The Beauty of Trust- Day 308: 365 Radical Self Love Project

First of all big ups and  thanks to my friend Matt Corker for posting this on his blog yesterday. If you wanna see his original post you can do so HERE. Matt is an incredible human and I would highly suggest checking out what he is up to 🙂

Now onto the post for today. This video below is all about TRUST and why it is worth it.

As someone who has experienced breaks in trust in vary capacities throughout life I have sometimes struggled with opening to trust again. When a betrayal takes place the automatic response for most, myself included is to shut down. Doing so in the mind of the ego reduces the chances of being hurt or betrayed again. However our shutdown hearts are what often causes the experience to manifest again and again.

A shutdown or closed heart does not vibrate very high on the energetic frequency scale. As per law of attraction we attract what we are, we attract what we are vibrating. Our emotions will often give us very clear insight into where we are rockin on the vibes scale. A closed heart goes along with all the not so great feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, upset and more reasons to withhold trust. When we activate these vibrations repeatedly within our bodies and minds our energy fields begin to pull in people and experiences which are a compatible match for the vibes we are putting out.

If we want to change the result we must change ourselves.

To keep the positive vibes flowing we must learn to embrace a breech of trust from a new elevated perspective. When trust is broken we are being granted one of the most precious opportunities our spiritual paths will offer us- the opportunity to forgive and move forward more open and more brilliant than ever before. I like to think of it as a spiritual crossroads, when trust is broken I can either shut down my heart and take on the idea that people are shit and no one in the world can be trusted OR I can adopt the perspective that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have access to, that the Universe is friendly and its for me, and that anything I judge as wrong or bad about another is leading me to a greater understanding of what still requires healing within me.

If we want to go even deeper we can begin to look where in our own lives have we betrayed ourselves, broken our own trust in ourselves? I have found that anytime something manifests in my outward life it is a direct mirror to something within me that is ready to be looked at and healed through the lens of love. In my most recent experience of betrayal and broken trust- I chose to look within to find where I first betrayed myself and then I got to work on healing that area. That area was my self love. I had been giving up so much of myself I had become completely confused at who I was and where I stood in life. The outward betrayal in my relationship was the mirror for me to go within. My ability to trust again resided in my ability to trust myself first.


Broken trust is never an easy thing but it is the ultimate soul test- will you allow it to shut down your heart which ultimately means shutting down the beautiful gift that is you, or will you allow it to crack you open and shine your brilliance even brighter?

The key to moving through a break in trust is to allow yourself the space and permission to process for as long as you need, when you are ready, forgive (a shift in perception from fear to love), then quest to identify the blessing and in your time and in your own way release it.

Keep sharing, keep opening and keep trusting. The world is a beautiful place and people deep down just want to be good- sometimes tho they need a powerful example to follow.

Enjoy this video on the beauty of trust and why it is totally worth it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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