A Beautiful Day Spent With Beautiful People- Day 244: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I am so very present to the abundant beauty in my life.

This morning kicked off with an incredibly powerful and soul inspiring coaching sessions. Showing up for life in this flow of service is incredibly fulfilling and as I witness the moment of breakthrough there is a very obvious shift in energy. People become softer, their eyes begin to twinkle, their bodies relax into the perfection of the now and their hearts open.

I witnessed this exact transformation this morning on my first client session of the day. What a fabulous way to kick off the day.

Then it was off for some family funtime!

Shopping, laughing, sushi, coffee, photos and completed the day extravaganza with a family workout! So rad!!

Then onto one last work call for the day and we are wrapping up this beauty of a day with a delicious homemade dinner, some vino and relaxation.

Life is good and I am so blessed.

radical self love kelsey grantMy invitation to you tonight is, where ever you are, however your day went close it out or start it- depending where you are in the world, is to stop what you are doing and connect to 7 things you are deeply grateful for and can appreciate right now.

When we dwell in gratitude we make this entire world a more kind, friendly and beautiful place to be. Thank you all for stepping up, showing up to life and beaming out the beautiful energy of love. I honour, appreciate and deeply respect each and every one of you love faces!!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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