RSL’s Feature Friday: Dr. Rhea Mehta- Living Rhea Day 224: 365 Radical Self Love Project

WOOP WHOOP its Feature Friday love puffs!

Rhea Mehta-1214 (1)Today I am so stoked to introduce you all to the fabulous Dr. Rhea Mehta. Rhea is a wonderful friend, soul sister and fellow self love messenger.

Rhea is the face, mind and brilliance behind Living Rhea- Your Guide to Optimal Living. We love her high vibin awesomeness and her desire to ripple love and light every where she goes and inside of all she does.

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Why we love Rhea:

Rhea (WOAM)-1269First because she is absolutely fabulous. Rhea is one of those souls who you immediately feel at peace and at home around. I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Rhea in person this past November. She was just as lovely in person as I had imagined her to be. There is so much to be said about someone who is the real deal. Rhea is the same loving, bubbly, fun loving and deeply compassionate being behind the screen, on the stage and off the stage. This is incredibly important to us here at RSL. Authenticity is one of our mega access points to living a life on purpose and resonating in love consciousness. Authenticity is our ability to do the work to learn who we are in all our gloriousness. This means learning all the aspects of our being the darkness and the light and coming into loving acceptance of them both. Rhea has done the inner work in a BIG way and it shows in the way she shows up in the world. Her energy is so warm, friendly and kind- people glow just being around her. We love that she brings this type of brilliant energy to the world and that she walks her talk.

Why Rhea is our Featured Member today:

1471101_10151733794685740_553038051_nA massive part of the Radical Self Love Journey includes harmonizing the body and nourishing it to the core. Part of our spiritual nourishment includes our physical nourishment. This is Rhea’s area of expertise. I have found that the cleaner my body temple the easier it is to love myself. I am so blessed to have Rhea as a friend and advisor. I know if I’m always soaking up the abundant wisdom, knowledge and creativity she brings to the awareness of plant-based whole foods and self-care practices, that the rest of the world is vibin in her greatness too!

Dr Rhea is a toxicologist and published author who specializes in empowering people to self-heal, by teaching them how to utilize the body and mind as tools for health recovery, restoration, and rejuvenation, focusing on plant-based whole food wisdom and self-care. As a conqueror of Western-diet related disease, Rhea openly shares her life for others to use as a guide for their unique journey of health and wellness.

We completely resonate with her on this level. I personally have learned the value of utilizing diet paired with mind and emotional healing tools to heal a so called “incurable dis-ease” out of my body. To see another powerful love filled woman rocking the message of self healing really jazzes us up here at RSL.

2013-02-10 108We love the ways in which Rhea reaches out to her community and generously shares her insights, wisdom, research and healing techniques. It’s within her dedicated social media presence, integrative health coaching, workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, and publications that her manifesto, to inspire communities and change makers to wake up and smell the green juice – comes alive in the minds and hearts of people worldwide.

Rhea is a real time example of love in action. She lives the life she guides all of her clients to live which makes her incredibly effective and successful in her field. All you have to do is take a look at how clear her skin is, the twinkle in her eyes and sparkle in her soul to know her work in this world is spot on.

We totally vibe with her perspectives on self love as we too see the immense connection between honouring ourselves in every which way, always, situation independent and having a full self love tank. To Rhea self-love means offering ourselves nothing less than the most optimal mind-body fuel with which to flourish and rise. Yup we dig it.

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Rhea is launching her new newsletter next month which you can check out here:

IMG_8270She currently also offers Complimentary Optimal Life Strategy Sessions to newbies to her community which you can contact her directly about!! We highly recommend hoping into one of these highly valuable sessions- she will knock your socks off!

Rhea wishes to leave this world knowing she played an active role in raising the consciousness of humanity, and acted as an incarnation of Mother Earth and all of her soul-nourishing medicines- based on the incredible work this woman has already accomplished in her lifetime we’d say she is well on the path to leaving this profound and incredible impact on the minds and hearts of people everywhere.

Connect with Rhea


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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