A Message of Self Love From a Surprising and Inspiring Source- Day 211: 365 Radical Self Love

Attending Awesomeness Fest is always one of the highlights of my year.

This year amongst the speakers was a presentation on Entrepreneurship and…SELF LOVE

Yup you read that right.

Self love and business.

The inspiring presenter,

Kamal Ravikant

In his 20 min presentation he accounted his journey through business, success and self love. It was absolutely incredible and inspiring.

loveyourselfTo watch a man get on stage and openly share his up’s and downs in business is commendable and to go even deeper and fully reveal his deepest vulnerability- accounting the lessons of self love made my heart leap for joy. What made me even more giddy was to hear this awesome human wrote a book called Love Yourself in which he describes the secret to life resides in our ability to love ourselves. Incredible.

Self Love is Transforming the Planet

I knew he was a beautiful message from the Universe to keep up the Radical Self Love work because it is creating massive ripples in the consciousness of this planet.

For every person who embraces their journey of self love, dives in and does the work- the world becomes a friendlier, softer and more love filled place.

Awesomeness Fest released Kamal’s presentation today and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all tonight!!!

Take the time tonight to watch it, you will certainly be left inspired and moved to keep rockin your self love awesomeness!!!

For all of you who are ready to take your self love to the next level sign up here for your 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey

Lets transform the planet lovers!!! Self love is our vehicle for mega change 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!




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