Miracles, Healing and Meditation- What An Ass Kicking Cold Had Taught Me- Day 309: 365 Radical Self Love Project

“Avoidance of meditation is delaying the unfoldment and awakening of your spirit” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

This week of being under the weather has been incredibly interesting. Not being able to “do” much I’ve been more or less “forced” to slow down, get still and listen.

radical self love kelsey grantIt was no coincidence that the week long meditation conference I was a part of took place during this week. As I’ve had time to get still and meditate more regularly than I usually do I am deeply present to the healing energy inside of a regular meditation practice.

I have found in this week that meditation has massively increased my capacity to heal my physical body and tune into gratitude during a time when the natural tendency of my thoughts would be to focus on whats wrong and whats not working.

Committed to tuning in and tuning up I’ve approached this time as divinely orchestrated for my highest good and potential. My access to this potential and ever increasing good is my ability and willingness to listen for what is real- listen for what is love.

Something really magical took place during my second cycle of meditation today. I became very present to how quickly the healing vibes flood in when I find myself in a state of allowing of it. I was listening to a guided meditation by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith who is just one of my all time favourite teachers. Prior to the meditation my sinuses were seriously blocked and my head felt like it was going to explode. I sat in meditation anyways. Within a few moments of tuning into energies of unconditional love my sinus opened up. I actually could breathe clearly and effortlessly for the first time in days. A miracle in real time.

What this week has really been bringing to my attention is all the spaces within my life where I am putting up roadblocks (energetically) to keep myself from fulfilling on my potential. I’ve had a chance to review my thought processes and get really present to the repetitive cycles of chatter in my mind. I’ve also had the chance to reflect on all the incredibly positive aspects of my life, my relationship and my path. I’ve also had to practice saying no- I can’t fully give to others when I am not at my best and so I have had to decline meetings, cancel plans and get some solid practice of hopping on the “no train”.

All in all while it has been a physically challenging week and a half, spiritually it has been phenomenal. I am so grateful to my partner for taking such good care of me, for my tribe and family for being there for me when I needed it most this week, and for all of you beauties who remind me every day to connect to something bigger than myself and to truly step into my fullest most brilliant potential! I am grateful for it all, I am grateful for you all ❤

With a full, happy and healthy heart I beam to you an abundance of blessings to take you through this beautiful weekend!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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