Cha-cha-cha Changes Are A Comin’ And It’s A Fabulous Thing! Day 251: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We are about to head on a new epic adventure here at Radical Self Love.

After some amazing soul connections and a RSL workshop tonight I am very clear the direction we are headed is about to shift.

The divine energy that guides this project and this journey has directed me to come into the acceptance that our workshop format is about to changeeeeeee!!!

radical self love

I used to really be resistant to change- now I embrace it (for the most part) as the access to greater levels of connection and service.

My workshop facilitation partner and I are going to be sitting down in the next week and jam out all the details of this new change. It is time to level up and while it has been absolutely incredible sharing space with local peeps every month we are about to enter into a beautiful phase of growth which will allow us to include more of our global RSL family.

I absolutely LOVE that. I experience so much joy and happiness connecting with our global tribe and this change to the workshop format and frequency will allow us to embrace and connect with more of you love faces!!!

As the details are given to us we will be sharing them with you! Until then lets celebrate the amazingness of this moment, all the brilliant blessings that these monthly workshops have graced us with and seriously acknowledge the incredible souls who I have had the divine honour of connecting with over these past 8 months of local workshoppin!

I love and appreciate every single one of your beautiful souls who have shown up to share energy with us and I am so excited to keep moving, evolving and connecting with you all on a greater and more fabulous level going forward!

Change is always good for the soul- even if it doesn’t occur that way to our minds.

Embracing the winds of change as they are breezing through this chapter of the experience 😉

So much love and appreciation from my heart to yours ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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