or colliding with her we always have the most outrageous and ridiculously hilarious time. 

radical self love kelsey grantHigh vibes buzzing together and colliding just creates more high vibes. This is what happens every time Olivia enters the room, any room. Her energy calls people to step up and elevate who they know themselves to be. She is a boundary pusher in every single way. If you have a comfort zone you will soon be leaving it in her presence. She does this with her coy and mischievous nature and beautiful loving heart.

Why we love Olivia and why she is our Feature Friday member today:

She is a woman on a heart centred mission. Her whole reason for doing anything she does is to empower people, specifically women. This is part of the reason behind her new project For The Girls- a monthly interview speaker session for women, to increase self esteem, sisterhood connection and the beauty of self love.


Olivia’s deep intention to connect with people on a real level gives them access to actually stepping into their potential, embracing their greatness and truly shining and thriving in their lives. This is a HUGE gift to the people she meets and is a true contribution to the world.

1419998_10153421214950564_308253293_nOlivia is a master at coaching peeps how to break through the shit that holds them back. Her back ground in fitness and nutrition is a solid resource for anyone looking to increase their self love, self confidence and step into their purpose. She has learned quite well how to balance the masculine yang energies and the feminine yin energies within. Meaning she knows when some good solid butt kicking needs to take place and is completely confident in going their and calling people on their shit AND she also knows when to be gentle, nurturing and receptive. Her desire to embrace her inner goddess and come into greater alignment has allowed her the space to live a life of her dreams each day, expand the vision and scope of her company and branch out to make an even bigger impact in the world.

This woman has truly infectious positive energy and anyone who has the opportunity to meet and connect with her will know on a deep soul level the blessing of being in this goddesses presence. She is a true joy to be around and we are most honoured to feature her and all her awesomeness today!!!


Check out her new Project For The Girls here (You will find the interview we did together a few months ago):

Connect with Olivia:




Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!





An Experiment in Healing- Day 134: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A few days ago I was hit with a pretty intense back injury.

radical self love kelsey grantWithin a matter of a few hours a little tweak in my back turned into not being able to walk and barely being able to move. I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason and inside of this pretty intense moment in time I really wanted to understand the underlying cause and heal it.

What a lower back injury often represents:

radical self love kelsey grantThe underlying emotional cause for this area in the body is a fear of money and a belief of not being supported by life. The pain originated on my left side which is the side of the feminine which rules our ability to receive and being flexible and it occurred in spasm like spurts which indicate a tightening of the thoughts through fear.

What I interpreted this experience to mean:

I’ve been holding onto deep seated beliefs of lack and limitation and they are rooted deep in my cell tissue. This is blocking my ability to accept and receive not only financial abundance but energetic and emotional abundance. My disempowering thoughts of fear, not being supported and not trusting others showed up in a physical manifestation of not being able to support myself.

An experiment in healing

What this made available to me:

This entire experience firstly left me with the opportunity to finally surrender into the support of the Universe, the support of my body and the support of those around me. Being almost completely immobile meant I couldn’t do everything myself (which I am very good at doing), that I had to ask for help and that I had to open to receiving the love, help and support from the people around me.

It gave me time to actually do the work to heal my unconscious patterns. Being immobile meant over the past few days things so simple as writing a blog post, posting on our page, or even daily activities such as making food or getting to the washroom took considerably much longer than normal. This firstly had me realize how “fast” I usually go through life and there is so much amazingness available when I slow down, do all things with intense intention and how being in an experience of this magnitude had me train myself how to be completely present while doing anything.

radical self love kelsey grant

Secondly it gave me the space and time to actually do the work. Being busy and having a full schedule is a wonderful thing and it also is somewhat of a distraction. When I am so busy I have had a pattern of forfeiting time for me to look at myself, my patterns and do the work to heal them out.

If it weren’t for these past few days I wouldn’t have come to the realization right now that I really was still holding onto a lot of fear based thoughts in my body. Coming to this realization I was able to do the “work” to move those energies out of my body and out of my energy.

radical self love kelsey grantLast night was incredibly humbling. My partner had to help me get dressed, feed myself and get in and out of the bath. Inside of this experience I got to see love in action. I became very present to the deep love he has for me and that knowingness helped bring the love back into my consciousness. Right before sleep I had a major muscle spasm. He guided me through a relaxation and positive affirmation meditation and helped me relax into the now, release even more and surrender into the moment.

radical self love kelsey grantThis morning I was considerably more mobile compared to when I went to sleep. Before getting up I honoured this process by invoking a healing with my angels. I did an energetic healing visualization which allowed the stagnant, dark and fear based consciousness I had been holding to release from my body. I visualized the dark energies being “vacuumed” from my body and even then I still felt a sludgy heaviness in my lower back. I then visualized a tap at the base of my spine and opened it to allow the tar like energies to drain out. I envisioned a ball of while light scrubbing and rinsing out my cells and my back. While doing so I kept affirming “I release the beliefs and consciousness which created this and I release it with love”. I believe this entire process took about 45 mins.

Following making breakfast I listened to my intuition to do a crystal oracle card reading. The final card in the reading was forgiveness. Which I knew meant forgiveness was the access point to freeing myself from this physical prison I had created through my toxic thoughts and beliefs. I pulled up everyone I could recall whom I perceived had hurt me somehow or anyone I could recall whom I had harboured resentment or anger towards. One by one I called out their name and repeated “I release you from playing this role for me. Go in peace” then I visualized our energetic chords being cut.

This  was the turning point. Following completion of these healings my back began to gain mobility to the point where I was able to stand up almost completely unassisted and was able to shower and get ready on my own.

radical self love kelsey grantThis was a pretty intense lesson to have learned and I am so grateful for this experience. If it hadn’t happened like this I most likely would have never found the time to do the work on this level. There is such perfection in everything. If we choose to see it.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Dancing in the Streets- Lifts the Spirits Everytime- Day 125: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today my energy was lower than it usually is

radical self love kelsey grantNo matter what I did today I was just having “one of those days” where it’s just a little more challenging to stay positive and not get triggered.

I feel so blessed that today I had the support of my wonderful man around to be there when I needed to talk, rant and clear. He was there to give me hugs when I needed them, a shoulder when I needed to cry and some truly lovely words when I needed a pep talk/reminder of why I am doing everything I am right now.

Still I found myself walking around with the essence of a thundercloud over my head.

Sensing my inner tension my partner suggested we go outside, get some fresh air and go for a walk. Although slightly resistant I knew it would help.

We bundled up headed out into the foggy night and allowed the internal clearing to sink in a little more.

On our way home still sensing my “seriousness” my lovely partner began to twirl me in the street. This broke me out of being in my head and brought me back to the present moment. It made me laugh, it made me smile inside and out. With a new lightness in my step and in my head we continued our walk home. For this I am incredibly grateful.


As we approached our apartment we saw the most amazing thing.

A street dancing extravaganza

The dancerOne woman-all alone, dressed in a bright and bold outfit, dancing in the street. Her head phones where on, eyes were closed, totally in the moment, just dancing away to what looked like a professionally choreographed number. As I observed this incredible brave act of self expression I also witnessed the snickering of people walking by and it got me to thinking.

We are all mirrors

She was living her truth, living her life by her terms, doing exactly what made her happy in that moment and for it she was being judged by external passer-by’s. I have come to learn that the judgements of others are simply cover ups for the suppression of their own self expression. People who judge others especially in this sense, on some level, wish they could be that free, they wish they could have that much courage and bravery to step out and be different and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen we see someone living their truth it immediately highlights where in our lives we are not. This triggers us and instead of recognizing and saying “hmmm I’m totally going into judgement-what does this situation mean about me? Where am I not living my truth?”- we judge, ridicule and make fun of those who are leading by courageous example.

Dancing girl on the street’s of Yaletown I freaking acknowledge you

I acknowledge you for your bravery, for your courage, for your beautiful self expression, for your contribution of love energy into the world and for reminding me just how precious it is to live according to my internal compass and my heart. For this I am very grateful to you.

In the spirit of dancing in the street…

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


A Choice of Love is a Choice of Peace- Day 123: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When things aren’t going right go left.

radical self love kelsey grantSometimes in life we hit roadblocks. It’s just part of the process. The entire journey of Radical Self Love has taught me loads and heaps on how to deal with these roadblocks more effectively.

This afternoon I hit one. I was doing some adminy stuff for the website/company and it just wasn’t working. My past behaviour would have been to get super frustrated and keep going at it until it “fixed” itself. Instead today after the second attempt of resolving the issue failed, I stopped. I took a deep breath and I moved on.

The Tool of walking away, cooling off, giving some space and returning to love

Where else in our lives could we use such a powerful tool? A good time might be in the heat of an argument with a partner. Inside of relationship fights we are often so set on being right and making sure the other person is wrong that we will keep at it and hammering away at the same points, in the same fashion until one party gives up and the other one “wins”.

In my experience this isn’t winning at all. It’s enhancement of the ego and the ripple of fear, anger and upset into the world. I certainly have done this, many times. Every time I do I get the same result- more pain, more upset and more separation.

A choice of Love is a choice of peace

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I am ever learning to do is to stop the dysfunctional behaviour right away. Often times this means a cooling off period. This can be applied to anything. Blocked creativity, relationship blowouts, business problems- it really is the same solution. Stop “trying” to find the inspiration or the answer, instead get up, move around, get outside, go interact with people, focus on being of service, do anything that takes your mind off the issue and brings you back to the bliss of this present moment.

Through the process of diverting the attention off the lack or that which is not working, we free ourselves up for divine flow, creativity and inspiration to enter into our conscious awareness. This is when the miraculous solutions appear. We have to open to them. The only way we are open to, what I like to call Divine Intervention, is when our hearts are open. Our hearts are open when we are vibin in love and in the present moment.

I trust the solution will appear for the website and the admin stuff. For now I have chosen to let it go, focus on creating a wonderful forgiveness session for tomorrows classroom, planning my man’s bday present and showing up for my life in just a different way than I had originally planned today.

I know when I free up the space around the “issue” it will resolve itself very quickly and in a manor I could not yet see. So until that moment I will enjoy this one. I will savour the sweetness of this day. I refuse to allow a tiny setback today spiral my energy and day out of positivity land. I choose faith, I choose happiness, I choose surrender, I choose peace and most of all I choose love.


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


3 Steps To Breaking Down Walls and Letting Love In (My First Feature RSL Post)- Day 121: 365 Radical Self Love Project


Today is an exciting day in KG-land and for the RSL community.

OLM-Banner_SiteMy first feature article has been published on One Life Momentum!!!

I am honoured and so grateful to be able to contribute on this inspirational platform and share the message of Radical Self Love and Relationships to even more incredible humans!

For all of you interested in some more inspiration check out their fabulous website One Life Momentum

And for all of you lovers interested in some more juicy relationship goodness check out my feature post:

3 Steps to Breaking Down Walls and Letting Love In:


Let me know what you lovers think!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!