Fear is a Liar: Dream Bigger Extravaganza- Day 212: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Fear is a Liar.

9357603344_38996298ab_zIt wasn’t too long ago when I was living a completely different life. I was in a relationship that didn’t call me to my greatness, I was doing things in my life to make others happy and I had totally lost sight of what made me happy and what made me come alive.

I knew there was something more to this whole life experience and I wasn’t quite sure how to access it. As I went through my healing journey I began to notice a familiar theme, the majority of my beliefs were rooted in fear.

  • I wouldn’t speak my mind because I was afraid my partner wouldn’t agree and would leave me.
  • I couldn’t do what I truly wanted because there was no way I could ever accomplish it.
  • I couldn’t even find time for myself to take care of my own needs because I was too busy taking care of everyone else.

love_by_rambotheifOne day I snapped out of it and came to this profound realization that fear was a liar and I could actually do anything and everything my heart desired. This included living my life on purpose, according to my truth, being in a rich and fulfilling relationship that brought out the best in me and having the “time” to nurture my soul and do things to take care of me first.

I KNOW how difficult it can be to carve out time, space, and to give yourself permission for those things that make your heart sing .

If we can’t do it for ourselves, sometimes we just need someone who cares to take a stand and tell us to STOP.

Allow me to introduce you to someone who is on a personal mission to deliver this message… My good friend and colleague, Create Your Life! Dream Realization Coach, Tara Sage Steeves.


In fact, Tara is here to not just tell you, but to SHOW YOU that we are all worthy of our dreams and living a life we are truly inspired by. 

It’s all in her FREE Dream BIGGER Extravaganza! (a video summit like no other)

Click here to Join Us! 

This virtual dream-propelling extravaganza will show you exactly how to get clear on your dreams AND make them happen, one simple step at a time, so that YOU can go from overworked and overwhelmed, to deeply inspired, truly joyful, and unapologetically invigorated! 

Sounds pretty Radically Self Lovin right?!!

Plus I’ll be there rockin the virtual stage with the rest of these beauties!

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 1.36.03 PM

I’m so honoured to BE one of the 12 speakers interviewed for The Dream BIGGER Extravaganza where I’ll be sharing my story, my journey and my lessons in:

“Thriving in Romance- The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love”.

It’s going to be juicy, fabulous and totally worth your time to check out. Whether you are looking for that love you so deeply desire or you are looking to expand your horizons and live your truth, there is something for everyone in this 12 day extravaganza!!!

You CAN live your dreams – now, not later. Reserve your spot right away to save your virtual seat.

Tara knows the beauty of dreaming and is deeply devoted to making the dream realization process accessible to everyone. I just HAD to share what happening with you because – as I know you’ll agree – it’s pretty awesome…

It really is a DON’T MISS: http://bit.ly/1ePjfSS

“See” you there!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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