A Week Of Love: Day 1 Anonymous Love Letters – Day 234: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self LoveWell lovers since Feb is the month of LOVEEEEEE and with Valentines Day a few days away and our Radical Self Love Relationship Course just over one week away I’m going to bring out a week of love and relationship posts for ya’ll!

I have found that one of my passions and areas of natural talent reside in the land of relationships. I have been gifted this beautiful ability to guide people through their relationship challenges with ease and grace and full on enjoyment. I get so incredibly jazzed about talking about relationships, coaching about relationships and rocking the high vibin train in relationships of all kinds.

So I’m going to share the love with you all!

For the next 7 days I’ll be posting a relationship related blog for you all to enjoy. Some days it may be an exercise to increase the love vibes, other days it may be practical advice on rocking your relationships even more. I’m not entirely sure how each day will look but I do know it will be amazing.

I am going to kick this week off with an invitation.

Radical Self Love Letters

IMG_0783A few years ago I had a weekly ritual of gathering the family and writing anonymous love letters and then giving them away to strangers in the time between our family gatherings. My invitation to you is simple:

Starting tomorrow, join me in writing one anonymous love letter to a stranger each day for 7 days. It doesn’t have to be long, just a kind note that you can give to a stranger to brighten their day. The context I always use is this:

I write the exact letter I would want to receive. Plain and simple. Some letters are longer, some are shorter but they are always filled with love.

Then once the letter is written I give it away to a stranger. Perhaps a clerk at the grocery store, a person standing next to me on the street, a person having a solo meal. I let my heart guide me to the person who my higher self declared would benefit the most from receiving the positive love boost.

Radical Self Love

For the next week I will be taking a picture of each love letter and posting it to our Facebook Page. Anyone who wants to hop on this love parade is welcome to do so. I invite you to share a picture of the love letter on our Facebook page, Tweet it to us or tag us on Instagram.

Hashtag all pictures with #RSLletters and lets get the love flowin baby!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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