New Years Miles- Still Rockin It- Day 214: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s my third week of my new years miles goal of 55 miles of exercise completed by V day.

This week I added another 5.05 miles to the total making my three week total = 29.99!!! 

I have to say I am pretty darn proud of myself for keeping up and staying true to my goal.

One interesting observation I made tonight while looking over my data was this- out of the three weeks this was my lowest week of miles. It got me thinking about my week and how incredibly challenging this week was.

It is safe to make the conclusion that when I am experiencing challenge or upset in my life the one thing I know to do to get my vibes back up- I don’t do.

It was a fascinating and liberating realization.

Do the best you can until you know better Then when you know better do betterWhen you know better you do better. With this new awareness I can now approach times of challenge from this higher vantage point. I can recall this experience and remember how fabulous I was feeling and how in flow I was when I was getting more miles in. Then when things started to dip I got less miles in.

After reflecting on this I am so very present to this: my flow, inner freedom, happiness and joy is intrinsically linked with taking physical actions to care for my body and nourish myself. It makes logical sense and being in the world of self love I know this, and know I KNOW it on a whole new level. A more profound level, a more powerful level.

So it is will blessings and gratitude I release my last week and embrace this beautiful week again. In this space of acceptance, awareness and freedom I am creating a fabulous week ahead, filled with abundant flow, high vibing activities, nourishing actions and getting those new years miles in!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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