B-School- Accountability-High Vibes and Rockin New Directions- Day 263: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I had the honour of connecting for the first time over Skype with my B-School accountability partner.

In choosing to do this program as it’s designed I decided to step out of my comfort zone in a big time way and reach out to a fellow B-Schooler that I didn’t know to create this dynamic.

Why oh Why Did I Do This?

doodle-marie-bschool2-308x400Well it’s simple, for me when I have a pre-existing relationship with someone there can be a tendency to play safe on both sides. There is more at stake if a accountability partner who is a close friend calls out a way of being or something we said we would do that we haven’t done. It leaves the space for bruised ego’s and for potential friendship upsets if either party shows up in the friend zone instead of the accountability zone. Basically I want to work with someone who isn’t afraid to call me out if I need it and be incredible supportive at the same time.

I also love the vibe of being with someone I don’t yet know and having the opportunity to create myself as someone who plays BIG, follows through and is a rocking support partner. I also love that I get to create her the exact same way. Double win for both of us!

The dynamic with someone new is comparable to the objectivity that occurs in a coaching session. Full transparency, full accountability and a ear who will listen for greatness.

I made the agreement this morning to show up, play big and always relate to my partner as a woman who is fully capable of achieving everything she sets out to do.

The call was incredible and so inspiring. We are definitely similar in some respects and quite different in others. I love this dynamic because it means there is so much potential for us both to learn from one another.

My B-School accountability partner is a powerhouse. She’s high vibin, driven, authentic, creative, transparent, honest, respectful and such a delight to chat with. I’m seriously so pumped for this new chapter, for this new level of greatness and for the new directions I can already see my business taking. If you wanna check out all the awesomeness she is up to you can do so HERE.

B-School is going to be a wild ride and I’m ready baby!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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