Why Having FUN Makes You MORE Effective and Productive- Day 242: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tomorrow we kick off our 9 week RSL Relationship Course adventure and I’m so so so stoked!

I’ve been investing a lot of time and energy this past month in prepping it all and getting ready to rock. With all the intense work that has been going into it, in true Radical Self Love fashion today is a day to balance those energies.

It is a day of rest, a day of fun.

A day to enjoy time with family and just play.

When we are so busy and wrapped up in life it can seem super challenging to take this time away to relax. This relaxation time is so so so important and it increases your success and impact.

radical self love kelsey grant

Having Fun = Better Ideas

When you are taking time to have fun and enjoy life your energy is at an all time high. When our energy is at an all time high we are in perfect alignment with divine inspiration. Meaning we are the most open and receptive to new ideas.

When we step away from the busyness and working intensely we free our bodies and minds up. When we are in this state of expansiveness we are in flow. Flow is the real state of creation. All purposeful things happen when we are in a state of flow.

The State of Flow

Have you noticed the days that you are happy things just work seamlessly? There is a higher level of synchronicity? There is an air of ease and grace that floats through all that you do? People who you want to talk to somehow magically appear?

It’s designed this way for a reason. We are meant to be happy, our natural state as human beings is bliss. It is our birthright to be happy and fulfilled. The space for fulfillment and happiness is created when we are enjoying ourselves and enjoying life.

The Impact of Positivity and Flow In Work Environments

This is why work environments that encourage their staff to play, take time off and be silly and playful with each other are the most profitable. Energy is attracted to positivity. When people are happy, energetically they are more attractive. People naturally want to feel good and so they gravitate towards the happy companies. More people attracted into the company filled with positive and amazing people = higher conversions and sales revenue. Period.

Another great thing happens when people are playing and having fun with their lives and their work…the slimy, off purpose marketing and sales tactics that many companies use become majorly ineffective and people begin to see through all that shit.

New Level Integrity

Meaning the companies which encourage states of happiness, harmony and enjoyment must operate at a very high standard of heart filled integrity. It’s a new wave of business. Heart centred marketing meaning what is good for the highest good of all involved. Powerful stuff. This means products increase in quality and integrity.

Back to Life

When we transfer this to our personal worlds, when we take the time to play and have fun, it is much easier to identify and remove energies and people who are rocking shady vibes or ulterior motives. We begin to surround ourselves with like minded and like hearted people naturally because like energies are drawn to like energies.

It also makes you way more effective with your time and tasks. When I am feeling good and enjoying my life I can complete a work list that could take a full 8 hours in a fraction of the time. In this state I am not taken off track with distractions. Our minds are our biggest distractor, with the chatter of the monkey mind we become majorly unproductive. When we are happy and having fun our minds are clear giving us way more space to get shit done and get it done well.

This is why today I am taking the day to have fun, to play, to enjoy my life and the ones in it. Tomorrow is a big day and to show up in the best possible way I will play today 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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