A Once In a Lifetime Kinda Love- Day 208: 365 Radical Self Love

Tonight I fell in love

I went to the Keith Urban concert with my dear sister/wife/bestie and had an absolute blast. Anyone who knows me knows KU is my all time fav and I love him to bits.

Tonight I didn’t fall in love with him though it was someone else.

Tonight during his concert I fell deeper in love with my man. Over the past few days with the launch of the website, the new program and the one year mark of our epic journey- a lot of emotions have been flying through our relationship.

I have been a whirlwind of emotions, going from super happy one moment to fully breaking down in tears the next. I completely understand this is all part of the growth and shifts I am meant to be experiencing but it has been intense to say the least.

Today I was moved by two really incredibly kind gestures from my partner. As I left for the concert my heart was already warm open and willing to be receptive to love’s presence.

A lifetime kinda love

About halfway through the concert Keith stopped playing and began recounting a precious moment between him and his wife when they first got together. She was scared and not too sure if they would pan out. He consoled her and knew that with her it was a once in a lifetime kind of love and they were going all the way.

Being in my hyper emotional state my eyes filled up with tears as I became incredibly present to my relationship and that is the kind of love we have the privilege and honour of sharing with each other.

We’re going all the way- a lifetime love

radical self loveIt has taken a lot of work inside and out to get here, and it was all worth it. I wouldn’t give any of the pain up, any of the lessons away because that would mean I wouldn’t be here now, with him, with the absolute love of my life.

He makes my heart flip every day and I feel like the most special woman in the world. When he looks at me he sees me-all of me-right to my soul. That type of intimacy I had always been searching for but too scared to let in- I now have that with Connor and every single day I am so grateful.

Grateful for him and all he brings to my life and grateful for all the work I did to love myself, heal and get into alignment with my dream relationship. Because I did the work it showed up.

Keith Urban reminded me of that tonight through the reflection of his experience and his relationship. Man how divinely perfect is that?

And if you are looking for that soul filling, heart expanding, juicy and incredible love I have a couple open coaching spaces for February. I’ll be sharing with a select few exactly how I got the love I so deeply desired, how to get into alignment with the perfect relationship and all the self lovin goodness that comes along with it. If you are ready to be in a relationship you are truly worthy of me lets connect. Send me an email (rsl@kelseygrant.com) or hop to the website HERE

My wish is for everyone who is ready to have an incredible rockin, soulful and truly fulfilling passionate relationship to have access to creating it. I can help with that and it’s what I’m here to do- so lets dive in lovers.

A once in a lifetime love is possible and it’s closer than you think šŸ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


In honour of this beautiful opening here is the song for all you lovers to enjoy!


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