Some RSL For The Younger Generation- Day 287: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I came across this wonderful video. I shared it on the page but I felt it was pretty powerful and important and was worthy of a share on the blog too!

What I love about this video is seeing the promotion of self love and self confidence beginning so young. I truly believe to really see a massive shift in the collective consciousness the way we bring up our kids will begin to embody more and more self love principals.

While it is very important to get kids inner dialogue vibing in the positive direction there is additionally so much we can do as adults to support them in understanding what those words and affirmations mean to them. Starting meaningful dialogue and creativity exploring are two fabulous places to start.

One of the most important teaching tools in my opinion is for us adults to lead by example. Kids pick up on our lead big time and I believe one of the best ways we can support youth in developing positive self esteem, constructive self talk and epic amounts of confidence is to be an example of it. Be the change baby!

So for all you who may have missed this mornings post here the video is again, and for all of you who saw it feel free to watch again and be inspired by the epic cuteness and heart opening expression of a father to his daughter!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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