Dealing With Residual Anger and Upset On Your RSL Journey- Day 301: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Lets face it we all have a shadow and sometimes that shadow comes in the package of anger.

When delving into the path of self love and relationships we are bound to come face to face with any residual energies that originated from our ego/shadow self.

radical self love kelsey grant

The first thing to get about this is that IT’S OK to have anger, its OK to be upset, it’s ok to be having whatever experience you are having.

The thing about love is that it pulls up into our awareness everything that isn’t like itself so that it can be cleared- after we come face to face with all that is lurking in the background of our humanness.

Life often doesn’t go the way we’ve planned and when we develop our habitual patterns unconsciously as most of us have we begin to identify with the illusion of fear instead of trusting in the truth of love- and it’s supposed to be this way. If our human journey’s were meant to unfold another way they would. Plain and simple.

So with our humanness comes the anger and upset. This is especially present when we are heading to the next level of greatness. Before we level up we gotta leave shit behind that no longer serves us. Carrying our old anger serves no real benefit to us and our ability to expand into our fullest potential.

Before we can ever possibly let it go we have to admit that it’s there. Then once we have come back to reality about what is going on for us we can begin the process of responsibly processing and releasing our outdated anger vibes.

radical self love kelsey grant

How to rock this process responsibly and from the awareness of love:

1. You gotta come to terms with the fact that underneath it all you are freaking fabulous and an expression of the divine love of the Universe. You must get your brilliance.

2. You gotta make peace with the fact that sometimes you are going to feel shitty and its OK. Human beings are so blessed to be able to consciously experience the magic of duality. We get the sweet ass gift of being able to explore our polarities and be consciously aware of what we are doing. So incredibly fascinating.

3. You gotta be super in touch with yourself and what you need. Ask yourself am I a visual processor, an auditory processor, or a kinaesthetic processor. Do I need to talk it out (auditory), do I need to write it out (visual) do I need to work it out physically (kinaesthetic). Most likely you will have all three going on and at different points on your journey different modalities will be more or less appealing for the circumstances at hand.

4. You gotta get responsible for your energy. This isn’t about dumping your crap on someone else and activating those same vibrations in them. So if you know you need to talk it out hire a coach or a therapist who will create the proper space for you to say what you need to say within the context of safety and acceptance. If you need to write it out grab some paper, pens and get writing- under no circumstances should you ever give what you write to anyone- even if it’s “about” them it’s never actually about them. Save yourself from massive damage control and burn that shit once you are done writing it out. If you are a physical getter outer then get yourself into some high intensity activity classes, boxing, spinning, punching a punching bag- anything where you can rev up your energy and channel it into the physical outlet.

5. Balance your clearing with your spiritual practices. To honestly heal these lower vibrations we gotta get in touch with our higher ones. Meditation, meditation, meditation. It will save your life- literally. In your ability to sit still and quietly you will begin to change the physiology of your brain and your body = more calmness = more prevalent rational and emotionally balance = more freaking LOVE.

6. Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. There is no “by when date” for healing our emotional wounds. Healing whatever is there for you will take time and the amount of time is completely dependant on what you are dealing with, the depth and intensity of the healing, your access to tools and techniques and the most important- your willingness to make a change. Nothing changes until you do and lets face it there are times when we just don’t want to change a damn thing. If that is where you are at, just own it and when you are ready to heal it, just own it. Wherever you are is perfect for you and your journey. Keep your focus on the divine nature of your path and don’t let yourself get caught up in comparing to where others are at.

radical self love kelsey grant

We are all on our own unique journeys and we will all have unique challenges and areas to heal based on our lives, our karmic lessons and our hearts path. Give yourself permission to feel what is really there. To deny your suffering is to deny yourself. The only way to heal it all out is to accept it all and allow ourselves to come into peaceful acceptance of our suffering, pain and upset and allow our fear pains to be the catalyst for our transformation and our eloquent evolution.

So let yourself be angry (for a lil while), then let it go and allow yourself be lifted by the lightness of your new found freedom.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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