Mega Radical Self Love Emerges When Four Women Participate In A Photoshop Experiment: Day 247: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I watched a fabulous video on UpWorthy. This video showcased 4 women who were given model makeovers and how they embraced the final result was astonishing.

We are all constantly bombarded with images and ideals of what it means to be beautiful, feminine and attractive. A lot of women get into the trap of thinking when I look like this I will be happy. And base those ideals on unattainable and unreal representations of reality.

This short video shows the journey of 4 women who when they see the final results of the makeovers and photo shoot have a absolutely incredible Radically Self Loving response.

Watching this was a fabulous reminder to me of how powerful we truly are, and even though these “messages of beauty” that we are constantly exposed to may be powerful it is no match for our inner knowing and the power of Radical Self Love.

Watch and be inspired 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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