Self Love and Self Care Fill Up Day- Day 275: 365 Radical Self Love Project

To keep myself in tip top energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental form I take frequent personal development days.

These are days where self love and self care are number 1 priority.

Today was that day for me today.

I spent the morning with my man- we had a nice casual wake up with the sun beaming on our faces, took a lil morning walk to the store, got coffee, came home and made a fabulous breakfast- banana chocolate chip gluten free pancakes. YUM

radical self love kelsey grant

Then when he left for work I decided to take the day for my self care.

I did a little cleaning and organizing.

A little work- mostly brainstorming and creative sparking work.

Then I rocked an afternoon seawall run.

radical self love kelsey grant

Took some beautiful pictures and finished it off with a stellar meditation in the mini forest a few blocks from my house. I found this massive boulder overlooking the ocean, put on a meditation track and sat in stillness and honest bliss.

radical self love kelsey grantDuring my meditation all the people I sensed walking by the rock I was sitting on I beamed energetic love and blessings to. Then I hopped back on the seawall and finished the last leg of my run.

radical self love kelsey grant

Days like this are not a luxery they are a neccessity. For me to really show up for life, show up for my clients, show up for my friends, show up for my family and show up for my partner I have to first show up for myself. I know when I need KG fill up time and it happens every week.

Every week I take time to fill up my tank. I don’t always get an entire day like today but I always make time for at least a few hours each week to fill my heart and soul right back up onto the high vibe train.

When I do this my creativity soars, my intuition is sharper and more attuned, I’m way more productive and I am so much easier to get along with 😉

Your self care is important and if it isn’t a top priority yet that’s ok- we are all works in progress- start where you are at. If you can fit in 30 minutes a week just for you start there and work your way up. Make yourself your priority and by doing so the rest of your world will begin to thrive BIG time!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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