3 Reasons Why Celebrating Little Wins Sets You Up For Success! Day 200: 365 Radical Self Love Project

ALT_9.15.13Last week I announced my goal to complete 55 miles by Valentines day and I am proud to announce my first week’s accomplishments!

In the first week I completed 10.8 miles, rocked one hot yoga class, one hot yin class and took one day off.

I have to say I am pretty pleased with my first week. How things go depend on how they begin. The key to keeping up the momentum and positive results is simple:

Acknowledging the little wins.

Why self acknowledgment of the small achievements sets us up for future success.

1. We begin to practice the muscle of self validation and self approval.

Meaning the more we love and approve of ourselves the less we rely on the approval and validation of others or external sources.

2. It gets us present to how capable we truly are.

When we document and self acknowledge and celebrate each little step along the way we begin to resonate in the frequency of possibility more often. When we are vibin in flow and in possibility land we begin witness an expanded vision of who we are capable of being. When we have the evidence that we can and do follow through we learn we are highly capable of greatness.

3. It feels good.

One of my policies in life is this: “If it feels good do it”- I always follow this up with feeling good in this sense means feeling good in the short term AND the long term, feeling good on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level, feeling good from the heart. The more we self acknowledge and claim our achievements the more our confidence increases. As our confidence increases so do our levels of happiness, gratefulness and conscious awareness. When we are happier we attract more things to be happy about, when we feel good we naturally want to keep feeling good and so we will take actions to keep up the feel good vibes. Thus we set ourselves up for the inevitable snowball of success, health, abundance and love- all because we gave ourselves acknowledgement along the way.

What can you give yourself a high five for tonight? What have you accomplished this week that you are really proud of? The size or magnitude of the accomplishment is irrelevant. What is important is that it is a win for you and you are lovin on yourself enough to give yourself credit where credit is due!! Feel free to share your win on our Facebook page and we can all hop on the support train with you!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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