Love, Nail Art and Desire Mapping: A Day In The Life of a Radical Self Lover- 232: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Life is magical and full of miracles, abundance and beauty if we are open to seeing it.

A day in the life of a radical self lover

This morning I awoke to a beautiful offering to receive a lil pampering and have my nails done with some beautiful Valentines goodness. What a wonderful way to start the day!!

Before heading out to my nail appointment I met up with a precious girlfriend caught up, shared insights and vibed high on the amazingness of life. So grateful for friends like these. In this conversation she helped me to remember to see the beauty in entirety of the process of birthing a company, programs and products into the world. She reminded me of the incredibleness of celebrating the small successes. It is when we celebrate these little achievements we are lead to bigger and bolder wins. Solid reminder. I am blessed.

1902837_10153849790480145_1516216145_nNext onto the nail appointment. Full on Valentines/love nail art accompanied by some high vibin love filled conversations. Laura is a ROCKSTAR and if you want a top quality mani or pedi she is the woman. So grateful to Frilly Lilly for the gift of this mornings pampering. You ladies are such a blessing.

Then back home for an afternoon of meditation, reading, researching and developing course material for our up and coming RSL Relationship Course! I absolutely LOVE this content and I am so freaking stoked to kick off a 9 week journey of self love, relationships and rocking the high vibin- success- love filled- relationship train with our incredible Radical Self Lovers!

There is still time to apply to join us! If you are interested in more details of the program and want to learn how to either attract the relationship you are actually worthy of or interested in learning how to enhanse and create more flow and harmony in your relationship hit me up and lets chat! Send me an email @ for more course details. We’re rocking the webinar style classroom so all of you beauties around the globe can join in if it feels aligned for you! xo


Next on the day’s agenda I’m heading to session 1 of our Desire Map book club with a community of incredible peeps who are committed to bringing more love, light and awesomeness into their lives and into the world. YEAAAA budday!!

And to complete this beauty of a day I’ll be meeting up with the love of my life to enjoy a later date night, some dinner and some incredible connection time.

My life is blessed.

Beaming loads of love, joy, blessings and happiness to each and every one of you lovers xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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