Celebrating 300 Blog Posts Introvert Style- Day 300: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies.

radicalselflove kelsey grantI am totally able and willing to rock out in my extroverted self every now and again- however as I go through my journey I am feeling less inclined to be out in public and am finding a lot of bliss in my introverted and solitude time.

My hunch is that this is just mighty prep time before life goes into another phase of busyness and lots of social activity and so I am savouring every ounce of the quietness and the bliss that comes along with it.

Today marks the 300th blog post I’ve written in 300 days. My mind is actually boggled by this. To think that I have already written 300 days of content is truly amazing. Every day I am on this self love journey I open a little bit more to acknowledging and really owning my wins.

This my friends is a massive win and I chose to celebrate in a more introverted way.

I woke up this morning really feeling the call to go inward. Some days are just like this. I was supposed to be speaking at a workshop tonight and my energy just wasn’t feeling high or all that aligned. I went about my morning as per usual, snuggles, gratitude, hydration, meditation and then I recieved word that in some weird turn of events there were only 4 people confirmed for tonight as everyone who wanted to come was heading out of town for the long weekend. Coincidence..probably not.

So I tagged in with my facilitation partner, reflected on why this was taking a different turn and surrendered. We could have fought upstream but that wouldn’t have felt good, and the point is to feel good. Instead we flowed with it, we found an alternative date that is much more aligned and gives ample space and time to promo and prep and rescheduled. That felt much better- and that is the point.

With the workshop resolved and set into it’s new dates I could go about my day in the quiet solitude my soul was craving. I’ve had the pleasure of doing reading, researching, reflecting, writing, catching up on all my admin work which I actually really love doing, rocked a coaching sesh with my amazing coach, made a litre of green juice and stayed cuddled on the couch all day rockin out my work vibe from under a cozy blanket.

So to celebrate this incredibly milestone I am going to take it easy on myself, let myself really feel into the goodness of this accomplishment and probably nerd out and do more reading and researching tonight. I seriously love my life and my very clear ability to step up, play big, maintain balance and really freaking enjoy it all.

What can you acknowledge yourself for tonight? You do so many amazing things and it is time you give yourself some mad credit for the amazingness you create in your own experience. Go ahead give yourself some encouragement you have completely earned it!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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