The Radical Self Love Project

The Radical Self Love Project began as a way for me to learn to love myself more plain and simple. The beginning of 2013 marked a pretty big breakdown in my life through the breakup of my relationship. The world as I knew it was turned upside down and I was faced with a choice. Handle the breakup as I had always done in the past (rock the drama, anger and deflection train) or do something I had never done before (embrace love, compassion and personal responsibility).

I somehow knew my access point to transforming my relationship to relationships was to start to love myself more. Enter The Radical Self Love Project. It began as a 30 day commitment to cultivating self love and morphed into a way of being which will forever be present in my life. I drew on all the tools and inner awareness I had cultivated so far and created  a program to strengthen my own self love. My breakup birthed my greatness and gifted me with an awareness of the ultimate relationship. What I’ve really realized through these past few months of deep soul searching, surrendering and releasing is this:

The most important relationship I will ever have is the one I have with myself. All of my external relationships with others are a purely a reflection of either my conflicted or harmonious relationship to self. 

I also knew I was gifted this opportunity of transformation to share it with the world. I now see Radical Self Love has been at the root of every lesson of contrast and every experience of flow I have experienced so far on my human journey.

As I made my way through this breakdown I took on ways of being I otherwise would never have. I began to heal myself which had an unexpected impact of healing my relationship. Through this journey of Radical Self Love I was able to, for the first time, experience the freedom inside of being myself. As I grew to love myself more my former relationship began to transform and blossom into the partnership I had been dreaming about my entire life.


What began as a personal journey has now transpired into a real time illustration of how to build a personal practice of being good to you. It is designed to inspire, support and guide anyone who is ready, to dive deep within themselves. This journey is intended to connect you with all you have been, all that you are and all that you will be.

Learning how to authentically love yourself is an ongoing adventure. It requires building the muscle of consistency and acting in alignment with who you truly are. There are five basic fundamentals which have shaped and continue to shape this project.

Commitment: Sticking with things even when it is no longer convienient and the ‘feeling’ of excitement has passed.

Integrity: Doing things as they are meant to be done, doing complete work, aligning your word with your being and actions.

Inspiration: Connecting to what lights up your soul and is the underlying driving force behind all you do.

Intimacy: Into-you-I-see me. By increasing our personal vibrations and awakening to the interconnectedness of all things the Radical Self Love Project begins to strengthen the relationship of who you know yourself to be. Through the experience of the external world we begin to profoundly understand its reflective nature. Getting to know others is the quickest access point to understanding all aspects of who you truly are.

Love: A way of being which illustrates the energies of compassion, acceptance, expansiveness and universal unity.

So for all those who are ready to rock the self love train, giddy up! Here we go on a 365 Day Radical Self Love Journey!

Only Love


14 thoughts on “The Radical Self Love Project

  1. “The most important relationship I will ever have is the one I have with myself. All of my external relationships with others are a purely a reflection of either my conflicted or harmonious relationship to self.”

    Kelsey, this is seriously amazing! I look forward to exploring your blog more and reading more of your inspiring words.

    • Thank you!! I’m so happy to hear the posts and affirmations are having a positive impact for you Shay! Looking forward to watching your Radical Self Love journey continue to unfold in the best ways imaginable! Big love from my heart to yours 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Carnell!! I’m so happy to hear this is all resonating with you so deeply! Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing an e-book, some online and local workshops and my one on one coaching application. Feel free to email me @ and let me know what specifically you are most interested in learning about and how I can most be of service to your journey and success 🙂 Much love and gratitude ~ Kelsey

  2. I would love to interview you for my new upcoming blog!! I remember when you started that project, seeing it in my fb feed and I was going through a very similar thing.. Thank you for being brave enough to shine your light:)

  3. Kelsey, I really hope we get to meet in the flesh some day! Since connecting with you in April I’ve enjoyed reading your blog every day, and you are such a sunshiny beam of light and goodness who inspires me daily! I love how authentically you live your life and the courage you have to share your story with the rest of us. Keep it up girl 😉

    • Awe Catherine!! Thank you love! I hope we have a chance to cross paths in person sometime soon as well! You have just made my day and filled my heart with even more gratitude and love. Thank you ❤ xoxox

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