Dissolving Resistance And Opening To Abundance: Day 297: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Acceptance, resistance and abundance have been the dominant themes of today.

Given that we are about to experience a pretty stellar lunar eclipse tonight (more on that HERE ) it is no surprise to me that these were the dominant topics of conversation today. To put it very simply these eclipses which happen every 6 months allow us the opportunity to anchor in new patterns, routines and ways of being.

The intentions we set and the actions we take during the time of an eclipse set us up for the next 6 months. Great ideas for times like these are immersing into positive habits, establishing a meditation and gratitude practice, practice loving kindness in our communication and actions and really contemplating how we would love the next 6 months to shape up.

If we want to see the fruits of abundance manifest we must plant seeds of that nature. The eclipse is a time where we plant those seeds and then begin to cultivate them to create the conditions for their manifestation.
radical self love kelsey grant

How does this all fit with the theme of acceptance and resistance?

What we resist persists and what we fight we strengthen.  One thing that really sums up our human experience is dichotomy. The human experience is absolutely divine in its exploration of polarities- opposite energies. We all have masculine and feminine energies, shadow energy and light energy. Human beings are expressions of duality in action.

When we resist this natural component of our nature we essentially cultivate the conditions internally for upset and fear to take charge. Meaning when we think we “shouldn’t” be having the experience we are having, we activate the first stage of going to war with ourselves. Our internal state reflects our outer reality, so when we are at war with ourselves by resisting the fact we have shadow aspects AND light aspects, we begin to create conflict outside of ourselves.

Our access to freedom, peace and abundance.

Our freedom from this inner battle is acceptance. Acceptance is the access point for dissolving the charge around any disempowering experience we are having. When we come into acceptance-which means getting truly honest about what is actually happening and how we are actually feeling about it, we create energetic space within.

When there is space within us we can begin to call in higher energies and fill those spaces with light. Our darkness or shadow aspects are the access point for the light to enter. When we deny this very human experience or get down on ourselves because it isn’t “conscious” or “loving” to be angry, afraid, frustrated, upset or whatever is there for you, we make the shadow stronger.

Getting Real

When we get real and get honest with ourselves we begin to notice a really magical transformation occur. In the face of accepting whatever experience we are having we set ourselves free from the shackles of fear. As we do this our energy relaxes, we become lighter, and our vibration begins to increase.

radical self love kelsey grantAs our vibration increases we become

  • Magnets for goodness
  • Magnets for joy
  • Magnets for celebration
  • Magnets for abundance
  • Magnets for love
One of my favourite tools for activating this acceptance is this:

When I am having any experience of contrast I call it out directly. I tell the truth on myself then I anchor in that even though I am having that experience I still love and accept myself. It goes a little something like this:

“Right now I am having an experience of feeling angry (name the experience/feeling). Even though I am currently having an experience of anger, I love and accept myself fully. It is completely ok to be having this experience and in this acceptance and awareness I can now freely choose how I want to feel and what I want to activate in me going forward. I give myself permission to feel what I need to feel, process what I need to process and release what I need to release all for my highest good and the highest good of all involved”.

Coming into the practice acceptance of what is true for us is a muscle and like all muscles in order to grow they must be built through repetition and consistency. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself tonight is take some quiet self love time for YOU and consider how you want to BE and what you choose to embody in the coming 6 months.

How do you want to be known for handling challenges?
What ways do you intend on taking care of your physical vessel?
How are you going to talk to yourself?
In what ways will you consciously choose to practice self love?
What are the routines and actions that have you be at your best and how will you create your life to include them?

Give yourself permission to be one with your humanness, to embrace your shadow, to allow those “negative” parts of you to direct you into greater experiences of love, kindness and joyful self expression. Your access to abundance resides in your ability to feel good. Tonight on the eve of this eclipse set yourself up for greatness. Allow tonight to set the tone for the next 6 months, giving yourself permission to feel good and practice being the best possible version you are capable of.

If you are really vibin on this content and want to go a little deeper we are hosting a LIVE workshop this Thursday on Divine Compensation and Abundance Consciousness, so if you are in the Vancouver area and want to come join the conversation we’ll be rockin it starting at 7pm. More details HERE

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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