Confidence, Channelling and Radio Talk Time- Day 222:365 Radical Self Love Project

Well tonight’s event was an epic success.

A packed room of musicians, artists and actors showed up to get to the core of confidence and boy did we ever. In front of this particular audience I felt the most in flow I ever had.

1623607_10153813646625145_1679324396_nPerhaps its my ability to relate as a fellow artist and musician or maybe it’s where my calling is leading me. This past year has been HUGE in developing the foundation of Radical Self Love, now it would seem through the stirrings in my heart and intuition that I am being guided into the next chapter.

A chapter in which I begin tailoring this incredible spiritual, self loving wisdom to support artists of all kinds in owning their power and getting their precious gifts out into the world. I feel so incredibly alive after facilitating this room tonight.

Something greater than me certainly spoke through me tonight. I had my usual workshop outline and for the first time I didn’t follow it. It stayed on my lap and we flowed through the perfect, relevant content and after the workshop ended I realized that all the points in the outline had been covered in some way, shape or form.

I love the beauty of creative surrender

Giving up my attachment to how I think it should go and instead be in allowance for the perfect unfolding and channelling of energies and content. This has been my style when it comes to facilitation for the past year…as soon as I walk into the room I give up my ideas about how it should go, give up my personal agenda and step in to be of service to the highest good of that particular collection of people.

Tonight I feel so incredibly supported by the Universe. I know more than ever just how much the Universe always has my back.

Tonight was a fabulous experience one in which I am intending to continue with in the future. Creating a community of artists who are living in their truth, accessing their power, getting out of their own way, dropping the belief systems of lack and limitation and radiating their message of love, inspires me to the MAX!!! I’m actually buzzing inside right meow. Big juicy beams of gratitude to Shoreline Actors Lab for generously hosting us tonight and giving us such a warm welcome and incredible space to rock our creative jam!

1546384_10151942022928121_1167588187_nWith this new energy I have the pleasure of being interviewed tomorrow morning on Al Diaz’s radio show!!! I am so pumped to jam with him about all things self love related, the journey of our awakening and our own expressions of loves energy in the world. It is going to be a juicy, high vibing interview!!!

We are hitting the airwaves LIVE at 10 am PST tomorrow!!

To listen in just hop on this link:

Anyone  can  go to the above link to listen/ chat on the show or also call in at:  347 826 7680

I am so blessed for all of you beauties who are part of this incredible unfolding, for this journey and for being such positive contributions to this world through your unique expression. You are so loved loves! xoxox

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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