Jumping For Joy- Day 229: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I had the pleasure of meeting another fantastical woman up to incredible things in the world!

I had my photo shoot for the Jump for Joy Photo Project with the beautiful and hilarious Eyoälha!


Spending the morning prancing and jumping around with her was such a fabulous way to kick off this gorgeous day! It was sunny, really chilly and absolutely beautiful!

We had such a blast taking photos, experimenting with different frames, different jumps and laughing abundantly.

1237115_718875248128213_1427783516_nSomething I’ve been really present to lately is when we are living our best versions, doing what we love we attract amazing people into our lives, whose energy is divinely compatible. It is these encounters that are full of fun, freedom to be and absolutely incredible to be a part of. I had the honour and privilege to vibe out in this energy to start my day!

Eyoälha brings such vibrance, positivity and giggly fun to her art as a photographer and it was such a blast to connect with her and to be a part of her amazing project!

She is currently in Vancouver and is looking for a couple more high vibin peeps who are living their dreams to shoot for her Jump for Joy Photo Project. If that is you feel free to email her, let her know how you found out about her and hopefully we’ll see more of you Radical Self Lovers featured in her amazing project!

To connect with Eyoälha email her at info@jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



2 thoughts on “Jumping For Joy- Day 229: 365 Radical Self Love Project

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