Changing The World One Smile At A Time- Day 362: 365 Radical Self Love Project

A Smile Can Change Everything

Every time you radiate happiness you activate those same vibrations in anyone and everyone who crosses your path.

True story.

radical self love kelsey grant

Not everyone who comes into contact with this invisible feel good energy will become instantly happy. What will happen though- even in the grumpiest of grumps- you will stir their remembrance deep within. This remembrance calls us to really own and claim the beautiful knowingness that our natural state is bliss.

It’s not your job to convert people back to their bliss, your mission is to lead by positive example. As best you can be a model of love. One of the simplest ways we can model our connection to love is smiling at each other. When we smile and connect eyes with another human we illustrate our willingness to celebrate our deep connections to each other.

What about the people who shut down smiles or shut down positivity and love connections?

When people are uncomfy holding eye contact it’s often because they have shielded their heart and built some serious walls up to keep pain out. These walls also keep out bliss, keep out happiness- they keep out love. When we smile and hold eye contact with each other the love that is ever present within each of us wakes up. It gets giddy and excited to stir up blessings and extend this love outward. For those who are guarded this free flowing, combustable love awakening scares the shit out of them. Love is unpredictable, it’s free flowing and just can’t be controlled. It goes where it wants and it wants to go everywhere and make friends with everyone.

So if you come across one of these people today or any day for that matter, whatever they do, don’t take their actions personally. Remember they are putting up the guard because deep down they are scared. Relate to the human and vulnerable experience of being scared (cause we have all been there), activate your compassion and send them love any way.
radical self love kelsey grant

The Global Wake Up

The only way love can really wake up and have it’s way with someone guarded, is if love is awakened repeatedly from various access points. Feel good knowing you are one of the access points to their love remembrance. Trust they will awaken when they are meant to and be on your merry way.

Every time you share a smile you unconsciously invite people to return home to themselves- return home to love. The more people awakening to their truth and remembering who they actually are is our access point to long term sustainable positive global transformation. Your smile can change it all.

Be part of the love movement by abundantly sharing smiles and your amazing vibes with the peeps around you!! We change the world by changing ourselves, by becoming the best versions we can possibly every given day. Do what you can to ripple more love out today and give yourself a big ass high five for being the change baby!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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