RSL Feature Friday: Mark Groves/ Create The Love Day 252: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Guess what lovers?!!! Feature Friday is back!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Christine Chang PhotographyToday I have the great honour and pleasure of introducing you all the the fabulous, hilarious and tells-it-like-it-is, Mark Groves.

Mark is a dear friend, one of my soul family mates and my go-to guy for my relationship coaching. Every coach needs a coach and Mark’s non-nonsense approach cuts through all the fluffy bs and lasers in to the core of what is up and then brings a funny, compassionate and honest perspective to the table. I value him greatly and am so pumped to share what he is up to with you all.

Mark is an expert in human connection. It’s his deep passion and he thrives on it. He brings it to his work in sales and his passion of speaking and writing about relationships. He is a regular contributing author for the online women’s magazine “The Purple Fig” and a contributing author for “Plenty of Fish”.

One of the qualities I love muchly about Mark is how he is a living example of the work he teaches. For me this is HUGE, we are living in a time when inauthenticity can be spotted a mile away and is massively ineffective when it comes to any industry that deals with matters of the heart. His non-nonsense- I will call you out on your BS- in the most loving, compassionate and hilarious way- is incredibly refreshing and majorly effective.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Christine Chang Photography

I’m extremely selective with who I choose to work with, the advisors I keep around me and the coaches I work with- Mark is my #1 choice when it comes to anything relationship/romance wise. He is kind, funny, very observant and has a massive talent for spotting relationship blindspots and coaching in such a way to bring forth a breakthrough for BOTH people. That is a win in my books. My relationship thrives because of the support, perspective and wisdom this man brings into my life. He stands up to me when I need it and is compassionate and gentle when the situation calls for it. He is a light in this world and we are so blessed as a human community to have Mark here beaming his brilliant perspectives and wisdom about men, women, psychology and the science of what makes great relationships really work.


Why Mark is our Feature Friday today:

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Christine Chang PhotographyMarks mission is simple to cut through the bullshit we all have been known to talk about relationships. He brings our awareness to the fact that we as humans are so quick to make excuses about why our relationships aren’t working and why we aren’t happy deep at the core of our experience. This way of being in love is so ineffective and it robs us all of the immense pleasure and deep connection we are all capable of creating inside of our romantic relationships. Mark is here to shine some light for our global community to remind us all that we are the only ones who can do the work to make our lives and relationships thrive. He gets in there right away with his direct straight talk so that the people he works with can access the courage to overcome their fears, talk about them openly and powerfully, learn to become more vulnerable with their partner, leave the relationships that are toxic and dysfunctional and build the skills necessary to create any relationship they are in now or in the future to be strong, healthy and vibrant. That mission dear friends is in complete soul alignment
with what we are up to here at Radical Self Love.

We absolutely adore Mark’s perspective on self love:

“The path to great connection is through how we feel about ourselves. It is only through the belief in our own self worth that we can kick away the shit quickly and choose partners that help us grow. When we love ourselves we no longer tolerating flaking, breaking of trust, and anyone who is not treating us the way that we deserve. We talk a lot about the partner we want and the qualities and features that describe this “ideal” but are no willing to be that ourselves. Self-love to me is living this list. It’s about recognizing that we can’t ask someone else to be what we are not willing to be. Helping people become the ideal version of themselves is what provides this “worth” that can’t be messed with. That feeling we get when a person walks in a room and we can just sense the confidence. Not arrogance. That comes from a place of fear and insecurity. The kind of confidence that not only makes me wonder what kind of underwear she’s wearing(chances are they’re regular cotton) but also to introduce her to my mom. (soon enough mom… relax).”

Such a gem!

Mark’s legacy-

to kick complacency in the ass, by helping people build confidence, strength and skills to overcome their relationship fears and create the love they want- is a beautiful mission we support 100%.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Christine Chang PhotographyWe truly admire the courage Mark has displayed by using his own life experience (the ending of a 5 year relationship) to go within and deconstruct and then reconstruct his perception of relationships. His inner work led him to this incredible soul mission and we couldn’t be happier to have this wonderful man roaming the world preaching some super high vibing-soul shaking-relationship and intimacy real talk.

You lovers will be seeing more of this fabulous guy as RSL partners with him this year to bring to you some more relationship and self love training, events and pure fabulousness!

To connect with Mark you can follow his current project here:


This man’s wit and hilariousness makes my heart so very happy and it is a true privilege to call him a friend, brother and mentor. I am so blessed 

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!
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