Taking Care of Me- Relaxation Feels Goooood! Day 202: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After weeks of intense working and completion tonight I got to rest.

Before my evening of relaxation began I had an amazing day filled with delicious coaching conversations and soul fulfilling work. I feel so incredibly blessed to live the life I do and have my days filled with such heart inspired work and contribution.

I was asked in my coaching call today if I would be taking a break from work now having completed all these major milestones. My answer was yes I would be taking a break tonight, taking time for me to recharge my energy after an intense few weeks. However, in regards to RSL we are going to keep up the high vibes and awesomeness flowing and to do so I gotta be at my high vibin best! This means taking ample time to balance out the busy work energies with some chill time.

To be at my best for all of you here in the community I have to be  responsible about my energy and where I am investing it. This means I must take time out to nourish myself. There hasn’t been a lot of solo self nurturing opportunity in the past few weeks and so tonight is my chance to take some well deserved me time.

I made myself some tea and pasta- my all time fav 😉 and meow I am going to have a relaxing bath and savour this sacred solo time. I absolutely love when I have time to just be silent and just be with myself. I feel totally blessed!!

spa in home bathroom

I encourage you to find sometime tonight or over the next few days to nurture yourself. Take a bath, read a book, snuggle your pet, get cozy comfy and love it all in. You are worth it!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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