The Magic Of Solitude- Day 267: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Yesterday I really needed some alone time.

This has been a pretty big and pretty emotionally taxing week. With all the emotional ups and downs I needed some serious self lovin KG time.

I opted to not go out to a bday party my partner and I were invited to and instead stayed in to have some solo time.

I went out and got fresh ingredients and make myself a delicious meal ,poured myself a nice glass of vino and just embraced the beauty of a quiet and clean apartment.

radical self love kelsey grant

After my dinner I invested the majority of the evening studying and finishing up some modules for B-School.

When my brain was all maxed out I picked up the guitar and channeled my feelings and emotions into music. I came across a really beautiful song while I was studying and thought “hey what they hell I’m going to learn that tune tonight”, and I did.

It took about 20 mins of playing but I learned the tune and sang and played until my man and my roomie came strolling in around midnight.

It was the perfect way to begin to charge up my vibes and make sure I received what I needed to keep it up this week. There is so much depth and richness in creating the time for solitude.

Exactly what I I have a new tune I can add into my repertoire 😉

If you need time for yourself this weekend, take it. You are worth it and it is completely ok to spend time flying solo doing the things that light you up and nurture your precious heart. 

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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