A Family Yin Adventure and Reminder of A Law of Love- Day 228: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I absolutely love how divinely perfect everything always is.

Tonight I was at my usual Yoga volunteer shift and a bunch of my family mates showed up to do class together.

There is something truly magical about like minded and like hearted people in the same room, opening the heart chakra and letting more love in.

This week at the studio is the Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving.

I observed a beautiful expression of this law right in the moments of the class. When I began the class, in our first posture my left hand (the energy of receiving) brushed my partners and we grabbed each others hands and held the posture. In this posture I was openly receiving his energy.

To close the class we were totally turned around for the last posture and my right hand brushed his (the energy of giving) and we completed the class holding hands except this time I was the one giving my energy to him.

This reminded me of how important in relationships it is to balance the energy of giving and receiving. At times we are the ones extending the energy and at other times we are called to receive. The happiness of our experience in relationship really lies within our ability to give love and receive love in balance.


I am so grateful for this beautiful reminder tonight and feeling so blessed to have an incredible family tribe who I have the pleasure of sharing precious moments like this one with.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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