Being Who You Are IS Enough- Day 246: 365 Radical Self Love Project

This morning I was reminded of a very valuable life lesson:

Being who I am- just as I am in this moment- IS enough.

radical self love kelsey grantJust like anyone else I have my days where I just don’t feel like showing up for the day and being interactive with people in my life. This morning was one of those super introverted feeling days.

I had given my word to attend a presentation/seminar session this morning. When I got really honest with myself I was just not feeling social. Plain and simple.

Even though I had these “feelings” I chose to honour my word and show up. While on route there I became a little more open to the idea of networking with a group of strangers but still was feeling resistant.

Then I gave myself the real talk pep talk

I went to the washroom and just had a few minutes to collect my thoughts and my vibes. I reminded myself that there is ALWAYS something of value to gain out of any experience and my access point to seeing it is shifting my perspective.

The shift in perception looked like this:

Instead of being focused on not wanting to connect and keep to myself I asked my inner guide for support. I said “What would you have me do or say to be of ultimate service right now for the highest good. Gently guide my thoughts and my energy to the perfect people and situations to honour the divinity within us all”.

Then I walked out of the bathroom.

I ended up connecting with some super sweet people and completely enjoyed the entire presentation.

Afterwards someone who had been at a lecture I had recently done (Getting to the Core of Confidence) appeared right in front of me. We celebrated the familiar faces in each other. Then he said something fabulous and forever impactful.

He said:

“Honestly this morning I really didn’t feel like being here, I didn’t want to connect, talk to anyone or be social (sounded familiar ;)) but then I saw you when you walked in and immediately your energy just had me feel better, you reminded me to surrender and reconnect within”.

WOW – Just WOW.

Because of a lecture I had led nearly a month ago, in which I surrendered and allowed source to speak through me, the impact of that night had remained in the heart and mind of this lovely man.

Just by literally showing up this morning, the presence of my energy positively impacted someone else, whose day may have gone a very different way if I had listened to my ego this morning when it tried to convince me to cancel because I didn’t feel like being social.

In that divine exchange I was deeply reminded that my spiritual work here takes many forms and one of the most profound expression of my divinity comes just by being myself. By showing up to life- however it looks- however I’m “feeling” I have the opportunity to ripple this positive and divine remembrance towards those who may need it the most.

When I run the selfish story that I am not enough I rip others off from remembering who they truly are by seeing themselves in my love filled reflection. We are all so important and worthy of being here and the more we show up for life the more we help each other remember who we are and why we are here.

Show up for life- shine- let others see you, because it is in that seeing you ultimately lead others towards truly seeing themselves in all their divine glory- through your reflection. YOU have the power to do that- if you show up for life and rock your awesomeness like I know you can!!!


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Join our 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey HERE and shine that beautiful light of yours out even brighter!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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