From Breakup to Breakthrough- How One Year of Self Love Changed Everything- Day 206: 365 Radical Self Love Program

Well we did it!!!!!

RSL30dayprogramThe 30 Day Radical Self Love Program is complete and out in the world!

Right now I am feeling pretty darn excited, proud and in all honesty a little overwhelmed, in the best possible way. This program came out of a very challenging time and the greatest learning of my life.

A year ago TODAY my relationship ended.

January 13th 2013 had a very different vibration than it does today. A year ago I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I was in full shock and complete breakdown.

From that breakup came the realization that I had to become the person I was looking for and get radically real about where I was actually at. 

imagesThis took being honest and vulnerable and admit that I didn’t love myself as much as I thought I did, that I was afraid of being alone, I felt in many ways I was never good enough, that I wasn’t loveable, and that I needed to seek validation from people and my partners to compensate for the self love deficit I had going on.

I also came into knowing, through many tear filled days and nights that even though I wanted this relationship so badly, my life as a whole wasn’t aligned with the intention, I wasn’t aligned.

While my heart hurt and my energy most days was pretty heavy my desire for an incredible relationship still managed so sneak in and drive me to take the steps towards healing.

Healing From the Breakup Step By Step

I had to look at my past and deal with the “emotional stuff” I had suppressed for years. I had to get real about the ways in which I hadn’t been loving towards myself, I had to set boundaries with relationships that were no longer in alignment with my desire, I had to start taking better care of my heart, my mind, my body and my spirit.

In the midst of all the emotional upheaval I made some fundamental choices that would forever change the course of my life.

Glass-of-Cancun-Green-JuiceI chose to nourish my body physically the best way I could. When I feel any type of emotional pain my appetite disappears. I knew I couldn’t actually heal if my body was depleted of nutrients. I finally saw that my means of not eating when I was in pain was a way to distract me from the emotional pain. Not eating obviously makes you hungry. When I was hungry my focus would switch from the emotional devastation to the physical hunger pains- thus removing me from the opportunity to actually deal and avoid what had happened.

This time was different. While I couldn’t stomach eating heavy solid meals I could manage liquids. So I did a unconscious juice cleanse. My day began with a smoothy, then a green juice then soup for dinner. This went on for a couple weeks.

As I cleaned out my body physically I was much more equipped to handle and truly process the emotional pain. I began to workout regularily, meditate and through it all was still able to find things to be grateful for each day.

In one of my days of meditation and cleansing I received a mission from my higher self. It asked me to dedicate 30 Days to Radically Loving Myself.

I had no idea what the hell that meant and so I kept asking “ok higher self, what would you have me do right now and today to love myself more?” Then I would act on the guidance.

An interesting thing happened I was also guided to record every detailed step of my process and I did. Not knowing that each day I sat down to write would lead to the discovery of my life work, my greatest healing, and the love I had so desperately desired all of my life.


By the end of the 30 days my skin was glowing, my body was healthy and balanced, my mind was clear and my heart was warm and open. I felt confident in myself because in the 30 days I had taken massive action to clean up my past, speak my truth, set things right and close doors that needed closing.

Getting Aligned

Every time I took an empowered action I felt stronger. By the completion of the 30 days I had come to the knowingness that I didn’t “need” the relationship I thought I did. What I actually needed was to finally give myself credit for the amazingness I bring to the world, own my greatness and take consistent steps to fill up myself up from the inside out.

This inner strength, confidence and resolve put me in complete alignment with the relationship I wanted. As I focused on me, doing the things I loved, being a contribution, learning, healing and consciously choosing to be the best version I could be, my relationship began to turn around.

When we found our way back to each other a few months later I knew a profound transformation has taken place. Even though we were back together I was confident in speaking my truth, I was clear on my value, I knew what worked for me and what didn’t, I was connected to my worth and allowed that to direct my behaviour and actions in this new relationship.

I also chose to not give up the things that were important to me. 

Breakthroughs to the MAX

I integrated my relationship to fit into my life as it was, instead of my old pattern of altering my life to cater to the relationship aka giving up myself. My passions, self love routines, soul projects and commitments stayed in solid place. These became non-negotiables and because of it my relationship started to thrive.


I was no longer dependant on him to give me a sense of self worth or value because I was giving it to myself. This freed both of us up to focus on our life work missions and beam possibility and greatness in the world AND be great with each other.

So it is with immense pleasure, excitement and humble service I get to share this 30 Day Radical Self Love Program with you lovers today.

Kelsey Grant radical self loveA year’s worth of work, creation, learning and soul have gone into creating a 30 day framework for my soul tribe who are looking for deeper, soul filled relationships, who are ready to accept the calling of their hearts and who are ready to establish the greatest relationship all- the one you have with yourself.

The Universe has a magical way of working things out. When we trust, surrender and follow the calling of our hearts we are lead to the most beautiful places. I am incredibly grateful for my soul family who have loved me unconditionally through one of the greatest transformative years of my life. You beauties make my heart so happy and I am blessed to call you my family.

I am so honoured to be here today with you all, on this very special day, re-writing my context for what Jan 13th represents. I have come full circle and today I close the loop and begin anew with the launch of this heart and soul filled program!

My invitation to you is simple, if you are looking for a simple, effective and possibility filled program to boost your self love, invest into you and lets rock this journey together!

The program is $33 and designed for peeps who are just starting out and need a solid foundation or for those seasoned self love pros who are looking to rev up and take their self love practice to a greater and more consistent level!

If you are feeling the vibe and wanna get in on this self love high vibe train sign up here:

I love you all so much! We are in this together lovers! xo



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