Time For Some RAW Beauty- Day 277: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The Raw Beauty Conversation

For the past few months there has been loads and heaps of conversations within the women in my circles about returning to our raw and natural states of beauty, strippin off the makeup and powerfully standing in our natural gorgeousness.

I am in full support of this movement among women and I see this having a massive impact in the ways in which we are able to love and accept ourselves fully.

After being tagged in 3 “raw beauty” pictures in 24hrs I knew it was my time to step it up, take off the makeup and beam my au natural look out into the world.

radical self love kelsey grant

Since doing the yoga challenge I’ve felt less inclined to wear makeup period. My skin has been lookin great- taking off the makeup allowed my skin to breath and amping up the yoga allowed all the toxins an avenue to get out. The result a yummy naturally glow.

I also found through out that challenge that I was feeling better about myself on a physical and emotional level which again lessened the need for make up in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong I still love doing my make up and getting “girly” but my intentions behind why I’m doing it have shifted. Its no longer about being prettier, or trying to impress someone- I do it because I feel good and I do it for me.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen I do it for me I can be in the flexibility of my experience and on the days where I really don’t want to wear makeup (which is pretty often these days) thats cool and on the days that I really want to wear makeup thats cool too. My entire journey has been the process of detaching my self worth from outward appearances and outward approval towards the inner knowingness of my worth.

Now the only approval that really matters to me and my journey is mine.

To join in this Raw Beauty movement you can check out our friends over at Raw Beauty Talks since they are really rocking the space to open this conversation up for women. Additionally I invite you to take your own raw, no makeup, no filter- beauty pic and post it on our wall or your own. Tag with #rawbeautytalks #RSL and lets keep this gloriously beautiful movement rocking!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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