RSL’s Feature Friday: Baljit Rayah from Lotus Destiny- Day 210: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh yeaaaa baby its Radical Self Love Feature Friday time!!!

Baljit+by+CBR+810-2684302897-OI am so incredible blissed out to share my fellow soul sistah, Goddess, lovey love face, and RSL member Baljit Rayat with you all today!!

You know those people you cross paths with and the second you do you just know you have spent many amazing lifetimes with?! Well Baljit is one of those women for me. From the moment I met her, her radiant beauty, compassionate heart, and love filled energy touched my heart and activated my soul. Her high vibin energy is a perfectly complimentary energy to mine and I feel so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with her in this life time.

Why we love Baljit:

Her positive and love filled energy is contagious. She radiates unconditional love and is most certainly the closest to an Angel I have ever met in the Goddess form in my life so far. Her eyes penetrate deep inside to a place of true intimacy and spiritual activation. Her energy is so open, allowing and kind that people are immediately at ease in her presence. Wisdom flows through her in abundance and it is the juiciest most heart warming experience I have every had the honour of being with. This makes total sense considering she is a intuitive healer, Akashic Record Consultant and spiritual guide.


Why Baljit is our Feature Friday choice this week:

The work she does is rooted in love. Plain and simple. She is here to activate those who are ready to step into their truth, into their greatness and express their unique gifts and talents into the world in a big way. She works with artists, visionaries and philanthropic leaders to support them in expressing their gifts and living in alignment with their soul purpose. She is a love worker.

Baljit+by+CBR+1007-2684304968-OBaljit’s perspectives on self love have certainly been at the core of her journey and her expression of her talents and gifts. To her self love means embodiment of your soul’s truth. To come into alignment with your soul’s truth is to come into a deep and intimate understanding of your own being. It is in this deep understanding and alignment where we naturally are able to set healthy boundaries with others and drop the very human experience of seeking external approval.

To us at RSL this is so incredibly fundamental. When we love ourselves we most certainly are clear about what works for us and what doesn’t. When we have this clarity we are much more adept at establishing healthy boundaries with others. We love that this is the way in which Baljit lives her life.

Goddess2012She also understands the incredible power of intentions. Every day she sets forth her daily intention as a means to maintain the best possible levels of compassion, positivity and truth. Her intentions are how she maintains being in integrity with herself. These intentional allow her to be clear on her boundaries inwardly which is then reflected in her external experience. At RSL we too highly value the power of intention. It is our guide to flowing in the most on purpose, constructive and love filled manor.

We are so in love with her life mission which is to create heaven on earth through her Star Activations (her life work). It is through this work people gain access to their life work, mission and talents and learn how to bring these precious gifts into the minds and hearts of the world.

257177_227846263907987_5120072_oEach and every one of us has something of great value to contribute to the world. It is up to us to uncover this gift within and then find the avenues to express our truth lovingly into the world. Baljit is one of those Goddess leaders who is supporting this activation of love, purpose and truth on this planet. For this we are so grateful for her, for the work she does in the world and for the example she sets through her own life experience.

Her vulnerability, honesty and openness is truly a gift to everyone who has the pleasure and honour of meeting her. I am so blessed to have her in our RSL community and as a dear friend and sister.


Baljit’s Lotus Destiny Star Purpose Programs have been designed for any artist, visionary or philanthropic leader to truly access the power of their gifts and get those babies out into the world. We love the work she does and we are completely stoked and honoured to share all her goodness with you lovers today!

Goddess, healer and soul activator- Baljit is most certainly an embodiment of Radical Self Love.

Connect with Baljit:


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!

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©Chelsea Brooke Roisum


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