Kickin It With The Conscious Divas! Day 321: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I am heading to an incredible event put on by my friends over at Conscious Divas!

Conscious Divas

Living Extraordinary – LIVE is a two hour event where 12 luminaries take the stage for 7 minutes each sharing their consciousness raising experiences and insights into living extraordinarily.

I am so excited to head out and mingle with some incredible peeps who are up to inspiring things in this city and in this world.  I am also so proud of my friend Kate Muker who is the woman with the vision behind the entire Conscious Divas community.

Kate is one of the most kind, caring and beautiful souls I have had the honour of crossing paths with here in Van. I am so happy to see her flourish and to see this amazing community grow to where it is now. Kate to me is a great example of having a vision, holding it in her heart and allowing it to unfold as it’s meant to.

radical self love

I met Kate when Conscious Divas was in its very early stages and I am really present to what is possible when a vision is held and consistent action is taken towards the manifestation of an ideal. Like anything in life our dreams take time to come to fruition and if we jump the gun and expect that because we have an idea it should just manifest immeditately we miss the beauty of growth and the entire point of the journey.

When we build anything in life it takes time, dedication, consistency and ‘right action’. Sometimes these right actions look like down time, self care, reflection, and taking things in a new direction. Kate and Conscious Divas is a beautiful illustration of what is possible when we let our hearts lead the way!

I am so so so excited for my beautiful friend and I will be celebrating her epic successes with a community of high vibin thought leaders, movers and shakers tonight. There are just a handful of tickets remaining so if you are interested in joining click HERE to register 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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