From Passion to Paycheck: Fundamental Lessons In Bringing Your Passion to the World- Day 204: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was yet another productive and creative filled day.

I shot the info video for our 30 Day Radical Self Love Program which launches on Monday!!!! One of the things I love most about making videos is the process.

I prep by of course having a clear outline of what I intend to cover. Then I focus on doing things that make me happy and raise my vibes. This morning that meant a kick ass workout, gratitude journalling in my new journal and a juicy meditation.

When I was ready to shoot I sat down behind the camera and just let it flow. It hasn’t always been this way. I used to get so much anxiety with just the thought of being on camera. Enter the lessons of my past 5 years.

I have come to learn that the past few years have really been prepping me for everything we are launching and stepping into.


The Universe Knows What’s Up

A few years ago I had a former contract in which I was responsible for blogging, website content, social media management and video blogging. While I couldn’t see it at the time that contract was setting me up to be able to run my own project with all the essential tools and lessons I would gain from working on that team and expanding my skill set, when the time was right.

Part of being on the global stage is getting comfortable being in front of people. This isn’t just being live in front of people, its being comfy behind the camera, on the airwaves and in person. I can now see that I was being given the incredible opportunity to hone my craft and become strong at what I do.

Just because we want something right now doesn’t mean we are ready for it.

There is a Universal Law that teaches us about the incubation time between setting an intention and it coming to fruition. Often as human beings, we are impatient with this process and demand instant results. It is in this perspective we set ourselves up for challenge or swimming up stream. We may “think” we are ready- but for the most part we require a phase of time to learn essential tools, life lessons and practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

While I used to detest this phrase as a child growing up- who really loves going to practice when you could play a game?

As I’ve matured I now see the immense value in the phases of practice. These are times to learn the things we need to learn to show up and be our best and be of ultimate service. Just because one day I woke up and wanted to be a singer and perform in stadiums doesn’t mean the next night I am in front of thousands of people singing my heart out. To get to the place of manifestation of an intention I would need to practice.

This means learning.

Those who are “above” learning and think they know everything right off the bat will learn, often quite quickly, how offside that perspective is. To think we can just go out into the world and be paid for our passion without investing the time to enhance our skills, learn how to be of ultimate on purpose service and to create a quality product, is arrogant. This is the work of the ego.

The ego needs it now.

The ego has no time for personal development and growth. It wants something and wants it now. Instant gratification. This may work for a while until people begin to see through the facade. We can only upkeep this type of illusion for so long. Eventually it breaks because the foundation was never built.

Creating from Love- Three Fundamental Lessons.

To really see our passions develop into avenues for deep transformation and service in the world we must understand three fundamentals:

1. Do the internal “work”.

There will be a phase of time where we are called to learn challenging lessons so we are equipped to deal with the responsibility of beaming our sacred messages into the world. This phase of time is different for everyone and it is a part of expansion as a leader. This phase is otherwise known as dealing with your shit.

2. Study your craft.

Learn to be the best you can possibly be, at whatever you are doing. If you are a singer invest into a vocal coach, if you are an athlete get to the gym and rock it with your trainer, if you are a coach get a coach and learn the in’s and outs of your craft. This isn’t so much about credentials. This is about investing the time to learn technique, the backend of your industry and to learn from other experts. The more you are receptive to learning you raise your frequency and your ability to be coachable. Know enough to know you don’t know everything and you will attract the perfect people who have the insight and capabilities to teach you what you need. This is the phase of building your rock solid foundation.

3. Allow things to unfold naturally.

Release the idea it has to happen overnight. Be responsible about yourself and your wellbeing this means making sure you have an alternative source of income to rely on while you are learning your craft and learning the ins and outs of bringing your passion into the world. To jump in 100% with out an additional source of support will attach an energy of desperation onto your creative craft. This energy of “I have to make this work, or I have to make money” actually repels potential clients, opportunities and avenues for your passions expression. This is the energy of getting. Which is in direct opposition to how the laws of prosperity work. The law of prosperity is give and you shall receive, so when we try and get something (get a sale, get a client, get a gig) we are in conflict with the laws of flow. To shift this we must come from a space of detachment from an outcome meaning our intention for what we do is to give, contribute and make a positive difference in the world. This is the phase of allowing, surrender and adaptability.

We all have something of divine value to bring to this world. Allow yourself to experience the fullest expression of success by enjoying the process.

universebackEmbrace the lessons, enjoy learning and relax into the flow.

When we trust the Universe has our back we no longer have to force things, or work really really hard to make things happen. If you are forcing, STOP. Identify where you are on your passion journey and take steps to course correct.

You get to say how easy and flow filled your journey of bringing your passions to life will be. Choose to give up the ego’s agenda, release any mental dialogue about being a failure and do what you need to NOW to be at ease. Your heart and spirit will always lead you in the right direction. Let them do their thing. All you have to do is listen 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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